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Yesterday my inbox was filled with the loveliest email that came all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, from the wonderfully talented food photographer + stylish Nadine Greeff. Nadine recently shot a beautiful Easter-inspired session that I absolutely love and she has generously allowed me to share it with you all here today. Aren’t these rich jewel tones just deliciously unexpected and positively divine?! I can’t get enough! Did you already spot Nadine’s great DIY idea in that top photo? If yes, then you get a gold star!

HAPPY HOMEMADE VOL.1 « make something After posting about my shibori dress, I’ve been hesitant to post my next projects. I mean, it’s going to be hard to top that. BTW – Thank you for your super enthusiastic comments about the dress, I’m glad you like it too!

pia jane bijkerk The humid air and persistent drizzle last Saturday (actually the Saturday before last… it’s taken me quite some time to compose this post) did not deter us from having an intimate garden party to celebrate Laly’s second birthday. I have not hosted a party since we lived on the houseboat in Amsterdam, so I was feeling a bit daunted about the idea and wondered if I could do it without getting completely overwhelmed and stressed (the main reason why I don’t host parties – dinner ones or otherwise). I worked hard for the two weeks leading up to the event to be really present with my time and to let things go if they weren’t working out the way I intended, or if things happened that stopped me from being able to create exactly what I had envisioned. My intention was to try my best to have fun with each part of the process – painting the bunting, gathering the flora, cooking, setting up… I still got stressed, and we still had a family meltdown the day of the party. BUT.

untitled Life’s been beautiful, crazy, time zapping, confusing, frustrating, but most of all a real blessing. Our little guy is growing nicely, new born niggles and all (read: help! I often have no idea what’s wrong and feel like I should!), and the big sister monkey is adapting like a super star all things considering. I have to admit that one of the biggest issues since Miles has joined our family is the guilt I feel not having as much time with my biggest monkey. We’re so incredibitly lucky to have the most amazing Gogo to help out in this regard but I still have days of feeling desperately guilty of not being able to split myself in pieces for Miles, Layla and of course my man.

How About Orange Here's a look at our upstairs guest bathroom. Last night I covered an accent wall with removable wallpaper. I love it! This bathroom has a peculiar layout. Oh Joy! I'm excited to announce the launch of the Oh Joy for Nod kids' bedding and decor collection! Inspired by Ruby and her transition to a big girl room, the collection is a limited-edition bedding and home decor line for kids. It includes baby, toddler, and kids' bedding, pillows, lamps, plush toys, rugs, and a curated collection of art to go with it all. The Sundae Best collection is inspired by Ruby's favorite food—ice cream—and how fun it would be to sleep surrounded by your favorite treat. I wanted to create an abstracted version of ice cream with sprinkle sheets and a cone-inspired pattern on the duvet. Topped with the ice cream cone and cherry pillows, it's seriously what my dreams are made of.

Cold Hands Warm Heart: Sewing Tips for Beginners I don’t consider myself the best in the world at sewing, however, I have been doing it for quite a few years now and have learned a few things over the years that I feel are worth sharing (Side note: I started sewing at around age 8 when my Grandma gave me an old sewing box of hers. Back then my sewing projects mainly consisted of cutting the legs off my jeans and then sewing up the bottom to make a ridiculously ugly denim purse. I thought I was awesome and those denim bags would be my claim to fame one day).

DIY Inspiration: Wooden Tape Dispenser Love washi tape? Perhaps you have a growing collection and need a way to organize it? (If not, pop on over to Omiyage and get yourself some!) Why not make your own? Renaissance wedding gifts Marriage chests Tin-glazed earthenware plate with the inscription ‘Dulce est amare’ (Sweet is love), from the workshop of Giacomo Mancini, Deruta, Italy, about 1550. Museum no.

Canvas Layers Holiday Wreath I am so excited that the holidays have officially started and I cannot wait to share creative, easy and unique inspiration during the month of December on my blog and I will have LOTS to share so tune in everyday for tons of original ideas! To kick off the holidays I am starting with another wreath made from canvas, fabric and lots and lots of buttons! This is an easy project but packed full of color! Similar to the fall fiber wreath tutorial this project makes use of a styrofoam wreath and different fabric and canvas. Start with a styrofoam wreath DIY projects made from everyday objects. I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes and I usually have at least two pocket notebooks in my purse at all times (one for craft ideas and the other for making to do lists). I realized that I am also very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect notebook, and for those of you who are like me, I've got a solution for you! Follow the directions below to make your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket journal out of cereal boxes inspired by my favorite Moleskine notebooks.

American Crafts Studio Blog We're thrilled to announce that American Crafts purchased Bazzill Basics yesterday afternoon. The change in ownership is effective immediately. Retailers and consumers familiar with Bazzill should expect a seamless transition. American Crafts will continue to offer the Bazzill papers alongside it's existing line up of colorful cardstock. DIY Ideas We are Loving: Whimsical Woodland Inspired by the natural colors of a woodland forest, this whimsical woodsy wedding inspiration is perfect for a forest themed wedding. We incorporated different shades of browns and greens and added just the right amount of white to create a refined, rustic look.

{DIY} Fishtail Bracelet - Typical House Cat These DIY fishtail bracelets were a product of my impatience. I ordered a bunch of Chinese knotting cord to make this necklace and the cord arrived a couple of days before the rest of the supplies I needed. I immediately became obsessed with it, making all sort of macramé and friendship bracelets. If you’ve been following DIY blogs then you’ve seen plenty of macramé lately but hopefully, this is the first time you are seeing the fishtail or herringbone weave. You will need:

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