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“Tear Off” Wallpaper by ZNAK

“Tear Off” Wallpaper by ZNAK
Applying wallpaper to walls has never been so fun. With this perforated “tear off” wallpaper from ZNAK, you can customize the appearance of your space by tearing off the pieces as you please. The wallpaper is created out of non-woven material and the shapes are inspired by the the transformation process of snakes.

Magazine > Digital Interiors: Pixel Furniture Last month we brought you an article on Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga’s pixel-inspired fashion designs, but it seems that the mighty pixel hasn’t limited its sights to the catwalk...they’'re invading your home too. That’s right, MS Paint has come to your living room. These 8-bit inspired furniture designs are the brain-child of Barcelona born London-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga. Discover a new material: NewspaperWood NewspaperWood // Image Courtesy of Vij5 When we think of wood and paper, we usually see it in this manner; wood=source, paper=result. What if we flipped the model and saw paper as the source and wood as the end product? This was the concept behind Mieke Meijer's project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. To think of paper as the end state of the product was limiting. With so much paper as the end result of making newspapers, Mieke envisioned an opportunity to upcycle the process and re-create wood.

The Coolest Or Nerdiest Office Gadgets - 30 Examples The office is most of the times a cold and impersonal place that most of the times and that must be corrected. You could do that by getting some gadgets to make you feel more like home or to entertain you in the working breaks. In my opinion, the employer should buy some of these gadgets cause in a way or another they actually increase the work productivity. A happy worker is an efficient worker. Nuria Mora Spanish street artist Nuria Mora is based in Madrid and is well known for her large-scale abstract murals. They’re colorful and geometric and pop up on walls around the world, adding art to sides of buildings and walls that often appear rundown. She works with the textures and shapes of the facades and makes each design appear tailor-made for that wall.

Luxurious NYC Penthouse Apartment with Astounding Space Design This next exquisite penthouse comes from the amazing collection of Sotheby`s for sale portfolio. Located in New York City`s gorgeous TriBeCa neighborhood , the luxurious penthouse apartment has an extended space that measures over 10,000 square feet, all designed and carefully maintained so that the luxury can be recognized in every corner. Even from outside, one can see the huge glass windows that flood the interior with pure sunshine and absorb any worries. The ample space was used to create astounding rooms.

A Pylon for the Future Finalists A competition to find a new design for the British electricity pylon, launched by RIBA, DECC and National Grid, has been short listed to just six concepts, which are now on show at an exhibition. Launched to coincide with the London Design Festival, the energy secretary opened the "A Pylon for the Future" display at the V&A in London. Judges chose the finalists from 250 entries, who have been working with the National Grid to build scale models of their designs. Cliche Finder Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use? Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words in the form below, and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase...

The Infinity of the Room by Pia Jensen The recent exhibition by Danish artist and weaver Pia Jensen entitled The Infinity of the Room transforms an entire room into a three-dimensional experience that centers around the hexagon. Hexagonal patterns are made out of various materials like acrylic, tiles, and wood, and cover all of the walls and the floor, turning the space into a textural wonderland. Her wish was that everyone who enters the room would see that out in the world, we are constantly surrounded by patterns that are created in all different ways, be it nature or man-made. Photos by Finn Brøndum & Co. The Collector’s Loft, Art Gallery and Living Space Combined We really appreciate the originality of this apartment design by UNStudio located in downtown Manhattan, New York. Called “The Collector’s Loft”, this beautiful home combines the elegance of an art gallery with the coziness of a common apartment. The owner wanted a special place for depositing his books and different artifacts he had collected throughout the years, a crib that would offer him the comfort of interacting with art.