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Game Trends - Driver Club - Driver San Francisco AMC Pacer, Hudson Hornet and related logos, and trade dresses are trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC and are used under license by Ubisoft Entertainment. © Chrysler Group LLC 2011. Jeep® and the Jeep® grille design are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. Jeep® Wrangler and its trade dress are used under license from Chrysler Group LLC. © Chrysler Group LLC 2011. Product under license. The Scorpion, all associated logos and distinctive designs are trademarks of Fiat Group Automobiles Spa. The body designs of the Abarth cars are protected as Fiat Group Automobiles' property under design, trademark and trade dress regulations.

Our Company - 2010 Year in Review We are just getting started. We sell moments of happiness, for cents at a time, more than 1.7 billion times a day in more than 200 countries. Read Letter to Shareowners Our system has never been stronger. In 2011, we built strong momentum toward our 2020 goal of doubling our business over the course of this decade. Vac from the Sea Last update from Julian! Day 6Almost 500km yesterday!!!!! Second week of the tour started off in Nelson, top of the South Island. All suited up, Miss E Lux on my back and a quick hitch to Tahunanui school saw us present to the all 350 students. The kids of Tahunanui school we’re overjoyed to receive the UltraOne Green and More FM cheque, after which the Enviro Group students showed us their gardening project that feeds the entire school. Following a quick bite of lunch wewere on state highway 6 looking for a ride to Blenheim.

Photoshop vs Fireworks in Web Design - The Last Battle Most people try to compare Fireworks and Photoshop in the field of web design. Everybody knows that a lot of things you can do in Fireworks, can also be made in Photoshop. This is a fact but is not demonstrating that Photoshop was built for making screen layouts.

Transformer Prime In addition to the music and videos provided in MyCloud, the Eee Pad Transformer Prime also offers accessibility to purchase newspaper from Press Direct, magazines from Zinio, and books from Amazon Kindle. With the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, you no longer need to carry heavy books and papers with you. Effortlessly access your cloud content anywhere, anytime on asus webstorage. The Transformer Prime offers one year free ASUS webstorage. green license plates for Ontario, Canada The Canadian province of Ontario will now issue special license plates to sustainable cars such as plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. The new plate is part of the province’s plan to have one out of every 20 vehicles be electric by the year 2020. The final design was selected through an online poll with over fifteen thousand votes. The plate will begin to be issued in 2010 and will allow users to drive in car pool lanes until 2015 even if only one person is in the car and use priority parking spots at select locations. The plate uses a green color scheme and depicts the province’s official flower, the Trillium. Comments

15 Top Resources For Learning Photoshop Online Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful and impactful photo editing program that can turn your imagination into reality without any hitch. There are so many resources and tutorials available online that you can master the skills of Photoshop without attending any class/es. Today we are listing 15 Very useful sites to Learn Photoshop online that takes off the load of huge monetary expenditure on learning Photoshop.

Effet de parallaxe sur son site – jParallax (function(jQuery) { function stripFiletype(ref) { var x=ref.replace('.html', ''); return x.replace('#', ''); 30 Mind Blowing Parallax Scrolling Effect Websites Now a day’s Parallax scrolling effect become a New and More Popular Trend in web design. Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, to create an illusion of depth in a 2D video game and adding to the immersion by moving multiple layers of images at different speed. Same technique can also be implemented in web design. In Today’s Post We gathered 30 Mind Blowing examples of websites using the parallax effect to inspire you.

Bio-Lantern - contemporary furniture designers Designer Lamps: Bagalights, Edge Lamp, Symbol Lamps, Splice Shade Pendant Designer Furniture: What to Do When Someone Steals Your Work How do you feel when someone steals your ideas? At some point in your freelance career, you may find yourself successful at what you do. Chances are, if you're reading this, that you have or that you're on your way. Unfortunately, one common indicator of success is the proportion of individuals who attempt to copy, borrow or steal original content from you. 30 eye-popping examples of parallax scrolling websites Today's advanced web technologies make it possible to create remarkable effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when employed in the right way they can result in a distinctive and memorable website. One fairly recent web design trend is parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but when used sparingly it can provide a nice, subtle element of depth.

45+ Free Lessons In Graphic Design Theory Sep 15 2011 Considering how many designers are self-taught, either in whole or in part, the importance of a solid foundation in graphic design theory is often overlooked. New designers often want to jump right into creating websites, rather than learning the basics of why some designs work and some don’t. But they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage to designers who do have formal training or have taken the time to learn the principles behind good design.

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