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Vertical & roof gardens

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Vertical Gardening Panels for Succulents - Succulent Gardens. My interest in gardening vertically began in the late 1970’s, when I created a redwood box for hanging on a wall once planted with succulents.

Vertical Gardening Panels for Succulents - Succulent Gardens

I called this a living picture/mural. That interest has grown over the past several years, with ambitious projects such as the now famous “Cube” for the Organic Mechanics’ gold-medal winning display at the 2010 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. photo courtesy of the SF Flower & Garden Show For this project I designed and created a 144-square-foot mural that wrapped around four 12’x12’ walls. Each wall used 49 20”x20” square plastic panels, each with 45 slanted pockets. 196 panels in all. Having trialed and reviewed a number of different container systems designed for vertical gardening, I’ve determined that the best panels for what I do with succulents are the plastic panels originally designed by Greg Garner of ELT Living Walls and since modified into other sizes and configurations by Greg and Bright Green USA. Alejandro's Rooftop Oasis My Great Outdoors.

Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc. Green Walls: Integrating Nature into Buildings. In recent years, green roof technology has become an accepted sustainable design strategy as the benefits and advantages have become better known and proven design options have become more available. A corresponding interest is emerging among designers and owners who are also considering installing vegetated green walls on the outsides of their buildings or on interior walls. There have been a number of historical or traditional strategies to add vegetation to walls, such as installing a trellis system, but recently the option of truly living walls has become viable. The overriding concept of such a green wall is based on planting or mounting a series of living, growing plants on a vertical surface.

In response to this interest, there are now several manufacturers of green wall systems currently offering solutions to North American architects. Overview of Vegetated Living Walls Introducing vegetation onto building surfaces is hardly a new concept. Design Goals and Green Wall Benefits. Lia Leendertz on sedum roofs and tiny gardens. My summerhouse is strong enough for a sedum roof, and I thought of using mushroom boxes to sow the sedum into - but where can I find a light growing medium?

Lia Leendertz on sedum roofs and tiny gardens

How else can I stop plants drifting downwards? You'll need to build a wooden containment frame all the way around the edge (make plenty of holes so water can drain out into the gutters), and an inner grid to hold the mats in place. For the growing medium, I'd use a thin layer of topsoil mixed with vermiculite, to lighten things up.

But you could make your life easier and buy the whole get-up from McLaw Living Roofs ( Its ready-planted sedum mats cost £22 a square metre, and McLaw can also supply the waterproof membrane and retention strip, helping you avoid all that troublesome carpentry. Our new house is a DIY nightmare and money pit, so we long to make the garden an oasis from it. Blimey, give yourself a break. Our Photinia 'Red Robin' has black spots on the green leaves, as does some holly. Wildflower & Sedum Mat. Five reasons for vertical gardening. Plants have certain requirements of their own such as sunlight, nutrients and support.

Five reasons for vertical gardening

So, while planting pots and plants, all this have to be taken care of. Vertical gardening is a kind of trend that first started up in large cities where yard space is very little. The idea behind vertical gardening is that one doesn’t need to have large spaces to produce exclusive gardens or good harvest. One can also plant these plants along a vertical plane which would also act like a fence. This saves space and is the perfect gardening technique for gardens set up in the metropolitan areas. 1. The factors involved in vertical gardening is that it uses limited space and grow more. 2. Like, if you don’t have your own pets, it may happen that neighborhood pets destroy your vertical garden as for them it’s just a litter. 3.

Normally, the plants diseases are spread when they are in direct contact with the soil which is not so in case of vertical gardening or in case of hanging planters. 4. 5. Vertical Gardens, Hanging Wall Garden Planters for Urban Gardening. Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc. Vertical Gardens Permaculture Courses. By Frank Gapinski Making use of vertical wall space located in a sunny spot is a great way to grow your garden.

Vertical Gardens Permaculture Courses

In fact you don’t need pumps or complicated equipment to start growing your own vegetable garden. As long as you have a consistent amount of sunshine of around 6 hours per day and a collection of plastic drink containers and some ingenuity you can create a mini vegetable garden and have it self-water the system. Consider this novel approach to harnessing gravity to feed your garden. Gardens - Vertical.