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DNA Tests for Ethnicity & Genealogical DNA testing | AncestryDNA™ Isabel Rojas Identity is an interesting concept. For the most part we like to believe that we define our own identity. The truth is a lot goes into defining our identity. And what it comes down to is what we accept as our own. I was born in NYC, the youngest of 5 kids. People look at me and often wonder what I am. People look at me and often wonder what I am. I identify myself as Colombian, But the sad thing is that when I go to Colombia some family members consider me North American because I was born in the U.S. As my dad and I have begun to explore our genealogy the past 7 years or so, we’ve found that our family is largely from Spain which is no big surprise. I received an AncestryDNA kit a few years ago for my birthday. There is great power in understanding our deepest heritage and history and in giving ourselves permission to connect with others through that heritage and knowledge. John Danby With this DNA cousin match, we’ve been able to add a generation to our family tree.

10 Animals You Probably Didn't Know Existed - Knowledge Salad We’ve all heard about the flying squirrel, vampire bats, and naked mole rat, but I bet you haven’t heard of Markhor, Lamprey, and Gerenuk! Here are ten animals that you probably haven’t heard of! (Too lazy to write a good introduction!) Related: 1. Tufted Deer Tufted deers are a small species of deer that are found in China. 2. Star-nosed moles are small moles found in eastern Canada and United States along wet and low areas. 3. Southern right whale dolphins are small species found in cool waters far south. 4. Raccoon Dogs, or Tanuki, are found in East Asia. 5. Patagonian Maras are large rodents found in parts of Argentina. Relevant: 5 Members Of The Animal Kingdom That Will Blow Your Mind 6. Markhors are large species of wild goats that are found in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 7. Maned Wolves are found in South America. 8. Lampreys are the spawn of hell. 9. Gerenuks are long-necked species of antelopes found in Eastern Africa. 10. Amazonian Royal Flycatchers are found in the Amazon.

why-you-should-start-oil-pulling-today Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detox and rejuvenation. It’s a simple practice, with quite remarkable results. Many have heard of it, but never actually dove in to try it. In a (coco)nut shell: To oil pull, simply swish your choice of unrefined, high quality oil in your mouth; similar to the way you would use a mouthwash. Traditionally, oil pullers used virgin sesame oil. To start, scoop ½ to 1 full tablespoon of oil into the mouth; if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt. Have fun with it, though! Once your time pulling is over, spit into the trash or toilet, but never the sink — the oil could solidify and clog your drain. Why oil pull? I began pulling to benefit my gums and teeth, which used to be extremely sensitive. Oil pulling can be done at any time of the day, but for a more thorough detox, its best to do this in the morning, before eating or drinking. I hope you enjoy this healing, divine and sensual experience as much as I do. Photo Credit:

The GNU Privacy Guard DE - Farben für Architektur und Innenausstattung PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System Mit 2.100 trendgesteuerten Farbtönen für Mode-, Textil-, Wohn- und Interieurdesign können Sie es Make it Brilliant. Kaufen Sie jetzt > StreamSquid, Explore your music Crypto-Investigations (Cryptozoologie en France) www.architectureartdesigns There are numerous reasons why handcrafting furniture and other useful gadgets for your home is something that you should take up as soon as you have some spare time. One of the most important things about handcrafting your own furniture is of course the fact that you save a lot of money by reusing old stuff and turning it into something useful which you would have bought for a lot of money otherwise. Another reason linked to this is cleaning up. By reusing old stuff, such as old wood pallets that are taking up your storage space or sitting in your backyard, you actually clean up stuff that you hadn’t used for a long time without throwing it away, and of course ending up with new handmade pallet furniture. But the biggest award that you get from handcrafting your own furniture is not material. Handmade Pallet furniture – Shelf Pallet Buffet/Sofa Table outdoor sofa Antique Pallet or Skid Coffee Tables on Hairpin Legs Reclaimed Pallet Wood Shelf Artisan Designed Pallet Coffee Table wine shelf

Matrix - Who is Edward Snowden? (NaturalNews) This article is a compilation of a number of pieces I've written about Ed Snowden and the NSA. It doesn't replace them, but it hits the high points... Let's begin here: If you absolutely must have a hero, watch Superman movies. If your need for a hero is so great, so cloying, so heavy, so juicy that it swamps your curiosity, don't read this. If you can't separate Snowden's minor revelations from the question of who he is, if you can't entertain the notion that covert ops and intelligence-agency games are reeking with cover stories, false trails, and limited hangouts, you need more fun in your life. NSA? Okay. Is the Pope Catholic? In 2003, at age 19, without a high school diploma, Snowden enlists in the Army. Snowden breaks both legs in an exercise. If he was accepted in the Special Forces training program because he had special computer skills, then why discharge him simply because he broke both legs? Snowden shifts jobs. In 2007, Snowden is sent to Geneva. "Let's see. No.

Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site 10 lunchs rapides que vous serez fiers d'apporter au boulot Par Marie-Rose - le 22 juillet 2015 Les lunchbox sont les petits plats que nous emportons au travail pour le déjeuner et que nous préparons maison. Nous les préparons souvent le soir en disposant les restes du dîner ou pour les plus courageux nous cuisinons spécialement, car le repas du midi est important pour être concentré au travail. Découvrez 10 recettes de lunchbox pour des déjeuners équilibrés et très gourmands que vous serez fiers d'emporter au boulot. Lunchbox sandwichs Préparez des sandwichs au pain de mie très complets.

Space Exploration Systems Dawn of a Dream Meet the Dream Chaser® – a winged, lifting-body spacecraft that provides a flexible, credible, affordable solution for ISS crew transportation and a viable path to the future of human space flight operations for NASA, international and commercial space applications. Dream Chaser is the product of a dynamic collaboration among well-known, well-established industry leaders, experts and universities. SNC is currently working with NASA's Commercial Crew Program to develop and configure Dream Chaser for International Space Station servicing. Developed under our Space Exploration Systems Product Line, we are leveraging our long history and unrivaled record of success in developing innovative space technology and integrated systems. We are changing how space is accessed, explored and utilized through commercial means.

www.rebellesociety “I would like to beg you, dear Sir, as well as I can, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. That’s one of his most famous quotes, and Rilke’s right: The questions matter. Many are important, some are intriguing, and a few are misleading, but the answers are often the questions themselves. 1. Is it because you already know the answer but don’t want to admit it, or is it because you’re scared to admit that you’re right? 2. How would things change? 3. I want to watch the moment my parents met and I want to witness my grandparents make eye contact for the first time. 4. Figuring out how to keep love around is is one of life’s most rewarding quests, and I’m always open to new ideas. 5. Your turn. #ArtofAsking

Support Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC Updates The following is a list of new features, fixes, and issues that have been addressed in the latest Title Update to Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Multiplayer Issues Addressed Addressed an issue where Players were able to copy other Players’ emblems. Zombies Issues Addressed TranZit Zombies no longer jitter when they climb on the roof of the bus or when they enter from the windows. Die Rise Leapers no longer become stuck in the main elevator shaft. Buried The Double Points upgrade now applies when purchasing ammunition for wall-buy weapons.