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Avatars Everywhere: 27 of the Best Avatar Makers

Avatars Everywhere: 27 of the Best Avatar Makers
Avatar creator Meez is back in the news this week, but there are dozens more avatar creation tools gunning for this market. Today we attempt an overview of that market: please add more suggestions in the comment section. Weblin- Create an avatar and use it as your virtual self within web pages in real-time, interacting with other Weblin users who share the same interests. Create a 3D animated avatar for export directly to most web profiles, blogs, etc. Second Life- Use this extremely popular virtual world to do just about anything, but first, you have to create your avatar. Mypictr- Use any image and resize, crop, customize, and export it to many other web 2.0 social networking sites and profiles, like Facebook, and Digg. Gizmoz- Create, animate, and share photorealistic, great looking avatars, and even video clips featuring them. Mii Editor- Create your own "Mii", the avatars characteristic of the Nintendo Wii. Gaia- Another avatar-based MMORPG, this one, anime-styled. Mr.

Make your own Stereogram First you will have to select a pattern. To do this, you can select from 2 choices: Select pattern from gallery. You can move through the pattern gallery using the "next" and "prev" buttons. Once you have found a pattern you like, you must click on it and afterwards click on "Apply Pattern". Upload your own pattern. You can always come back and choose a different pattern or a different mask to experiment with until you get it right. That's it, not that complicated to use I hope. Enjoy! Algunos excelentes editores de imágenes en la web Hace unos meses os hice una lista de alternativas gratuitas a Photoshop, aunque no me limité a las opciones web. Hoy os dejo con algunas opciones web de las que ya he hablado en su momento, apuntando para el post correspondiente donde muestro capturas de la aplicación. Ideal para realizar algunos retoques básicos (como cambiar tamaño, rotar, recortar, invertir…) y otros no tan básicos (polarizar, cambiar brillo y saturación, selección mágica, además de diversos efectos). En este sitio podréis dibujarlo a partir de los diferentes componentes ue se ven disponibles: rostros, fondos, cuerpos, mascotas… todo lo necesario para que vuestra identidad virtual sea lo más parecida a la real (o lo más diferente). Se compone de varios módulos especializados en diferentes acciones: incluir texto, adaptar fotos para móviles, crear perfiles para redes sociales, dar efectos artísticos en los colores de las fotografías, aplicar filtros de distorsión, etc.

Myoats - Create something. Welcome | Festisite Slitscanner.js I created the above image using this Lazer Sword video (this is also the example Sha uses on his site). Sha says users can download the code and modify it. He’s publishing slitscans to: Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest Worth1000 Home Welcome fans of If you're looking for Worth's amazing creative content, then you've rocked up to the right place! Just in case you missed the news, is now part of - and we've preserved all the amazing Worth1000 content here so you can search the archives to find old favorites and new contest art. We're delighted to have Worth1000's talented users and their treasure trove of imaginative and original content, built over many years, as part of our design community. But enough of that, we assume you want to get on with checking out some great design tips, brilliant creative contests, or even find some paid design jobs. Design Tutorials Photoshop humans into zombies, stone statues, animal hybrids and more. Photo Hacks These contests invite participants to use their humour and technical skills in Photoshop to play with icons, objects and media imagery to create new concepts. Enter Creative Contests Popular galleries from Find Design Jobs - The Projects of Steven DeGraeve