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Le gars qui tricote

Le gars qui tricote

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More Pallet Board & Nursery Pot Planters Tree pots from a nursery are cheap. Pallet boards are FREE. Put them together to make pretty planters for your garden this season! DIY Topiary Trees From Dollar Store Supplies When I imagined this project, one thing I wanted to see if I could do was to make the diy topiary trees JUST from things I found at the dollar store. Which I totally accomplished! Time: 2 Hours Cost: $5.00 Difficulty: Easy Gather all of the supplies you need: faux greenery balls, pots (terra cotta – or bamboo which is what I used), floral foam, skewers, modeling clay, moss, glue gun, paint (green, brown, white), paint brush, large knife, scissors, plastic dish, napkins, hairspray (optional) 1.

Folding Books... - Feathering My Nest If you’re looking for unique home decor for yourself, or a special gift {and you have some time to pass} folding up the pages of an old book is the way to go!… especially if you’re a book lover or are gifting to a book lover!… Let’s get right into it… folding a book can take an hour or it can take you a couple hours depending on how many pages and intricate the design! Before & After: A Cool Twist Beautiful, aren’t they? These wall-mounted succulent gardens exist because a.) I have an unquenchable desire to collect rusted industrial elements and b.) a friend named Vickie Perez. It’s because of the former that our deck is loaded with rusty ol’ bits and bobs from machines that stopped running ages ago … some so antiquated we’re not sure what function they served.