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A Giant Wool Blanket Does the cold weather give you a hard time? There’s an impressive solution you could implement that is cute and useful at the same time! Try and make this impressive blanket out of wool. It looks like a lot of work and it really is so, but if you muster enough of patience and visualize the comfy result, it will seem like a piece of cake. It might get funny at some point because you won’t find knitting needles big enough for this project and will end up using PVC pipes instead. Follow the instructions from the tutorial and will definitely come to the same conclusion: the enormous knitted blanket will give you both the warmth and comfort you desire in these months of the year.

Free Clothes Patterns : Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 7 Comments I originally became interested in patternless sewing, many years ago, because I had a hard time finding patterns in my size. Nowadays, patterns in large sizes abound. AT Europe: Paris - Valérie Boy at Salon Maison et Objet It was love at first sight. A few years ago, I found the perfect light sculpture for a dark corner of my apartment by an artist working in Brittany named Valérie Boy ... It was the first annual pre-Christmas Salon de la Récup, that featured a few dozen up-and-coming artists working mostly with recuperated materials, taking place a few doors down from me at the Espace Blanc Manteaux.

Ultimate List of Free Sewing Patterns A while ago, when I walked along some vintage store in Manchester, I found some vintage sewing pattern. They were mainly from the 60′s and 70′s. If sewing is the language of fashion, the pattern should be the books. It recorded different style according to time. 20 Creative DIY Project Ideas We all have many old and unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a great feeling of liberation that comes after shedding old stuff. However, before you start cleaning your home, we want to show you 20 incredibly creative Do It Yourself projects that may change your mind. You’ll learn that a lot of useless items can be transformed into wonderful creations. You can turn an old glove into a cute chipmunk toy, toilet paper rolls into a beautiful floral wall art, plastic bottle into a broom and many more. [Read more...]

Milk and casting resin jewelery tutorial Updated at the bottom-after 4+ years! I was curious about this and I had some left over milk that my kid will not drink. I think it got all lipasey in the freezer and it’s past it’s best by date anyhow. Free Skirt Sewing Patterns - over 100 Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns. I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site. And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns. And the Free Dress Patterns List was the biggest traffic generator on the site for weeks after it was published. So, here you have it. The BIG List of free skirt sewing patterns for every type and style of skirt you can imagine.

New in the shop! I’ve been trying to get some new stuff in the shop. It has been hard getting my sewing mojo back with the kids home. But I made these… First 2 new cocktail clutches! back to business Vacation is over and it’s back to the business at hand. The good news: I love my job and there is so often something fun and exciting to share with you. Today, I bring you the latest in my Make New or Make Do™ Sewing Pattern line, the Isabella Tote: The Isabella Tote is a great grab-and-go tote, simply made from a fresh yard of pretty printed fabric (seen above in my organic cotton sateen Indian Summer Floral) or from one standard size pillowcase! The cool thing about the construction of the Isabella is that when you make it out of a pillow case, it uses the whole pillowcase with virtually no waste. Oh, Isabella, you are one smart girl.

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