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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

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Create & Find Free Multimedia Lessons Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Focus on Real-World Problems with Flipped Learning Einstein’s famous formula changed the world. We believe the following equation will change education: FL + PBL = GL (Flipped Learning + Project Based Learning = Great Learning) Features Moodle is a free, online Learning Management system enabling educators to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere. Whether you're a teacher, student or administrator, Moodle can meet your needs. Moodle’s extremely customisable core comes with many standard features. Take a look at a highlight of Moodle's core features below.

Viewer - Learning Designer Who is an entrepreneur? 95 minutes) The teacher ask to the students ”Who is an entrepreneur?” Students consult the following resources Who is an entrepreneur? The students, divided in small group, prepare a worksheet where they define the entrepreneur and identify a common characteristic of people who become entrepreneurs. with the help of the following resorce online: 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time Individually each student responds to online quiz What kind of entrepreneur are you? Reclaiming Innovation Today, innovation is increasingly conflated with hype, disruption for disruption's sake, and outsourcing laced with a dose of austerity-driven downsizing. If any concept should be seen as an uncomplicated good thing in higher education, it's innovation. Defined by a common-sense notion of "doing things better" and burnished by the sheen of dazzling technological advances, what's not to like about innovation? Yet as 2014 churns on, the glow is wearing off.

MPT Annotator Tool In recent years many educators have been experimenting with the pedagogical model called Flipped Classroom. Basically, to flip the classroom means to reverse the usual "order" in which knowledge is gained.[1] Instead of learning new content in the classroom, students learn at home by watching videos, previoulsy made by their (and[2] other) teachers. The classroom time is dedicated to discussions, hands-on activities and projects. Students have more time for inquiry, for applying their knowledge and for interaction[3] with other students as well as with the teacher. In a flipped classroom, every student can learn at their own pace. Learning becomes personalized[4] for each students.

Learning Management Systems: The wrong place to start elearning Learning Management Systems: The wrong place to start learning November 22, 2004 George Siemens Learning Management Systems (LMS) are often viewed as being the starting point (or critical component) of any elearning or blended learning program. This perspective is valid from a management and control standpoint, but antithetical to the way in which most people learn today. The Differentiator Try Respondo! → ← Back to The Differentiator The Differentiator is based on Bloom's Taxonomy, Kaplan and Gould's Depth and Complexity, and David Chung's product menu. Try It In: French Dutch • Tweet It • Like Byrdseed • Pin It

Technology Tools for Teachers Every year, so many new technology tools for teachers are launched into the market that it can be nearly impossible to keep up with them all. In order to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest educational tech tools, our team of edtech specialists has put together this list of the best edtech resources and technology tools for teachers. Clicking on the links below will take you to hundreds of apps, websites, extensions, and more. Whether you're looking for a specific tech tool or just trying to find something new and interesting for your class, we encourage you to browse around all of the different categories to see how many wonderful resources are available for your students. Also, if you have a tool that you'd like to see added to the list, please feel free to contact us at

Finding The Right Remix In Modern Blended Learning - eLearning Industry The words “blended learning” commonly conjures up images of children in a classroom dividing their time between listening to lectures and staring at computer consoles. For adults, blended learning has become relevant in terms of training; face-to-face interaction is interspersed with web-based learning. With so many possibilities, how can one find the right remix in modern blended learning to keep training focused, coherent, and productive?

Common Craft Explains Blended Learning Disclosure: I have an in-kind business relationship with Common Craft. Common Craft's latest production explains blended learning in under three minutes. In the video, embedded below, teachers who are unfamiliar with the term blended learning can learn a basic definition of blended learning, the role of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in blended learning, and the potential benefits of blended learning. While Edmodo and Google Classroom get most of the attention these days a new LMS that is worth checking out is Otus.

A Comprehensive List of Apps and Tools to Flip your Classroom For those of you intent on employing the flipped learning model in their instruction, we have curated a set of important web tools to help you create the appropriate flipped classroom environment for your students. Check them out below and as always let us know what you think of them. Enjoy 1- Explain Everything Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials using Explain Everything's flexible and integrated design. 2- Knowmia Knowmia is a great website that offers thousands of video lessons from great teachers around the world.

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Schoology es una plataforma abierta LMS que ofrece grandes beneficios a docentes y estudiantes que pertenecen o quieren pertenecer a una red social enfocada en educación. A través de Schoology, se pueden crear y administrar cursos sobre diversas áreas del conocimiento, llevar control sobre el progreso de los estudiantes, así como también hacer retroalimentaciones de los trabajos entregados por ellos directamente en linea, fomentar el aprendizaje colaborativo a través de foros y discusiones grupales. Esta es la página web de Schoology, es decir que aquí podrán encontrar gran variedad de información de la misma. Adicionalmente, Schoology ofrece un espacio en donde diferentes docentes comparten sus experiencias y algunos artículos referentes al uso de nuevas tecnologías en la educación. Diana Soto Artunduaga by dianasoar Apr 18

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