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Flipping the Classroom

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Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom. Flipping lecture content is all the rage these days and, generally, I’m a fan of the concept.

Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom

It makes sense to have students listen to lecture materials on their own as homework (at their own pace, rewinding and re-listening as needed) and then reinforce the concept during class with hands-on activities. It’s the ol’ sage-on-the-stage vs. guide-on-the-side debate and I tend to fall more in the guide camp, as I grow weary repeating the same lecture material five times a day. When I heard about flipping, I knew I could make the idea work for my high school English students. Flipped lessons are usually a tool for math teachers (think Khan Academy), but I’ve been able to slice off bits of my daily lecture routines and use a modified flip. Click here to view a typical Tuesday night literary term lecture I’ve used with both my freshman and junior English classes.

Flipping The Classroom - Lessons. Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads. Mobile Learning | Feature Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads By Bridget McCrea10/09/13 Natasha Rausch is the first to admit that her first two attempts at creating video lessons from scratch were crude at best.

Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads

“I used a cheap screencast download and filmed myself over a PowerPoint presentation that I’d made,” recalled Rausch, who teaches English and social studies to middle and high school students at Walden School/The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA. “It took me hours to make and it looked horrible—like a B movie.” Intent on flipping her classroom, Rausch started looking for a better way to produce content. Ask and You Shall Receive Having taught with iPads since 2011, she was introduced to Knowmia Teach, a free iPad app, at a summer workshop. Within a few weeks, the provider added the FaceTime feature and then over the following year made it even more accessible.

Rausch also uses Knowmia to plan ahead for her own absences. Flipped Classroom Training Program - P. FlippedClassroom Training Program [p r o f e s s o r] The Fizz Flipped Classroom Training Program for professors has three goals.

Flipped Classroom Training Program - P

The first is to help professors become completely transparent and accountable for what they teach and how they teach it. Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom. Simply Novel Teachers Blog. Today I wanted to talk about flipping the classroom, which seems to be the educational buzzword everywhere I turn.

Simply Novel Teachers Blog

My own school is even starting this conversation informally (for now!). The concept is simple, but the application I believe will be a little more complicated. Basically, the idea is to flip the traditional school schedule of lecture then homework practice. The flipped schedule would see students front loading information at home through video lectures, reading, and other research followed by application, analysis, and practice in the classroom with the teacher. For me, the jury is still out. Emily Guthrie has taught junior high and high school English in Southern California for 8 years. Like this: Like Loading... Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom. July, 2014 Unlike the numerous graphics I shared here on the topic of flipped learning which were substantially theoretically based, the one I have for you today provides a practical demonstration of how Dr.Russell flipped his classroom .

Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom

The graphic also features some of the activities and procedures he drew in his flipped instruction. Another section of this graphic highlights some of the bearings of this flipped methodology on students performance particularly in terms of the enhanced test scores. The purpose behind sharing this visual is to provide you with a concrete example of how you can go about integrating a flipped learning methodology in your instruction. This is only a paradigmatic example which you can adapt with due modifications to your own teaching situation. Here are the three easy steps Dr. 1- Record 25 lectures were recorded with Echo 360, each just 35 minutes long 2- Watch Students tune in and watch video the night before class Source: Echo 360. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: flipped classroom. Flipped Classroom Infographic Archives. Flipped Classroom - Unlimited Personalized Lessons from Knewton.