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Are Educational iPad Games Really Educational? There's no such thing as too much education, right? As iPads have become ubiquitous, companies have rushed to develop educational games that teach math, physics and even urban planning. But many of these games are only "educational" in the loosest sense of the term, and almost none have been tested in rigorous studies, say scientists. The ones that have been tested show modest results. "It turns out to be pretty hard to make games or content that are better than school," said Jeremy Roschelle, director of the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International, a nonprofit research institute in Menlo Park, Calif.

aux 2 centimes » CartoDB : EC2 AMI & vmdk VM available CartoDB is a beautiful beast but it takes some time to get all its components ( 1 rails app, 2 nodejs apps, postgis, redis, varnish, mapnik, nginx … ) to work in harmony. Assembling it was an interesting odyssey though which pushed me to read cartodb’s ruby & javascript source code (Windshaft & CartoDB-sql-api ) itself to get things rolling. To avoid this constructive pain to others I am proposing two ubuntu distributions with CartoDB (version 1) pre-installed . An Amazon EC2 AMI: Choose a website builder: 13 top tools After hours of looking online for some web design inspiration, you're ready to get started with a new site and now need a website builder. There are a multitude to choose from, so which is the best? Well, for a start, you'll be looking for a website builder that can create your website in the latest version of HTML, HTML5. And secondly, you'll want a tool that simplifies the process of web design and enables you to create a great site without needing to know a lot of programming or coding knowledge.

Krunch US: Create Slideshow of Multiple Web Pages Into One In past, we have talked about Bridge URL service, which let you combine multiple links into one and today I’m going to talk about one similar website, which will help you to do something new. How many times you create a series post and add links at the bottom or top to make sure readers completely read the series. Now, How about instead of sweating that much to add interlinks, you just share one URL which has prev, next slideshow button and with one click, your reader can jump to other page. is a useful web app whose work is to combine multiple web pages URL into One URL and use one link to view all of them as slide show.

Open the Doors for Your Exhibitors’ Success! Hey, association folks… as a regular sponsor and exhibitor, I want to ask you a question… are you really – really – giving your exhibitors the best opportunity to succeed at your show? I consider a successful show one where I am able to make connections with people who may want to use the solutions that Omnipress offers. I will gladly pay the thousands of dollars for travel, freight, booth space, badge reader rental and even carpeting if I know I will be able to share a description of our services with the people who come to your show. Yet more and more I find barriers to being able to reach those people when I go to shows. Take opt-out lists, for example.

Most Popular Social Media Sites Review: Why Women Are The Real Power Behind The Huge Success Of Pinterest and Tumblr and David Adelman We had fun checking social media demographics surveys from different credible sources like Pew Research Center and Burst Media and we were able to pluck out some distinct patterns that suggest women are taking over social media and we’ve turned the data into a nice infographic. The infographic that our journalists created shows that women not only use social media more often than men, but they use these sites in more ways. Guavus raises $30M to help telcos do big data at network speed Guavus, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company focused on analyzing network- and other sensor-based data, has raised $30 million in financing from Investor Growth Capital and QuestMark Partners, along with Artiman Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures and Intel Capital. The new investment brings Guavus’s total financing to $78 million since launching in 2006, and comes at a time when mobile providers, especially, are fighting harder than ever to woo (and keep) skeptical customers. In a world of streaming data and lots of it, Guavus’s strategy of analyze first, store later has been paying off. When I spoke with Guavus founder and CEO Anukool Lakhina in May, he said the company was already serving three of the top four mobile and wireline providers. They’re impressed with the platform’s ability to analyze data as it streams in off the network, meaning they can make insights closer to real time rather than waiting for data to write to a disk before querying it.

Shut up and write the book (5 things that have helped me recently) 1. Shut up and write the book. I’m an extreme extrovert, which is really great after I write a book and I have to go out into the world and talk to people about it, but not so great when I need to sequester myself long enough to actually get some real writing done. I do most of my thinking “out loud,” which means ideas don’t really come to me until I’ve expressed them — if I express them through speech, I’m less likely to turn around and go express them in writing… 2. SiteShow from Troy Wolf <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><!--SlideShow v1.0Troy Wolf <>Simply define your "slides" in the javascript slides[] array below.

The leading provider of virtual events, virtual trade shows and Save time, optimize your budget and create lasting impressions that influence decisions Streamline content delivery, lower production costs and maintain a continuous, engaging presence. Our Virtual Environment platform enables you to train, promote brand awareness, expand market reach and accelerate sales. Generate interest from prospects Trade ShowsRoad ShowsProduct Launches Deliver education to employees and partners s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Maps the Journey to Digital Business STAMFORD, Conn., August 11, 2014 View All Press Releases 2014 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates the Maturity of More Than 2,000 Technologies 2014 Marks 20th Anniversary of the Gartner Hype Cycle The journey to digital business is the key theme of Gartner, Inc.'s "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2014."

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