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Global Street Fashion and Street Style

Global Street Fashion and Street Style
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HANNELI MUSTAPARTA Style Bubble Latest Fashion News Here's your heads-up on some fabulous key trends from the Tu at Sainsbury's spring collection. Our celebrities loved styling the gorgeous prints, eye-popping brights, glam fifties styles and classic monochrome separates. It's just the inspiration you need to wear it your way... Modelled by former Sugababes star, Heidi Range, the brand's hot spring drop really does have something for everyone. 'There are amazing prints around – big and bold as well as subtle repeats', the fashion fanatic said of the collection. 'Small, repeat prints are a good way to embrace the look in a subtle, style savvy way and these trousers do just that,' Heidi continued about the collection's pretty paisley trews. Find out more about how to style Tu at Sainsbury's gorgeous spring range here. By Robyn Munson Got a tablet?

Voodoo Magazine ¡Y venga fiesta! Que son más que próximos, son prácticamente ya. Esto nos da pistas sobre lo que se nos avecina. ¿Dance, electro-rock? Bueno si, y también pop sintético, luminoso y amable. Melodía y ritmo. Y como si de un guía espiritual se tratara, It´s Happening te lleva de la mano al show más interesante del momento, lo cual es digno de elogio. THIEVES LIKE US, Es una banda sueco - estadounidense y una de las principales exponentes de la música electrónica alternativa y synth pop del mundo, visita por segunda vez nuestro país y por primera vez a Medellín, para ofrecer un espectacular concierto el 23 de julio en el marco del evento It´s Happening Medellín. Por esta razón, Thieves Like Us se convierte en una propuesta audiovisual y en un referente para los creadores en la escena local, que a través de la evocación de una estética marcada por un lenguaje explorador, sicodélico y sensual, nos invita a convivir en distintas atmósferas, con aires de cine de épocas pasadas.

Marion Rocks Sonia Fashion Box : Blog mode, blog tendances, shopping, photos Madiha Imam Speaks About Zee5 ‘S Web-Series - HNH Style Madiha Imam recently spoke about the realities of living in Pakistan and how desi homes have a set pattern that is perfectly depicted in entertainment portal Zee5 ‘s web-series. Madiha Imam is playing the main lead with Bilal Abbas Khan's Ek Jhooti Love Story. The web-series has taken up space and made its way into many homes that can relate to the story of Ek Jhooti Love Story, it opens up dialogue to topics that aren’t casually discussed amongst our society, the web-series also discusses the common problem of many middle class Pakistani’s like, trying to constantly cope up with certain age old practices and appearances that are thought to be “decent” or “respectable” in our society. Madiha Imam also picked one topic that she feels is important, the constant and heaving pressure on Pakistani women to get married or “settle down” as known by our society. "Mehreen Jabbar has also done something very light-hearted but it's a serious, serious issue."

Moda el grifo Fashion Wandering by Ioanna Tsivanidou Slanelle Style How To Be Assertive Without Being Rude Part 2: Using Assertive Statements - HNH Style In the last week we discussed how there is a fine line between assertiveness and rudeness and what ways we can use to be assertive. Assertiveness is all about expressing both positive and negative ideas and feelings in an honest way. However, being assertive does not guarantee that we will get what we want. But it will help us recognize our own rights while also respecting the rights of others. It also helps us to find mutually satisfying solutions when conflicts occur. Today I want to share how and what statements we can use to exert assertiveness: How: There are three C’s of assertive communication: 1) Confidence – This is about knowing what we are saying and believing in ourselves. 2) Clarity – The message we give to the other person is easy to understand, clear, and unexaggerated. 3) Control – This is about controlling the situation and observing what is happening in it. These statements are a way to communicate your preference to the other person. 12) Yes, you are right.

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