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Darwin Awards. Homo sapiens decline; Neo Sapiens rise! October 2012

Darwin Awards. Homo sapiens decline; Neo Sapiens rise! October 2012
DARWIN AWARD: Newcastle Icicle (31 March 2013, Newcastle, England) Investigative journalism reaches a new "low" when a reporter freezes to death in an effort to get inside the lives of those who sleep rough... DARWIN AWARD: Smokin' Hot Sauce! Thinking he was drinking alcohol, Gary picked up a salsa jar and took a swig of gasoline. After spitting it up onto his clothing, he recovered from the shock by lighting a cigarette... HONORABLE MENTION: Alligator River The East Alligator River in the Northern Territory is crossed at Cahill's Crossing. Recently a Euro tourist drove into the parking lot of the an upstream boat launch area in her hired 4WD vehicle and, seeing a concrete ramp disappearing into the water, assumed that she had reached Cahill's Crossing...

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Smartest People In The World: The 10 Smartest People Alive Today Judging how smart a person is can be a very subjective matter. Does their IQ score make them the smartest? Or is it more about accomplishments? Computer Arts - Tutorials Computer Arts is the magazine for people who believe design matters, and has been inspiring and informing graphic designers and illustrators since 1995. With both a deluxe print edition and a fully-interactive, bespoke iPad edition, Computer Arts brings you behind-the-scenes access to cutting-edge design projects, in-depth analysis and incisive opinions from the design world's thought leaders, plus the very best new work from the global design community. Whether it's a shift in creative thinking or a change to the business of design, you can rely on Computer Arts to bring you detailed analysis of the pivotal events. We'll introduce you to the industry’s most exciting trailblazers as well as highlighting the world’s freshest new talent, digging deep to discover what makes each of them special. In short, if design matters to you as much as it does to us, you need a Computer Arts subscription.

2000 Darwin Award: Ostrich Axioms (26 February 2000, Arizona) How many times have you had to listen to someone dispense folk axioms like "Don't squat with your spurs on" or "Don't teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig"? We've all heard these and many others, but other than sticking your head in the sand, none have applied to ostriches - until now. "Don't slow dance with an ostrich."

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children Amish Saying? Ralph Waldo Emerson? Native American Proverb? PHD Comics Coming Soon - Stay tuned for a BIG announcement about an awesome project Jorge is working on! PHD Store - Our store was down for a while, but now it is back! Free excerpt from The PHD Movie 2!

Surfer May Have Ridden a 100-Foot Wave Professional surfer, Garrett McNamara, aka Gmac, may have broken another record. This Tuesday off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, McNamara caught a wave that onlookers estimated to be about 100 feet high. See a teaser video of the achievement here. VIDEO: Surviving a Big Wave The 45-year-old Pittsfield, Mass., native is known for breaking surfing records. In November 2011, McNamara rode an enormous 90-foot wave at Praia do Norte, also off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. Fiction: Short Fiction Up one level Short fiction published on the EServer. The Adventures of Aladdin

Material World: 8 Substances That will Shape the Future Material World: 8 Substances That will Shape the Future Article by Delana, filed under Conceptual & Futuristic in the Technology category. Advancements in science and technology have opened up a whole new world of possibilities in material science. Our future world won’t be made up of the same materials we are used to seeing today – it will be full of fascinating new stuff that can do truly incredible things. Cell phone towers are generally big and unsightly, but since we want to be perpetually connected they seem to be a necessity…for now. The Spray-On Antenna System from ChamTech can turn just about any surface into an antenna.

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