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NOM2MERDE Cette petite île abandonnée en plein New York ! La nature n'en finira jamais de nous étonner. Cette dernière est imprévisible, et surtout lorsqu'elle se décide à reprendre ses droits sur les installations de l'homme. D’ailleurs, en voici la preuve : deux personnes ont pris le temps d’aller visiter la petite île de North Brother, située entre le Queens et le Bronx, à New York. En 1885, cette même île avait été utilisée pour construire un hôpital, où étaient soignées les personnes touchées par la variole et la fièvre typhoïd. Puis, dans les années 1950, l’hôpital fut reconverti en un centre de désintoxication. L’île fut complètement abandonnée en 1963 : mère nature n’aura pas manqué de reprendre ses droits en 50 ans, et c’est véritablement impressionnant de voir le tableau laissé en 2013. Les deux personnes ayant visité l’île ont pris quelques photos, relayées ici.

Smartest People In The World: The 10 Smartest People Alive Today Judging how smart a person is can be a very subjective matter. Does their IQ score make them the smartest? Or is it more about accomplishments? The debate over this likely will never cease. Below, though, took a look at 10 people (in no particular order) nobody would deny are worthy of being called some of the smartest people alive today. Fifty percent of people have IQ scores between 90 and 110, 2.5 percent of people are mentally deficient/impaired (under 70 IQ), 0.5 percent of people are near genius or genius (over 140,) 2.5 percent of people are very superior in intelligence (over 130). Here is their list of 10 of the smartest people alive today: Loading Slideshow The 10 Smartest People In The World 2 of 12 Hide Thumbnails 149 Points Also on HuffPost:

Bear Alley La webradio de l'improbable et de l'inouï : accueil - Bide et Musique Should I Work for Free? Abandoned Porn Surfer May Have Ridden a 100-Foot Wave Professional surfer, Garrett McNamara, aka Gmac, may have broken another record. This Tuesday off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, McNamara caught a wave that onlookers estimated to be about 100 feet high. See a teaser video of the achievement here. VIDEO: Surviving a Big Wave The 45-year-old Pittsfield, Mass., native is known for breaking surfing records. See a bunch of images here. Photo: Garrett McNamara riding a big wave at Avalanche, off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

grands moments Désencyclopédie Reasons Tumblr went down Creative Costumes of Still-Practiced Pagan Rituals of Europe (19 pics) 348K views 225 days ago by Justina Now these are not your average Halloween costumes. For two years, French photographer Charles Fréger has been traveling throughout 19 European countries and trying to capture the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series. What he found was a huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal, focusing on the common myth of the “wild man.” [Read more...] It appears that the tradition of men dressing up as wild animals and monsters, which dates back to neolithic times and shamanism, is still very alive nowadays. Website: Like Dislike 0 points Vote: