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Hanging String Balls

Hanging String Balls
Whattya need? BalloonStringScissorsGlueJar How do I make glue string balls? Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling. Step 2: Put string and glue in the jar with a hole in the lid. Next, pull string from hole while wrapping around the balloon. Step 3: Wait until dry (try to contain yourself). Created by Dane Holweger

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20 brilliant things to make in a jar Via: Start saving your old jam jars! From cakes to herb gardens, pies to photo frames, and even entire meals … here are 20 fantastic things you never knew you could make with a jar. (Above: red velvet cupcakes in a jar. Get the recipe here). Glow Stick Jars After seeing some of these on Pinterest, Boo and I bought some Fourth of July glow sticks and broke into them early. We cut off the ends and dumped the contents in, and shook the jar to coat the sides. (It’s non-toxic.) An instant glow stick lantern: We mixed the red, white and blue together and it made a pink/purple-y color.

Building Machines From Paperclips Several months ago I awoke one morning with an idea for a project. I had gone to bed thinking about a presentation I am going to make to a group of middle and high school technology teachers in a couple of months. I wanted to come up with a simple and inexpensive projects they could use to teach their students some aspect of technology and hopefully inspire their creativity. During the night I dreamed of making machines out of paperclips and this project was born. As for the cost of this project - the wood and paperclips cost me 37 cents. I already had several projects I was working on at the time so I thought about the idea for a couple of months before I actually sat down with a box of paperclips and started trying to make a machine.

Doily Covered Lamp Shade Project Have you ever found a perfect lamp with a damaged shade? If so, this next DIY is for you! Kinsey dreamed up a way to recycle your damamge vintage lamp. Enjoy! 1. Find an old, beat up lamp shade. 2. Anthro-Inspired Mirror You all know we love a good Anthropologie knockoff around here – so a couple of days ago when I was browsing online I came across this mirror. Oh I definitely need that. Hold the presses – did that say $498???

DIY COCONUT + ROSE BODY SCRUB Few things smell better than coconut and rose so let’s combine them, shall we? In this Kitchen Beautician DIY, we’re making a “Spring Time Scrub” to help you exfoliate and get your skin super soft for the coming summer months. Bathing suit season is just around the corner and nobody wants to be the ashy girl!

Book Page Roses DIY storybook paper roses You’re going to love today’s DIY project so much that you’re going to want to start tearing pages out from old books tonight! Remember the storybook roses in Shanna + Richard’s wedding? How to Make Floam Floam™ is like slime with polystyrene beads in it, that kids can mold into shapes. You can sculpt with it or use it to coat other objects. You can store it to reuse it or allow it to dry, if you want permanent creations. It's a lot of fun, but not always easy to locate. I've seen it in some stores and online, but you can make a type of 'Floam' yourself.

DIY Yarn Light I am not sure on the source for this photo, sorry! I love the look of the light fixture in the photo above, but I am pretty sure it would cost me over 3 months of morgage payments! Then I saw this idea over here at Pickles and it has been on my craft list ever since. There are not many ceiling fixtures in our old house and the ones we do have are ceiling fans. One of those ceiling fans is in Gray's room and thought I was out of luck at trying to do anything somewhat cool to it, because the fan is very practical on hot summer days! But then I saw this over at House Tweaking- and immediately thought of the yarn light off my craft to do list- so I combined the two ideas into one!

Make-up Magnet Board We all know with craft blogs that original ideas are often hard to come by, we find ideas we love and make them our own but we didn't come up with the idea ourselves. I feel like I've finally done something original here and I'm excited about it. I'll show you the finished product and then explain.

On the Cheap: Scrapbook Paper iPhone Covers I found this clever trick on Pinterest the other week from Oops I Craft My Pants and had to try it for myself: iPhone covers using scrapbook paper! Now when I had my first cell phone in high school (the old Nokia), I probably had about 15 different cell phone covers that I would switch out to match my clothes everyday! I figure this scrapbook paper iPhone phone cover is an easy way to update my phone without spending all the cash! First thing I did was purchase a couple sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael’s. I also purchased a clear iPhone 4 cover from Best Buy.

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