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Friday Finds Posted by annie teng //// 1 Comment 1. A photo series capturing the dreamlike Santorini 2. Macramé DIYs to try one crafternoon! 3.

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Posie Gets Cozy Stitching is just plain good medicine. Put on your coziest clothes, turn on the twinkly lights, make some tea, find a good movie or your favorite music, get a full-spectrum spotlight (that's the one I have) for those dark nights, call your puppers or your kitters or your friend to your side, thread your needles, and stitch your heart back together. If yours feels good but you know someone who could use some love, stitch one for them. Even if cross stitching is not for you, I sincerely encourage you to find one of the needle-arts that appeals to you and make something sweet and simple by hand this season. This one, of every cross stitch kit I've ever designed, is probably the easiest.

miss design A Highly Unique Converted Church A highly unique four bedroom converted church with an impressive reception room with full-height ceiling, private patio and stylish finish alongside many of the church’s original features. Kenmont Gardens is located moments from local amenities while the restaurants, shops and bars of Westfield Shopping Centre while Notting Hill is close by. Transport links include Kensal... Stockholm Penthouse via nicety

A tribute to her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall Some time ago I wrote about the importance of giving our children real heroes to look up to, specially if we have daughters. In this post I shared the panel of real heroes that the girls made for our corridor, and I talked about why I think these panels matter. In it you can see that one of my daughter’s heroes is Dr. 107 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil There’s been a lot of hype about coconut oil lately, and there are so many claims being made that it sounds nothing short of a miracle. Well it’s really not a cure-all, and what works for other people may not work for you, but it still is pretty dandy to have around. With a little bit of resourcefulness and a dash of creativity, you can find over one hundred everyday uses for coconut oil. Want to Try Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Free? Click Here to Get a FREE Jar of Organic Coconut Oil (while supplies last!)

photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson Albert Camus, Paris, 1944. Coney Island, New York, 1946. Romania, 1975. nanaCompany I almost feel like I should be hiding this bit of my history because it makes me sound dinosaur-old, but... when I was a kid, my friends and I would walk to a little antiques store after school and buy penny candy to stuff into our backpacks. Then we'd head over to the library to hang out. The beloved store, which we all called the "Red & White," was in a building old as dirt ~ rickety and possibly haunted, just like a lot of the old houses in the small Connecticut town of my childhood. Only recently have I learned the store was actually called, "The Homestead" ~ a sign hanging outside said so, clear as day, but I never noticed it. { Snapped this pic on a visit home in 2012 } "Perhaps built as early as 1815 by Danforth Richmond, the building at 46 Tolland Green in Tolland served as a general store for a century and a half.

Operation Organize: Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies Hi everyone, it’s Ilana. Spring-cleaning season is upon us, and as the resident DIY expert at the LC headquarters, Lauren asked me to share a few creative and inexpensive solutions for storing your craft supplies. Crafting can get a little messy—that’s practically a given. Fifteen Visually Stunning Architectural Delights Fifteen Visually Stunning Architectural Delights Those who stay in apartments crave for spacious bungalows and those who live in landscaped acres dread the maintenance! So what really is the ideal size for a home? elephantine Enjoy any good books lately? Here's four I've recently read and would recommend: a dystopian novel, a strange and luminous collection of short stories, and two books for writers: the first because it contains a superb collection of excerpts, and the second for all of its advice from great writers. Snippets from the four books: 1. The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood) — "We play two games. Larynx, I spell.

Blog - Collage CollageCollage Collage Some artists have an incredible way of capturing the essence of childhood, I find this is especially endearing in children’s books. The way a child stands, or the excitement and delight in play, Cale Atkinson is one of those artists. The first time I picked up a copy of To The Sea, I was hooked. The dark colours set the tone for a moody picture book, a hint of sadness, yet offset with beautiful bright orange. Operation Organize: How to Keep Your Home Sparkling It’s hard to believe that spring is only a few days away. I hope you’re as excited as I am for sunny skies, spring fashion, and fresh, seasonal produce. And then there’s spring cleaning… I know I might be the only one who actually gets excited at the thought of scrubbing and dusting. But even if you’re not as obsessed with organization as I am, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary. One of the biggest tips I’ve learned as a lifelong neat freak is that if you keep up with routine chores on a regular basis, things will never get out of hand. So to make things easy, I decided to put together a simple cleaning chart designed to keep you accountable on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis.

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