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Guest Post ~ Crochet Shrugs. Crochet Shrugs ~ 12 FREE Crochet Patterns Today’s Guest Post is brought to you by Rhelena @ Crochet Pattern Bonanza, exclusively for American Crochet This round of free shrug crochet patterns is compiled by Rhelena of Crochet Pattern Bonanza – a free crochet pattern directory.

Guest Post ~ Crochet Shrugs

Shrugs are so versatile and comfy to wear with just about anything in your closet. They go great with anything plain to fancy evening wear. Plus, they make for a great cover in the summer, and in the winter they help to keep your shoulders and back super cozy. Free Tapestry Crochet Pattern Roundup. Welcome to my themed blog series, Crochet Specialty of the Month!

Free Tapestry Crochet Pattern Roundup

Each month in 2015, I’ll feature a specialized crochet technique, stitch pattern, or project type through several posts. This post contains affiliate links. Today I’m sharing a roundup of 15 great free tapestry crochet patterns. If you’re new to tapestry crochet, don’t forget to check out my roundup of free beginner tapestry crochet tutorials here. All photos are used with permission and are copyright the respective designer. 30 Free Snowflakes you can Crochet! Oombawka Design Crochet.

Rhelena's Crochet Blog. Those who know me, know that I don’t celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Rhelena's Crochet Blog

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy the season. I just don’t believe in the reason as to why it is being celebrated. And this is why I love living in a free country, because it allows us all to celebrate in our own way. And my favorite way of celebrating is a hot cup of matcha, my yarn, some Christmas tunes and an open window so I can watch the falling snow. As much as I hate being out in the cold snow, I still love watching the snowflakes come tumbling down. Another reason why I love the holidays is because of all the deals you can get. Crossing Over Fingerless Gloves. Crossing Over Fingerless Gloves ~ FREE Crochet Pattern These fingerless gloves are designed to fit small hands, however, they are easy to adjust to any size that you need.

Crossing Over Fingerless Gloves

They are nice and stretchy, which makes them comfortable to wear. They’d make for a great last-minute Christmas gift for all the ladies on your list. And if you like, I’ve designed a matching beanie and cowl with the same yarn and stitch pattern. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to post your images on my facebook page: CrochetN’Crafts Skill Level: Easy Advertisement: Materials: Yarn: Woolike Yarn by Loops & Threads , or any super fine (1) yarn. 21 Free Fabu Frozen Crochet Patterns - Simply Collectible. Wednesday Round Up 11/19/2014 ~ Bags.

It’s so much fun to be able to change the look of an outfit by changing the bag you carry with it.

Wednesday Round Up 11/19/2014 ~ Bags

It’s also wonderful to have just the right bag to bring whatever you need with you. Dog Bone Christmas Stocking - RE- Release Free Crochet Pattern. I am re- releasing this Christmas Stocking Crochet pattern.Dog Bone Shaped Christmas Stocking.

Dog Bone Christmas Stocking - RE- Release Free Crochet Pattern

It was previously a paid pattern, and I am making it Free here on my Blog - I have made them many times for others, and for myself. 30 Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns Oombawka Design Crochet. Woven Name Labels by Nametapes and Labels. This post is a bit different than most of my posts, but I couldn’t resist because I thought it would be such a good match.

Woven Name Labels by Nametapes and Labels

This post has not been paid for, however, the company did purchase an ad slot on this website. I’m simply writing about it here, because I believe their woven name labels will be of value to many of my readers. These woven name labels are great if you have a shop where you sell finished handmade items, or if you give a lot of handmade gifts. The labels are sew on labels, so they can be attached to anything that is crocheted, knit or sewn. These labels are a great way to: Party 67 - Link and Share Wednesday! Oombawka Design Crochet. A Beanie Hat For My Cookie Jar.

I had to Run to Hobby Lobby for a few buttons, baubles and yarn, for some orders.

A Beanie Hat For My Cookie Jar

As I passed the Christmas Department, I saw a Display of Cookie Jars, shaped like Dogs. Crocodile Pixie Hat pattern review. Next weekend is family picture day.

Crocodile Pixie Hat pattern review.

I knew I needed to Make something I can use for us in the portraits, as well as something I can get multiple uses out of. I knew I had to make hats. The crocodile pixie hat by stitches n scraps came in exactly my youngest son’s size and it was just what I was thinking of for a cutesy little baby. I also had been promising myself to finally try and learn the crocodile stich. It was tough. That was the only difficult part of this pattern.

Crochet Holiday Hat (0-3 months) Luscious Textured Winter Cowl. Luscious Textured Winter Cowl Using Lion Brand® Jiffy brushed acrylic yarn in Fisherman, this MAM-style cowl creates a stylish, luscious and soft winter cowl you’ll be proud to wear!

Luscious Textured Winter Cowl

Rated: Intermediate Pattern Information Download Information Please share this page with others before leaving! Please share the page - Download - Enjoy! I may be compensated if you click on an advertisement. Your purchase through the advertisements below helps support our site and the continuance of free patterns. Dog Hoodies - Crochet patterns or Custom Made. The leaves are falling, the breeze is blowing. time for warm beverages and chili. There is a briskness in the air. That means it is Hoodie time. For you and for your pets. all these hoodies will work perfect for our feline friends, too. Crochet Motifs free patterns - crochet for you.

CROCHET PATTERN - Peaches & Cream Tunic! - Pattern Paradise. 30 Free 12 inch Afghan Block Crochet Patterns! Oombawka Design Crochet. Crossing Over Beanie. The name for this crossing over beanie crochet pattern came as a result of the cross stitches used … and also because I’m always crossing over new bridges in my life. Some bridges are fun to cross, while others are not so fun.

Sometimes they are wobbly and give you the creeps as you are crossing over. Other times they run through dark tunnels; tunnels so dark that you can’t even see your own steps. And you have no idea if there’s a light at the other end, or if you’ll even make it that far. But you keep going anyway because you don’t have the option of turning back. Then after a while, you begin to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel and you start moving faster. I don’t know who you are, or where you are, or what cards you have been given to play with. This beanie can be crocheted to any size by increasing or decreasing the diameter. Hope you will enjoy your new beanie. Skill Level: Easy Materials: Yarn: Loops & Threads Woolike (Super Fine (1) ) Crochet Hook: G 4.00mm. What is the difference between Bobble stitch Popcorn stitch and Puff stitch. This site contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated. Free Classes at Craftsy Joining Crochet Motifs Navigate this site by using Categories & Tags.

An image guide of what to look for is on the Home page. Subscribe to this blog to receive these posts via email – FREE. What is the difference between Bobble stitch, Popcorn stitch, and Puff stitch? One perfect day, some designers were hanging out under a tree, spinning wool directly off a sheep’s back with their perfectly manicured nails while sitting in a swing…. Seriously. This post should start like this: One afternoon, a designer put out a general call for help to make sure she was using the correct stitch name for her pattern and Tamara Kelly took the time to help.

So here is what Tamara from Moogly says:Bobble is like a dc5tog, worked on the wrong side- typically. Child's Tea Party Crochet Pattern Round Up. Crochet Faux Cable Border - Pattern Paradise. Criss Cross Fashion Doll Bedding. Tea Cozy Tuesday – October- Week #1. For October, we’re going back to where we started – another pattern from Patons! This time, it’s the “Whoo Wants Tea?”

Tea Cozy. You can buy a whole kit for it, or just download the pattern. It’s also available on Ravelry so you can link it to your project. Photo courtesy of Patons With a chunky yarn, this looks like it should turn out thick and cushy and work up quickly. Just joining us for the first time? Check out the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, to follow everyone’s progress, or just for some tea talk.Check out all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page.

Zig Zag Beanie - Crochet Tutorial. FAN-tastic Hook-Up #2 - Pattern Paradise. Christmas – Thread. Here is a collection of several beautiful Christmas Thread Crochet projects. KatiDCreationsBroomstick Lace Ornament Crochet MemoriesMiniature Candy Cane Covers Faux Picot Ball Cover Clothespin Angel Diamond Ball Cover Rebeckah’s TreasuresMrs. Little Snowman Santa Fashion Doll Hat. Learn Fair Isle Crochet! Oombawka Design Crochet.