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Crochet Jewelry

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Haz tu propio collar de moda!! / Vikguirao. Tutorial : Fabric Covered Beads | Georgina Giles. This tutorial will show you how to make beautiful little fabric covered beads. I wrote a fabric necklace tutorial last year which has proved very popular and this one is even simpler, with no sewing involved! You could make a pretty necklace or bracelet to match an outfit, use them to decorate a special present or even add them to a mobile. To make these sweet little beads you will need a selection of fabrics, scissors, beads, a darning needle, some glue, and a cocktail or kebab stick. You will only be using small pieces of the fabric so larger prints will show off their colours rather than the patterns.

I always use wooden beads because I like using natural materials and they have a lovely weight to them. The first step is to cut your fabric into strips. Next, take your first bead and squeeze a small blob of glue inside. Take your fabric strip and pop it into the hole in your bead, so that it rests on top of the glue. Now pop this to one side to dry. Like this: Like Loading... « Trumpet sound ! Some time ago, the call for entries went out for 500 Felt Objects, a book slated for fall 2011 release*. After seeing Fashioning Felt, the terrific show she curated, I enlisted Susan Brown of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to serve as the juror for this book. We’ve been reviewing the images to include in the book, and I’ve come across some really exciting jewelry made with this extraordinary material!

Now, please don’t think the decisions have been made for the book–we’ve still got a loooong way to go before selections are finalized. Just wanted to share the fascinating things some talented artists from around the globe are making. » (Larkcrafts) * parution prévue pour l’automne 2011 Maria EIFE, a resident of the City of Brotherly Love, necklace Justyna Truchanowska (Dublin) – necklace Eun Yeong Jeong- ring – Jennifer Moss (of Kalamazoo) Chien-Ching Liao (Taiwan) – this piece incorporates felt so airy that light filters through Kristin Mitsu Shiga Jens A. Anke hennig: textile jewelry. Gossamer threads of colored nylon and silk, ancient long-forgotten braiding techniques and the gentle manipulations of an artist come together seamlessly in this collection of jewelry made by Germany’s Anke Hennig. By winding the flat braids of thread over and around themselves, Hennig is able to creates spiral of flowing, colorful, dimensional curves.

The results are light, breezy and easy to wear. “The underlying idea of my work is restricted to clear forms and the principle of sequences. Simple, flat braids are wound around and over themselves, to form a spiral and provide an unusual aesthetic in the third dimension. These pieces of jewelry have both appearance and a surface, making it hard to imagine their origin – a new interpretation of an ancient technique and an alliance of the traditional married to the innovative.” UMELECKY : Textile Bracelet Tutorial. Just a quick how to: You will need some... memory wire wire cutters round nose pliers scissors fabric strips or ribbon (1/2 to 3/4 in. wide and 1 yd. long) glue embellishments Cut a piece of memory wire 2 inches more than the circumference of your wrist.

Using the round nose pliers, curl a loop onto each end of the wire. Place a dab of glue next to one of the loops and anchor the end of your ribbon. Wrap wire tightly, overlapping as you go. When you reach the other loop add another dab of glue and anchor your ribbon at this end too. Wrap again in the opposite direction. When you reach the end or beginning, depending how you look at it...anchor with one final dab of glue. You can either leave them like this or add whatever you like. I apply a jump ring to each of the end loops to keep the charms and beads from sliding off.

Here are some made with torn strips of cotton textiles. You can see I over wrapped some with flax, hemp, ribbon and wire. Here you can see the jump rings and some beaded wire wrapping. Pins from on Pinterest. Care of magical creatures charm bracelet 1 pattern by tiny owl knits. This pattern is available for $5.50 USD buy it now be sure to check out charm packs 2 & 3 too! ♥ It is a charm bracelet! It’s also more than that. :) Each charm has a task associated with it that will require some action on your part before you can add it to your bracelet.

Now I didn’t do so well in girl scouts when I was supposed to get my badges so don’t be too scared! I also made a rambly video. OOh ps. the charms are: tiny owl, dragonfly, will O’ the wisp, unicorn horn, puff the magic dragon tail, stag antler, lil frog, vial of acromantula venom, goblin crown, bird nest, mermaid’s egg, gnome, mandrake, phoenix feather, hippogriff feather.

COMING SOON: charm pack 2 :) i just couldnt stop making these things! Naztazia® - Creative Self-Sufficient Living Website. Over 100 Free Necklace Patterns. Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Over 100 Free Necklace Patterns A pretty necklace can finish off an outfit perfectly. Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial DIY Crochet Necklace 1st New Moon of Spring Choker Cherry Blossom Necklace Crochet Pattern Acorn Cap Necklace Andromeda NeckLace Antique Bone Ring Necklace Asphyxiation Choker At the Back of My Mind Choker Aurum Medallion Necklace Badge Holder Bead Necklace Beaded Choker Beaded Lacey Choker Necklace/Collar Beaded Necklace Beaded Shells Choker Beads Lariat Necklace Bird’s Nest Necklace Tutorial Bridal Bauble Choker Bubble Necklace Button Necklaces Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial Choker Coin Necklace Coral Covered Acorn NecklaceTutorial Crochet Beaded Necklace Crochet Lace Necklace Crochet Necklace Crocheted Necklace Crocheted Ropes Dainty Geometric Necklace Tutorial Donut Necklace Dragon Tail Necklace Tutorial Express Necklace Knock Off Faceted Clay Necklace Tutorial Family Tree Pendant Tutorial Floral Necklace.

Notes from the Something: Necklace Tutorial (and a prize!) I have had a few requests to explain how I make the beaded crochet necklaces, and I have to admit I was reluctant! Because the work-to-impressiveness ratio is MINISCULE, and I don't want to reveal all my secrets ;) But it's time. Just promise me you'll still ooo and ahhh when I post one! The technique is actually super simple and straightforward.

The secret is in the materials! 1) Metallic thread - I like On the Surface New Metallics - you can buy it in a small 5 yard bobbin, which makes about three 3-strand necklaces, but I get the 100 yd spools here. 2) Teeny crochet hook - I use a 2.75 mm but any very small size works. 3) Glue - I don't love the one in the picture, I prefer the one below with the pinpoint precision tip. 4) Clasp - 2 clamshell doohickeys (the technical term), a hook, and a figure-8 thingy. 5) Beading needle - big eye in the middle 6) Beads (not pictured) - you can use pretty much anything within a size range.

The glue I prefer - just bought a new tube! Voila! Notes: DROPS Top in Cotton Viscose and Vivaldi. Necklace and bracelet in Muskat. DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.30 GBP 1.50 GBP DROPS VIVALDI UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.90 GBP DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.60 EUR 1.70 EUR DROPS VIVALDI UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.45 EUR Learn something new every day! Do you love knitting and/or crocheting and are always excited to learn something new? Then visit our Tutorial Videos section or our FAQ!! Are you looking for pattern inspiration, crafting books or a blog to follow? And don't forget, every pattern on the DROPS website is followed by Videos to help you!

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. Knitting tension: 26 sts x 52 rows with Cotton Viscose on needle size 2.5mm in stocking sts = 10 x 10 cm 10 sts with Vivaldi on needle size 10mm in stocking sts = width 10 cm Garter stitch on circular needle: 1st round knit, 2nd round purl Garter stitch back and forth: Knit all rows Back piece = 86-96-106-118-132-146 sts. Front piece: = 86-96-106-118-132-146 sts. DROPS Tunic with lace pattern knitted in Bomull-lin and Cotton Viscose. Crochet necklace in Cotton Viscose. DROPS BOMULL-LIN UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.30 GBP 1.50 GBP DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.30 GBP 1.50 GBP DROPS BOMULL-LIN UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.60 EUR 1.70 EUR DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 2.60 EUR 1.70 EUR Learn something new every day! Do you love knitting and/or crocheting and are always excited to learn something new?

Are you looking for pattern inspiration, crafting books or a blog to follow? And don't forget, every pattern on the DROPS website is followed by Videos to help you! NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. Knitting Gauge: 14 sts x 20 rows on needles size 6 mm in lace pattern with Bomull-lin = 10 x 10 cm Lace pattern: See diagram M1. Bind off tips (for the neck shape): Bind off inside 1 seam st of stocking sts. Front piece: Cast on loosely 81-87-93-101-109 sts (inclusive of 1 seam st each side) on needles size 6 mm in Bomull-lin. Diagram. Inspirational Beading: Inspired Beader: Lavender Field. Every now and then, I come across a design that makes me say “Wow!” That is the reaction I had after seeing the amazing crochet jewelry at Lavender Field. The artist, Victoria, creates amazing sculptural crochet jewelry with a flair for color.

Inspirational Beading: How did you first get into jewelry design? Victoria: I guess by simply following my instincts and just doing what I was naturally attracted to. I just simply stumbled into it on my way to discovering my innermost creativity. I always believed in following my instincts, because I know they lead me into what's best for me. Inspirational Beading: Do you remember your first crochet project? Victoria: Well I remember the first crochet necklace I made. Inspirational Beading: Where do you like to look for new inspiration? Victoria: I think that color must be my single most inspiring source.

Inspirational Beading: Do you have a favorite color to work with? Inspirational Beading: Who do you hope to inspire with your work? Vine Lasso Necklace. Author by Shelby Allaho Introduction East meets West with a flourish of fashionable pom poms in this simply elegant necklace. It is easy and fun to crochet and requires very little yarn. Materials List Crochet hook size E (3.5mm)Vine: Shaded yarn such as Linie 157 “Tessa” (8 yards) Berries: Schaenmayr Nomotta “Bravo” (1 5/8 yards) Pom pom blossoms: Schaenmayr Nomotta “Bravo” (3 yards)Tapestry needle for weaving in ends Notes US crochet stitch terms are used in this patternch(s) = chain(s)st(s) = stitch(es)sl st = slip stitchsc = single crochetdc = double crochet The Pattern Vine To begin, ch 18 and then sl st in 1st ch to form the fastening loop. ** Please note all following sl sts will be worked in the back loops of the chs.

Then, in 5th ch from hook, sl st (this forms a small loop which will be used to attach the berries and pom pom blossoms). Ch 52, sl st in 5th ch from hook. Ch 20, sl st in 5th ch from hook. Ch 12, sl st in 5th ch from hook. Berries Pom Pom Blossoms Finishing. Berroco® Free Pattern | Uffizi. Utilizing only the solid portions of Boho Colors, Uffizi is a composition of crocheted medallions attached to a choker. PDF Instructions (If you can’t open this PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here.) Approximately 18” long Center Drop – approximately 5” 1 Ball BERROCO BOHO COLORS (50 grs), #9304 Dijon Crochet hook, size 4.00 mm (F) One 1/2” button There are no gauge requirements for this necklace For your necklace to look like photo, cut yarn and use color sections that correspond to each motif.

Double Base Chain: With crochet hook, ch 2; insert hook into 2nd ch from hook (the first ch made) and work 1 sc; * insert hook into single vertical thread forming the LH side of the previous sc and work another sc. Row 1: Ch 5, dc in 6th ch from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc in next ch, rep from * across. Row 2: Ch 1, work 2 sc in each ch-1 space across. With crochet hook, ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring. Rnd 1: Ch 1, work 9 sc’s in ring, join with a sl st in ch-1.