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Pew Global Attitudes Project - A series of worldwide public opin

Pew Global Attitudes Project - A series of worldwide public opin

The Watson Institute for International Studies Introduction - Statistics - Hoover Library's Subject Guides at McDaniel College Here are five important search tips for finding statistics online Tip 1: Favor sources consisting Primarily of statistics, like almanacs, statistical compendia, and numeric databases. Tip 2: At web sites, look for links to areas named Statistics; Publications, Reports, or Bulletins; Library or Archive(s); Data or Databases; and Presss Release. Tip 3: In full text, look for statistics-indicating word patterns, such as: " According to a study/survey/repert..." or "71 percent of Americans polled by Gallup..." Tip 4: Look for data placed outside the text as figures, tables, charts, graphs, infoboxes, and captions. Tip 5: Use numbers-indicating index terms, such as Statistics, Market share, Numeric, Demographics, Industry overview, and Forecasts. --By Paula Berinstein, author of "Finding Statistics Online..."

International Affairs archives A l'occasion du cinquantième anniversaire de la CEAI, la Commission organisa à Séoul (Corée) un colloque qui reprenait le thème de la Conférence d'Oxford, pour réexaminer les relations complexes entre l'Eglise, la communauté nationale et l'Etat qu'on avait étudiées soixante ans plus tôt, sous l'emprise de la menace représentée par l'Etat national-socialiste allemand. Nous avons pris conscience à cette occasion de la remarquable pertinence de ces discussions, et il est utile de citer quelques déclarations faites à la Conférence d'Oxford ou à son propos, pour nous rappeler que notre conception actuelle des affaires internationales doit beaucoup à ce que nos prédécesseurs discernèrent avec une vision remarquablement claire. Au sujet du souci causé par la possibilité d'une nouvelle guerre mondiale, la Conférence d'Oxford préconisait une conception globale des affaires internationales et affirmait ce qui suit: Condamner la guerre ne suffit pas. ... Evolution du mouvement oecuménique

MappingMcDaniel : Satirical infographic meant... Council on Foreign Relations Government Will Shut Down Websites Even if It Costs More Than Keeping Them Up, Just to Show You Who Is Boss In case you doubted the purely punitive nature of certain aspects of the "government shutdown," Julian Sanchez at Cato examines the strange case of federal websites: It’s a bit hard to make sense of why some sites remain up (some with a “no new updates” banner) while others are redirected to a shutdown notice page—and in many cases it’s puzzling why a shutdown would be necessary at all..... For agencies that directly run their own Web sites on in-house servers, shutting down might make sense if the agency’s “essential” and “inessential” systems are suitably segregated. The determination of which services continue during an appropriations lapse is not affected by whether the costs of shutdown exceed the costs of maintaining services.

Canadian International Council Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs PASSIA - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of Internati Arabic News Front Page for 1/29/2010 The Earth Times Online Newspaper, Serving the Planet with Breaki