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Little People - a tiny street art project

Little People - a tiny street art project
Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, South Africa This installation was left in Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, last year. The settlement is home to around 500,000 people and experiences many problems such as poverty, crime and a high rate of HIV infection - an estimated 16% of the population. Life can be tough, especially for children. This image will be available to purchase from my shows with a percentage of the proceeds going to Baphumelele, a community project in Khayelitsha that aims to help local children. Specifically the money will be used in projects that help children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS - Clemens Cares For Kids which helps children suffering from HIV/AIDS and Baphumelele Children's Home which looks after children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Artists - Marc Boutavant - Galleries - Marc Boutavant 1 London Heart Top Floor 100 De Beauvoir Road London N1 4EN T Tel 020 7254 5558 F Fax 020 7923 4791 Google map Nuanciers - générateurs (sélection) Time traveling​ Palettes de nuancier en ligne – Générateurs de couleurs David Gaborit , dans Graphisme 0 Papertoys Bimba & Bimbo di Stelle Pour enjoliver votre WE, voici deux adorables petits papertoys au parfum de cacao. Les personnages Bimbo et Bimba di Stelle sont proposés par la marque italienne Pan di Stelle, un fabricant de gâteaux et de barres chocolatés. A déguster et à télécharger en lisant la suite… Pour télécharger les patrons, il suffit de cliquer sur les 2 templates ci-dessous. Et n’hésitez pas à découvrir toute la collection en vous rendant à cette adresse.

Photographer Profile Josef Koudelka, born in Moravia, made his first photographs while a student in the 1950s. About the same time that he started his career as an aeronautical engineer in 1961 he also began photographing Gypsies in Czechoslovakia and theater in Prague. He turned full-time to photography in 1967. The following year, Koudelka photographed the Soviet invasion of Prague, publishing his photographs under the initials P. P. UNION Home Exhibitions News Artists Projects Subscribe Contact ABOUT THE ARTIST / Yu Jinyoung GALLERY / Welcome 2007 YU Jinyoung Abundant Emptiness 2006 A family in disguise (child 5) 2009

Les recettes de la blonde bonnefrite voici le projet de rumeur graphique réalisé sur 4 mois avec fred fivaz pour 2 rien merci le tout commandé par Pronomade (s) / septembre 2011 /Affiche puzzle sérigraphiée prête à être découpé, collé, peinte et colloriée / tampons patate, avions de papier / Peintures nocturnes de Slogans au blanc de meudon sur routes, murs, pierres etc Ou comment annoncer l'arrivée de la compagnie 2 rien merci, puis petit à petit différents spectacles et à la fin une soirée secrête sans jamais rien annoncer directement.

illustration - Nithin Kumblekar Client: Bling Agency: Makani, Mumbai AD: Prasad, Rahul Note: I've done few changes in this version. The original layout is different from this.Art Direction, Illustration2014 Agency: Kassett, Norway Client: P4Art Direction, Illustration2014 OLX Brand Campaign Agency: LOWE DelhiCharacter Design, Illustration2014 House Campaign Client: Mumbai Mirror Agency: Taproot India Art Director: Abhishek SawantArt Direction, Character Design, Illustration2013 Poster designs of the 2012 celebritiesCharacter Design, Creative Direction, Illustration2012 Exclusive fan art which I created this year. My stall at the Comic Con Delhi & Bangalore in the year 2012 - 13Illustration2014

Made Not Manufactured - steve kenward photography Meeting the makers - highlighting some of the talented craftspeople that the UK has to offer. People that use traditional crafts to make something that still has relevance today. They are passionate about what they do and take care in everything they produce. Andy Doig - Neon Signs Link The Statistics news/news-5/ Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed is no stranger to fiber arts. Most of his works revolve around the construction and deconstruction of intricately patterned rugs and carpets. This three-dimensional installation straightforwardly titled Thread Installation deals with this similar concept of visualizing the breakdown of a complex design. Using the rectangular body of a typically Middle Eastern rug, Ahmed forms the contours of geometric patterns with thread, but two corners of the frame are left incomplete.

Rubens Cantuni's Portfolio - illustration / graphic design Are you tired of those games where you dodge pipes with birds, fishes, superheroes, buffalos, whatever? We were too, yet we love the simple concept behind this "1 tap anywhere" games. So we thought to flip the mechanic! How? Easy: we make the pipe going up and down :D We also added a series of power-ups to make the gameplay more various. These poor flying weirdos have some problems, but luckily the Good Guy Pipe is there to help them passing through!