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BookLikes - Blog platform designed for book lovers
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Convert Word DOC to HTML This free online word converter tool will take the contents of a doc or docx file and convert the word text into HTML code. It produces a much cleaner html code than the Microsoft Word software normally produces. This doc converter strips as many unnecessary styles and extra mark-up code as it can. It does not preserve images but it does preserve html links and other basic html formatting tags like bolding in the conversion process. This pages uses what is referred to as a client side script which means that all the converting is done on your computer, the contents of the word document are not sent to my server so if confidentiality is a concern then this tool is an appropriate solution. This tool doesn't do any batch conversion for doc files but aside from that it generally produces clean HTML suitable for integration into websites. PS. PPS. Other Tools on this Website

Find My Audience | Just another site Get Published! | PUBSLUSH Press Guide: How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures — Creating the inside pages document This step refers to the layout program Adobe InDesign. You can use another layout program (like QuarkXPress) if you wish. Please review the hardware & software step first to familiarize yourself with the options you have. Choose the correct program for each graphical task. From a technical standpoint, Adobe InDesign is the program where you create text boxes, choose your fonts, link to your images, crop them if necessary, and generally lay out the pages of your book. Let's start by creating a new InDesign document for the interior pages. Document Preset: [Custom]Intent: Print Number of Pages: 8 (use your own)Start Page #: 1Facing Pages Box: Checked/YesMaster Text Frame Box: Unchecked/No Page Size: [Custom]Width: 7 inches (use your own)Height: 10 inches (use your own) Columns - Number: 1Columns - Gutter: 0 inches Margins - Top: .375 inchesMargins - Bottom: .375 inchesMargins - Inside: 1 inchMargins - Outside: .375 inches Note: I used Adobe InDesign CS5. • title page • copyright page

5 urban innovations Toronto could use right now The Toronto of the future will be bigger, bolder, and (hopefully) smarter. New technologies and ideas are helping cities around the world improve the quality of life for their citizens by way of better transit, more accessible services, and modernized or repurposed infrastructure, and Toronto should be no different. While we're pretty influential (according to Forbes magazine,) there is still plenty the city could learn from the rest of the world. Here are 5 useful ideas Toronto could use right now. Reinvented phone boothsPhone booths are a dying breed. Better streetcar service inspired by other cities Despite having one of the largest surface rail networks on the continent, Toronto just can't seem to get streetcars right. Simplified parking signs Street parking in Toronto is a mess. Smarter ways to pay The politics of Presto, Ontario's long awaited transit fare card, are complex.

Kindle Lending Club - Borrow and Lend Kindle Books for Free - Kindle Lending Club - Borrow and Lend Kindle Books for Free. BookLending "The Final Testament.. released as a limited-edition $50 printed book.. but you're self-publishing the ebook at $10." about 1 hour ago ? reply ? retweet ? favorite Please note that this is a novella equivalent to 7 ... Gratitude is a choice. From the author of the Copper Star series, winner ... Easy Crosswords for Kindle, Vol 1, allows you to p ... The United States has been spending its way deeper ... While nearly everyone else at Heath High is prepar ... Lessons in Love: A Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 1 He didn't think he had a heart. Everything seems to be going perfectly for Maya Da ... Leah Thornton? In this prequel to Crown Duel, teenage Shevraeth i ... (The Spell is the third book in the Big Bad Wolf s ... The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - New Century Edition with DirectLink Technology This book has DirectLink Technology built into the ... This Halcyon Classics ebook contain the Upanishads ... Mated (A Paranormal Romance in the Blood Lust trilogy, 3)

Free Online PDF Downloader Without Register France continues to search for a 'French Google,' while candidates find no support It’s hard to keep track of the number of initiatives that have been started or proposed in France in order to create a “French Google” – that is, a France-based internet company with equal influence as players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Amazon. I often feel that the French government’s entire investment strategy (via BPIFrance) is built around trying to find a diamond in the rough, a needle in the haystack, and propel it to multinational status. During Silicon Sentier’s launch of NUMA last month, one attendee told me that the association which manages LeCamping was originally meant to find a ‘French Google,’ though the mission statement of Silicon Sentier has since evolved & shifted. Even if there was a startup with the potential to disrupt Internet usage on such an infrastructural level as Google/Android, there’s evidence to suggest that such a startup would not be able to survive with France as its headquarters.

Singularity&Co. - Save the Scifi! Top 5 Epub Reader For Windows 7 | Next Of Windows Ever since the first Kindle was introduced in 2007, eBooks have been gaining more market shares. Reading books not printed on paper is becoming a trend. Among the number of eBook formats available on the typical type of eReader devices, ePub, electronic Publication, is no doubt the most popular one that is set to be a free open standard for all digital media publications. Here we have compiled a list of 5 best ePub readers available on Windows 7 and 8 for those who want to read ePub books on a desktop Windows computer. 1. It’s a new free tool made specifically for Windows 7 or 8 desktop users to enjoy reading books in ePub format. Icecream Ebook Reader is current still in beta and only supports ePub format at the moment. It’s completely free and works perfectly on Windows 7 and 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. 2. Developed by Adobe, Adobe Digital Editions is a free software that can read DRM-free ePub format books. 3. 4. 5. Another open source program. Bonus

Oyster hits back at Amazon; launches online ebook subscription service | VentureBeat | Media | by Harrison Weber Oyster today launched its Netflix-for-books subscription service on the Web, striking back at Amazon less than a week after the debut of Kindle Unlimited. Now available in desktop and mobile Web browsers, Oyster’s $10 per month subscription service packs a catalog of 500,000 books — 100,000 more titles than competing subscription service Scribd, and 100,000 less than Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. According to Oyster, today’s release has been in the works for months; it was apparently not a quick reaction to Amazon’s similar ebook subscription service. After trying out the service ourselves, we found the Web experience to be aesthetically pleasing, but not optimal when compared to the mobile and tablet experience. Following the launch of Kindle Unlimited, Oyster chief Eric Stromberg told VentureBeat he wasn’t surprised by the news., Inc. Powered by VBProfiles

Publish Books Instantly From Evernote It’s never been easier to be an author. Evernote is an especially popular tool for many writers. It serves as the place to collect, find, and organize source material, archival information, and photographs. For many authors, Evernote is the place where ideas are assembled into words and manufactured into stories. The white canvas of a note is a comfortable place to pour out prose and organize the elements of a publication into place. Now, with an integration by FastPencil, authors have a full-fledged tool to create and distribute a book in Evernote, from start to publish. Here’s all you need to know to turn your Evernote notes into published content with FastPencil: Create. Review. Publish. Distribute. Evernote is a great resource to capture ideas and write, but with this integration from FastPencil, it’s a powerful new tool to format, structure and print your content and share it with the world. What will you write and publish with Evernote?

Scribd's unlimited ebook service gets 15K new titles from romance publisher Harlequin | VentureBeat | Media | by Tom Cheredar The market for ebook services is starting to get more exciting as major book publishers start accepting the idea that consumers want a “Netflix for books” to satisfy their voracious reading habits. The latest example comes from Scribd’s premium unlimited ebook service, which today added over 15,000 book titles from major book publisher Harlequin. The publisher is well known for producing romance novels as well as a mix of other titles. Scribd’s unlimited service features a library of 500,000 ebook titles from more than 900 publishers, which subscribers can access across several devices via official Scribd apps. “The subscription model is unlocking powerful changes in reading habits, and this is most prominent within the romance genre,” said Scribd cofounder and CEO Trip Adler in a statement. Scribd’s partnership with Harlequin includes making Scribd the only place people can read individual ebook titles from the publisher through subscription.