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DOCS TORRENTs Feedbooks | Free eBooks for Android & iPhone/iPad Scrap tuition fees? Yes we have | John Hemming Liberal Democrats in government are about to scrap student tuition fees for 54.2% of students. This may come as a surprise, but that is because this side of the story isn't really being told. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has shown that for 54.2% of students in the future it does not matter how much their tuition actually costs. They will pay the same 9% of income over £21,000 a year for 30 years. In other words this new system is a graduate tax in all but name. It is why Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Business Secretary, calls it a graduate contribution. It is, however, not an open-ended graduate tax as it has a cap. To me, that seems – given that we have a coalition government – a reasonable way of fulfilling both the Liberal Democrat policy of scrapping tuition fees as well as the NUS pledge in which we stated we would campaign for "a fairer system". So to that extent the adage "if it quacks, it's a duck" seem appropriate. There is more in the proposals that makes the system fairer.

Wikibooks Adam Curtis Blog: LADA'S THEME MobileRead Forums Francesca Woodman – review | Art and design | The Observer Francesca Woodman has been called a modernist, a surrealist and, even, a gothic artist. Her work carries echoes of all three traditions, but it evades categorisation. As a young woman, she photographed herself obsessively but often she appears as a blur of movement or a half-hidden figure, someone constantly trying to escape or hide. The end result is not self-portraiture, but a series of stills from a continuous performance in which she plays with the notion of the self, disguising, transforming and defacing her own body. At Victoria Miro, around 50 of Woodman's photographs – small, old-fashioned-looking prints that seem to belong to a much earlier time – pay testament to a short, but creatively productive life. Like Sylvia Plath, Woodman is an artist whose death has often impinged on the various readings of her work, imbuing these already complex images with another layer of mystery and, in some cases, foreboding.

Ebook Formats, DRM and You — A Guide for the Perplexed « Apprentice Alf's Blog Last updated on 22nd March, 2013 DRM: What it is and why you should care about it. DRM is used by publishers to restrict what you can do with your ebooks. DRM controls which devices you can use to read your ebook, and stops you converting your ebooks from one format to another. DRM makes buying and using ebooks harder. When you first start using ebooks, you might not notice the restrictions very much. There are several different DRM schemes. When you want to use a different ebook reader, or if the supplier stops supporting the ebooks you’ve bought, you may lose access to your DRMed ebooks. So to be able to read your ebooks on all the devices you have now, and to be sure that you will still be able to read your ebooks in the future, you will want to remove the DRM. Anti-Piracy Notice Please only use this application for gaining full access to your own ebooks for archiving/converson/convenience. Current Ebook Formats and DRM schemes There are three main current eBook formats. Ways to Remove DRM

deathwatch OnLive, the cloud gaming system, has been subject to a lot of rumours lately. Most of them have been saying that the company is shutting down. Bad news if you work for them, clearly not much of an issue for the rest of the world who has largely ignored it. It would seem that these rumours were based on very real trouble as it has been announced that the company is laying off half of its staff. Recently, OnLive were saying that everything was fine, despite staff saying they’d been handed their P45s online. Then, at the weekend, the company admitted that it had been sold, “acquired into a newly-formed company”, with new financial backing and keeping on “a large percentage” of their workers. However, one of the people who have been working for OnLive have come forward to tell PC Mag that “definitely over half” the team has been sacked and, in addition to that, the company won’t be handing out any severance pay.

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