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Free No Sign-Up Micro Tools for the Busy Teacher This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. Some people collect coins or postcards and I… I collect digital tools. Well, I also like watching tutorials. And, much to my chagrin, it appears that I have been adding tools to this list in a fairly haphazard manner with the result that I have so many of them that I’ve opted to include just a few and may create a Part 2 if you find this post useful. What is mind-blowing about them is that: They are freeThey are onlineYou don’t need to register I have tried to organize them into categories and add a bit of everything. Removing a person/object from a picture. TypeStudio is just awesome. it works fineFree downloadable video clips, sound effects and images for your projects on MixKit Editing a PDF, go to PDFescape. Extracting text from online images, PDFs or Websites, you need CopyFish, a Chrome extension. Tiny Wow is a wow of a tool. Speechify This is a Chrome extension that when installed reads any text. Happy and Healthy New Year!

Storyboard That Teacher Resources | Piani di Lezione e Attività Ogni versione di Storyboard That dispone di un diverso modello di privacy e di sicurezza che è stato personalizzato per l'utilizzo previsto. Free Edition Tutti i storyboards sono pubblici e possono essere visti e copiati da chiunque. Personal Edition L'autore può scegliere di lasciare lo storyboard pubblico o contrassegnarlo come non quotato. Educational Edition Tutti i storyboards e le immagini sono private e sicure. Business Edition Tutti i storyboards sono privati ​​e sicuri al portale utilizzando una protezione di file di classe enterprise ospitata da Microsoft Azure. - Create your own comics! Chirbit | Share Your Audio Easily Tikatok - Imagine a Story. Create a Book. Centinaia di Gif, Immagini Animate & Clipart: 100% GRATIS! Conseils pour analyser une image Cette fiche méthodologique est proposée par Sciences Po, associé à OpenClassrooms, pour accompagner les lycéens vers le bac et les études supérieures. Nous publions progressivement neuf fiches e-methodo conçues par des enseignants de lycées et de Sciences Po : rédiger une dissertation, un commentaire de texte, prendre des notes, lire une carte, faire une recherche sur Internet, organiser son temps durant un examen ou un concours. Introduction Pourquoi analyser une image ? Pour analyser une image, vous devez donc : Décrire objectivement (« ce que je vois »)Mettre en contexte (« ce que je sais »)Interpréter et critiquer (« ce que j’en déduis ») Décrire l’image Avant de commencer à décortiquer l’image et l’analyser tel un détective, prenez le temps de la regarder. Introduire le sujet Tout d’abord, vous devrez être capable d’identifier le type d’image et le sujet traité. Qui est l’auteur de l’image ? Voici ce que vous pourriez en dire : Faire l’analyse formelle de l’image Mettre en contexte 1. 2.

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