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Here you'll find materials and resources to enhance the teaching of oral skills!

Empower Every Voice. Online voice recorder. AudioPal - Add spoken audio to your website, it's FREE! ESL, English Grammar Exercises, Video lessons,Quizzes, Vocabulary Exercises. Speaking Characters For Education. Voxopop! - Funny Jokes For Everyone. Free Everyday Life Tutorials at GCFGlobal. Language Arts Skills Index. Learning Games and Apps for Kids. Materials to Develop Speaking Skill. Four Skills Resources. ESL and EFL Conversation Lessons. English ESL worksheets, activities for distance learning and physical classrooms (x93598)

Ideas for better EFL classes. Three Wise Kangaroos – Free top-notch EFL and ESL resources for teachers and students and all things Australian. The magazine for English language teachers. Spotify for Podcasters (beta) Kayi - Teaching Speaking: Activities to Promote Speaking in a Second Language. The Internet TESL Journal Hayriye of Nevada (Nevada,USA) Introduction Speaking is "the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts" (Chaney, 1998, p. 13).

Kayi - Teaching Speaking: Activities to Promote Speaking in a Second Language

British Council - Teaching Speaking Techniques (John Kay) Teaching and Assessing Oral Skills as Democratic Practice. Oral Language Booklet PDF.