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Canada's Number 1 Math Website - - Love Learning

Canada's Number 1 Math Website - - Love Learning

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from Wolfram MathWorld The natural logarithm is the logarithm having base e, where This function can be defined for This definition means that e is the unique number with the property that the area of the region bounded by the hyperbola , the x-axis, and the vertical lines Evernote - for organizing teachers & students Evernote: A great tool for organizing teachers & students By Jennifer Carey via Voices from the Learning Revolution If you are not familiar with Evernote, now is the time. Evernote is a free web tool and application that helps you to organize your notes, emails, images, and, well…. everything. It’s hard to describe, but this 50-second video highlights some of the key features and abilities. Evernote can be a great application for teachers, both to keep yourself coordinated and to facilitate student learning.

How to measure butter & margarine How to Measure Butter Is 1/2 lb. of butter the same as 1/2 cup of butter? The recipe writers of the world have entered into a conspiracy to make cooking with butter way more complex than it should be. In one recipe they ask for a half-cup of butter. In the next, they ask for 8 tablespoons.

Mathematics Calvert School Moving Forward with Math Calvert is now offering the Math in Focus text as an option in Grades 1–8 to provide students with an up-to-date, research-based math curriculum, which aligns to the Common Core standards recently adopted by most American states. This course incorporates multiple learning strategies to engage all children and their learning styles. Hands-on learning with visual models prepares students for higher-level problem solving. This method focuses on teaching mathematical concepts in depth, rather than providing a broad survey of topics. Students study concepts to the point of mastery, which eliminates the need for yearly review.

Free division worksheets and activities As with many other types of math problems, dividing numbers is often easier to do with a pen and paper and the division worksheets below have been formatted to make printing them as easy as possible. What’s in the worksheets The 3rd through 5th grade division worksheets contain around 25 division questions. The title of each worksheet indicates the type and difficulty of the questions e.g. 4-digit by 2-digit.

Logarithmic Functions The section covers: Half-Life problems can be found here. What is a Log and Why do we Need Them? I have to admit that logs are one of my favorite topics in math. Presentation Tools Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach. Get it on the web or iPad! guest Curriculum Mapping We thought it would be helpful for maths teachers if we identified our favourite "rich tasks" from the NRICH collection. These resources have been chosen because they are ideal for developing subject content knowledge as well as mathematical thinking and problem-solving (process) skills. The documents give links to the different topics in the curriculum. We know they are transferable and useful to all teachers, whatever curriculum they follow.

Saxon Math Go Math! Academy Get math help for your students Whether it's for homework help or to get ahead in math, Go Math! Academy is a great new destination for your Grades K–6 students. Check out this collection of online math tutorial and exploration videos to build skills and inspire curiosity for a positive, fun math experience. Magnificent Measurement Gather students in a large group. Ask them to name the different time frames within a day—morning, afternoon, and night. Have students share activities they participate in during the morning time (for example, wake up, eat breakfast, and brush teeth), afternoon (for example, eat lunch, play outside, and go home from school), and night (for example, eat supper, do homework, and watch TV). If students have difficulty, ask such guiding questions as “When do you eat breakfast?”

Logarithmic and exponential functions - Topics in precalculus Exponential functions Inverse relations Exponential and logarithmic equations Creating one logarithm from a sum THE LOGARITHMIC FUNCTION WITH BASE b is the function y = logb x.

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