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Le blogzine de l'intégrateur web : du Design Web au HTML5, CSS3

Le blogzine de l'intégrateur web : du Design Web au HTML5, CSS3

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Memo to Start-ups: You’re Supposed to Be Changing the World, Rem I did interviews with most of the TechCrunch50 experts backstage and there was a common gripe about the companies launching there: Not enough passion, not enough swinging for the fences, not enough trying to change the world. There were too many people building safe businesses, too many companies just trying to make existing things slightly better, and too many people wanting to be the next, not the next Google. Nothing against Mint, but Silicon Valley wasn’t built on $170 million exits. Web visionaries like Reid Hoffman and Sean Parker struggled to come up with positive feedback on stage.

45 Free eBooks for Developers and Designers Over the past year or so we have published several articles featuring a selection of the best free ebooks for web designers, with each post proving very popular and highly resourceful. Sadly, since then some of the fantastic ebooks we previously featured are no longer available or are no longer been offered as a freebie. But looking on the positive side many new web design ebooks have been released and, as you will see within this post, there are also a few ebooks, recommended by our readers, which we missed in those previous articles. Just as we did with the previous posts we have not offered a critique of each book only a description of the content, as we feel that if someone spends so much valuable time writing an entire specialized book and then offer it for free, in our eyes they deserve only praise and appreciation. All of the 45 books in this post are completely FREE and can be either downloaded in digital format (PDF) or viewed as a web page (HTML). Better CSS Font Stacks →PDF →

en_HowToUseHyphenator - hyphenator - How to use Hyphenator on a website - Javascript that implements client-side hyphenation of HTML-Documents Using Hyphenator as a Bookmarklet As a normal websurfer you'll have to create a bookmarklet by saving the following line of code as a bookmark: When you're on the website to be hyphenated you click on that bookmarklet to start hyphenating the page. If the pages language isn't set, you will have to edit it manually in a popping-up prompt. Using Hyphenator on your website A Beginner’s Guide to Website Feedback The term “feedback” is coming close to finding itself in clichéd business word category (along with personal favorites “synergy” and “paradigm”). Even if for you the word itself isn’t necessarily something that you expect to see in a Dilbert cartoon, the thought of what feedback entails can be unpleasant. For many it conjures up visions of clueless coworkers asking you to add animated .gifs and flashing purple buttons to a page, or of a client submitting a list of 82 new items to create on their site even though you are on the ninth round of changes.

Start Using CSS3 Today: Techniques and Tutorials - Smashing Magazine Advertisement We have been publishing articles about CSS3 for a while now, and we keep receiving angry e-mails from some developers who complain that it doesn’t make sense to use CSS3 today. Yes, Internet Explorer doesn’t support most CSS3 properties. And yes, CSS3 vendor prefixes are bad for maintainability (and this is why we recommend extracting vendor prefixes in a separate CSS3 file).

It’s Not A Bursting Bubble. It’s a Correction And It Will Take Awhile. After disappointing post-IPO performances from Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, there’s been a clarion call from top investors like Union Square’s Fred Wilson, Y Combinator’s Paul Graham and Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker for everyone to simmer down with valuations. But from what we can tell, any adjustment is going to take several months. For the very hottest late-stage companies like, growth investors don’t seem to be taking any heed from public market skepticism yet. I asked around about impact on different stages of the market and this is what I got: Secondary Markets 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web Illustration Christoph Niemann Writers/Editors Less Framework 4 I called Less Framework "a CSS grid system for designing adaptive websites". It was basically a fixed-width grid that adapted to a couple of then popular screen widths by shedding some of its columns. It also had matching typographic presets to go with it, built with a modular scale based on the golden ratio. The resources it was originally published with are still available on GitHub.

Useful Free Web UI Elements PSD Packs Everyone Likes Freebies, and when those freebies saves you a lot of time they surely become priceless and worth a mention, and we are here with a neat and useful roundup of all the web UI Elements every designer/web developer must download. Nothing more useful than saving some time which you were going to spend designing these. Need more? check out other GUI and PSD freebies. Know of any other freebies?

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