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5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning Transformation requires a journey for teachers toward great educational rewards for students. Knowing how to craft learning experiences that meld technology with the curriculum is key to crafting digital-age lessons. As digital tools are integrated seamlessly with sound pedagogical practice, a new classroom culture emerges. High-Tech Teaching in a Low-Tech Classroom Published Online: August 10, 2011 By Jennifer L. Barnett Annie’s Resource Attic » Blog Archive » Classroom Suite Detective Learn To Investigate Classroom Suite Activities Like A Detective! Intellitools Classroom Suite® is such a powerful application that you may wonder how you’ll ever learn all that it can do. The answer is, you can’t–but you really don’t need to learn everything to be a power user. You do need to know the basics of using the templates and saving activities. But after that, plan to learn new things at the point when you need to use them. This workshop will equip you with the strategies you need to be an efficient detective.

How do you set up a switch interface with the iPad? For some of us, accessing the iPad isn’t all that easy. People with physical impairments may need to consider alternative access methods such as a stylus, key guard or an alternate keyboard to name a few. For people who have limited mobility in their hands, they might consider using a switch.

Continuum of Engagement: From Compliant to Flow The Continuum of Engagement provides the characteristics of a learner as they move from being passive about learning to being in the flow. How do we know learners are engaged? Step up the ladder to see how a learner moves from compliant to flow so you can picture what it looks and sounds like in a classroom when learners start engaging in the learning process. If you walk in a classroom, you might be able to see and hear engagement or the lack of it. Compliant In a Compliant level, the teacher is probably following the curriculum and doing what they know or learned in their teacher education program. Earth Outreach Google Earth gives you the ability to tell your story in a more compelling way, taking users on a narrated tour through your map. As the guide, you can provide a voiceover, show pop-up balloons along the way, and fly users around the globe, creating a video-like experience. Since the tour is within Google Earth, users can pause at any time, explore the planet on their own, and pick up the tour again later. This tutorial will guide you through how to create a tour using the new KML Touring tools available in Google Earth 5.0 and above. Click here to explore a selection of Google Earth tours in your browser. In this exercise, we will create a tour of a Google Earth project using data from Jane Goodall Institute's Chimpanzee Blog.

Tech2Learn: Success Stories of Technology Integration in the Classroom Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Edutopia on Pinterest Health and Disability Apps for iPhone Android and Mobile Devices What is an App? An "app", also known as Application software or simply application, is defined as computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks. Mobile applications run on hand-held devices such as mobile phones (cell phones), personal digital assistants, and enterprise digital assistants. Handy Health and Disability Apps:

Part 5: 12 Tech Ideas and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Online Discussions Welcome to the fifth post in a series designed to support the use of technology for differentiated learning… in and beyond the PBL classroom. Before reading, please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. I promise you will find some great information coming your way in the posts that follow…So sign up now and please pass this on with a retweet. – Mike Gorman ( Free Flash Jeopardy Review Game The Instant Jeopardy Review Game has been designed and dramatically improved to make it the perfect review game for a wide variety of classroom uses. This tool is a fun and interactive way to review content in your classroom, meeting, conference, or other group setting. The new and improved version of the Jeopardy Review Game includes the following features:

Great App Review Checklists for Teachers The more apps I review here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning the better I become at recognizing and selecting the right educational apps to share with you. I have probably reviewed a little over 200 apps in the last couple of years but when I first started reviewing apps there were not many guidelines and checklists as is the case now. With the help of carefully crafted rubrics like the ones below, teachers can now follow a set of guidelines to select the apps that can work for them in their teaching. Parents too can use these checklists to sift through the piles and handpick the ones to give their kids. It is of paramount importance that you keep apps evaluative rubrics at your disposal to turn to whenever you want to recommend an app for your students .

Personalized Learning Isn't About Isolation Published Online: February 23, 2016 Published in Print: February 24, 2016, as Personalization Isn't About Isolation Commentary By Jennifer Carolan 21st Century Literacy Using Google Docs in the Class Video Tutorials on how to use Google tools in the classroom. Google Docs PowerPoint PresentationClick here to download Ways to use Google Docs in the ClassroomA lesson plan for introducing iGoogle in the classroom Tips for using Google Docs in the Classroom Crib Sheet for Google Docs 22 Great Ideas for Google Docs Extensive List of Free Tools A long list of free tools that can help you with technology implementation in the classroom.

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