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Autism Internet Modules

Autism Internet Modules

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ASHA - AAC and Speech Devices from PRC An annual ASHA CE Registry fee is required to register ASHA CEUs. ASHA CE Registry fees are paid by the participant directly to the ASHA National Office. The annual ASHA CE Registry fee allows registration of an unlimited number of ASHA CEUs for the calendar year. Alpha, Beta Brainwaves Differ in Those With Autism A new study shows that brain waves in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) differ from those in people without ASD. The findings show that ASD individuals exhibit fewer beta and alpha waves in certain regions of the brain as well as irregular patterns in the frontal lobe. Beta brainwaves are higher frequency waves that dominate when we feel alert, attentive, and are intensely focused. Alpha waves are slower frequency waves that are predominant during a waking restful state. For the study, researchers at the University of Malaysia Sarawak compared the brainwave patterns of ten individuals with ASD to those of ten typical individuals to see if they could identify any differences in brain waves among the participants with and without the disorder.

SA Life - Geocaching - a modern day treasure hunt! Right this moment, all over the world, in parks, suburban streets and even lonely corners of the wild, there are literally millions of treasures awaiting discovery. Geocaching - the tech-age love-child of orienteering and scavenger hunting – has taken a global hold, and it’s already in a location near you. Darren and his clan are addicted to the challenge. Darren: It’s a really good family activity. My eldest she loves the hikes, so rather than drive to a car park jump out and find the cache, she likes the ones where you have to walk for 10 minutes, up a hill.

National Stuttering Association The National Stuttering Association and StutterTalk podcast are excited to announce a new opportunity for speech-language professionals to earn continuing education units. Our joint course will be available for CEUs for approximately 6 months, free of charge, through the National Stuttering Association. How It Works: See what a kid with autism sees for 90 eye-opening seconds. ​Imagine everything you'd experience while strolling through a mall — the smells, the sights, the things to touch... Now imagine all of those feelings and sensations times, like, a hundred. It might sort of feel like this:

Sequential development of understanding maps Introduction A set of guidelines about children's ability to interpret maps is provided in this illustration. It also contains information showing the different elements of the understanding of maps, and the sequence of stages through which students' progress. Learning goals This illustration of practice is designed to help teachers improve their students' understanding of maps. The important pieces of information are presented in a list providing an overview of the sequential development of understandings by children as they progress in age and experience. LinguiSystems We believe your CEUs should be FREE! So, they are. We’ve added new courses and varied the formats (Online, Source® courses, and DVD for Groups presentations) to give you lots of learning options. Take them all! Each American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) approved course you take is practical and loaded with use-tomorrow strategies.

Experience 60 seconds of how it feels to live with autism. Certain things can drive me up a wall. Like the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet. Make it stop already! GIFs via the National Autistic Society/YouTube. Or deafening, nonstop police sirens outside my window that just. won't. quit. Nope, nope, nope.