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Vårt solsystem

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Digitprop - Paper design. Here is something for astronomy geeks: Our solar system as a DIY papercraft kit.

Digitprop - Paper design

The set contains all eight planets, sad little pluto who not too long ago got demoted to ‘dwarf planet’, and – of course – our home star, the sun. Each planet has its name, diameter, distance from the sun and mass printed on the bottom, which makes the whole set somewhat educational. Honestly, though, for my kids it just was a lot of fun tossing the planets around. Here are more details: First, the sun, wearing – wait for it – sunglasses. Next up – as sorted by orbital distance from the sun – is Mercury, who is a bit too close to the sun for his own good: Next is girly Venus: And the blue planet, Earth: Followed by grumpy Mars, the god of war: So much for the inner planets. And Saturn, complete with ring (actually, this is a ring system, consisting of more than 100,000 separate rings): Then we have freezing cold Uranus: And finally, here is Pluto, who is not exactly happy about his lost status as the ninth planet:

Untitled. Impact: Earth! 209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence. DIY Solar Oven from a repurposed cardboard box. Note: This DIY Solar Oven is a kids activity for experimental purposes only.

DIY Solar Oven from a repurposed cardboard box

The oven DOES work but eat your solar-cooked food at your own risk. It’s also important to note that this oven gets HOT so please supervise young children and take care when touching the glass bowl. Use a tea towel or oven mitt for safety. We’ve had a super-hot summer this year, apparently the hottest in recorded history. For our location this means more 40ºc+ days than I care to remember (and if you’re from the USA 40ºc = 104ºF).

A hot summer is not all bad though! How does it work? A solar oven works by catching sunlight using a reflector and reflecting it onto a black surface (we’ve used a black sheet of paper). Solar ovens slow-cook food on a low heat over a longer period of time than conventional ovens but they DO work. Planet Flip Book - Inspired Elementary. This next week at school is space week.

Planet Flip Book - Inspired Elementary

I created this planet flip book that is a fun way to introduce the order of the planets from the sun. This activity is simple and effective, all while pulling in some fine motor skills practice. To begin this activity, I introduced the sun and each planet, showing pictures and sharing interesting facts about each one. This post contains affiliate links to products I personally recommend. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. I hand drew the different sized circles to represent each planet. Another option, instead of using blank circles for the planets, is to use this freebie pre-made planet sheet and have students cut out each planet. Once the sun was cut out, we cut it in half to fit at the top of the flip book. After the sun and planets were all glued down in the correct order, we wrote the names of each plant behind the flaps (using a white crayon).

There are tons of great sites for finding fun facts about the plants. If planets were in the place of the moon... Solförmörkelse 2015 - Läs mer om solförmörkelsen i mars. Stjärnor och planeter (LättLäst) Stjärnor och planeter (LättLäst) Det finns en sol och 8 planeter i vårt solsystem.

Stjärnor och planeter (LättLäst)

Planeterna snurrar runt solen i banor. Planeterna ligger i den här ordningen: Merkurius, Venus, Jorden, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptunus. Tidigare fanns en planet till. Den hette Pluto. Det är solens dragningskraft som håller fast planeterna i deras banor. Solen är egentligen en stjärna. Gravitation En av de viktigaste naturkrafterna i universum är gravitationen. Samma kraft håller kvar månarna runt planeterna. Man vet inte riktigt hur gravitationen uppstår. Eftersom månen är mindre än jorden är gravitationen mindre. Här kan du räkna ut hur mycket du väger på andra

Astronauter Hur är livet som astronaut? För att kunna bli astronaut måste man ha nästan perfekt hälsa. Planetmemory. Solsystemet (Fysik) - Mellanstadiet. Solar System Scope. Sweden Solar System.