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17 Fun Games to Play in Spanish Class! 1. ARROZ CON PAN: Game of elimination played in a circle where the students chant “Arroz con pan (3x) y sal” then a number is called out and counted around the circle. 2. Greenfoot This tutorial will explain the basics of the Greenfoot interface, and interacting with Greenfoot. The Greenfoot interface This tutorial uses a scenario called 'wombats' which you can download here (it is also included in the example scenarios with Greenfoot versions before 2.4.0). Open the wombats scenario in Greenfoot; you should then see this: If you don't see the world, and the classes on the right have diagonal slashes over them, this is because the code is uncompiled.

Useful Resources Here you will find a collection of links to some free useful resources; they're listed in alphabetical order. The links open on a new tab or window. If you find this page useful, PLEASE tell other people about it - you can tweet, send it to Facebook, etc at the end of the page. Most of these resources have been used by me at one time or another, and the links will be constantly updated, so be sure to keep coming back! Feedback, as usual, will be much appreciated. Apps PsycINFO Discover the powerful interdisciplinary advantage of PsycINFO Explore the full breadth of research in the behavioral and social sciences with confidence. Focused on the interdisciplinary aspects of the worldwide behavioral and social science research and literature, PsycINFO is unmatched as a resource for locating scholarly research findings in psychology and related fields across a host of academic disciplines — from the historical to the cutting edge. Key benefits of PsycINFO Download a printable information sheet (PDF, 73KB) about PsycINFO to learn more.

Bubblin Superbooks It took over a thousand years and great sacrifice to figure out what the Solar System looks like; and how it works. Connecting the dots of events from the age of Ptolemy to the Copernican Revolution leading up to modern day astronomy, where we've only begun to discover new planetary systems and Earth-like exo-planets, this book is a quick and immersive journey to space. It is a glimpse of how our planetary system works, what the planets are made up of and how these massive bodies interact with each other gravitationally.

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Lesson Plans Identify ways animals (past and present) enhance daily life through a close look at an ancient figurine and art making. From cuneiform inscriptions to digital tablets, this lesson highlights changes and continuity in written communications across the ages. Help students understand the connections between art and the environment of Guinea, animal anatomy, and the cultural context of the Banda mask with the help of viewing questions and a dance activity in the Museum's African Art galleries. Students will be able to identify visual qualities of several calligraphic scripts; recognize ways artists from the Islamic world engage various scripts to enhance works of art supporting a range of functions; and assess the merits of several computer-generated fonts in supporting specific uses.

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