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UI Pattern Documentation Review Introduction User interface (UI) patterns have the potential to make software development more efficient. The prospect of such efficiency gains has led to interest in user interface (UI) patterns by individuals and organizations looking for ways to increase quality while at the same time reducing the costs associated with software development. SVG and CSS - Cascading Style Sheets It is possible to style your SVG shapes using CSS. By styling is meant to change the looks of the shapes. This can be stroke color and width, fill color, opacity and many other properties of your shapes. There are 6 ways to style the shapes in your SVG images. Each will be covered in this text.

Completely CSS: Custom checkboxes, radio buttons and select boxes Typically, forms are the most uninteresting, uninviting and inaccessible parts of the web. This is mainly due to the complexities that come with styling form elements, and overriding browser defaults. With a little extra markup, our form elements can be styled in almost any way, and be as accessible as we choose to make them - no JavaScript required. Note: The following tutorial is intended for beginners; if you want to get straight to the point, head to the demo and check out my codepen. Checkboxes and radio buttons

How to Acquire Customers: 19 "Traction" Channels to Start Testing Today How much of your time as an entrepreneur or member of a young company should be focused on acquiring customers versus developing your product or service? According to Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, the answer is 50%—split time evenly between building your product or service and bringing in new customers for it. That’s their argument in Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, a book based on Weinberg’s experience as the CEO and founder of search engine DuckDuckGo and Mares' time as the director of revenue at error tracking app maker Exceptional Cloud Services. UXmatters Authors For all of his 15-year design career, Steven has been documenting design process. He started designing for mobile full time in 2007 when he joined Little Springs Design. Steven’s work includes Designing by Drawing: A Practical Guide to Creating Usable Interactive Design, the O’Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces, and an extensive Web site providing mobile design resources to support his book. Steven has led projects on security, account management, content distribution, and communications services for numerous products, in domains ranging from construction supplies to hospital record-keeping. His mobile work has included the design of browsers, ereaders, search, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile banking, data communications, location services, and operating system overlays.

Man-PACK Classic 2.0 (Olive // Right Shoulder) - Man-PACK® Login for Price Product Description The Man-PACK® Classic 2.0 is a sling-style concealed carry pack. With a simple and stylish design, it's made from 600D Pack Cloth for superior durability and water resistance, and the large padded main compartment is big enough for iPads, Kindles and small laptops. The chest strap is adjustable with a quick release strap, and a multitude of pockets make it easy to carry everything you need, with a special compartment for a concealed firearm. Best of all - it can fit the Man-PACK® bulletproof insert to protect you while out in the wilderness.

Demo of a simple CRUD RESTful PHP service used with AngularJS and MySQL <?php require_once(""); class API extends REST { public $data = ""; Hamburgers by Jonathan Suh Table of Contents Usage Using Hamburgers for your site is easy (well, that was my intention anyway). Gmail mass email tips: Avoid the spammy look with the personalized touch Gmail contact groups are great for sending a single email message to a specific set of people, but what if you want to give each email a personal touch, such as with a newsletter or promotional offer? Unlike Microsoft Office, Google’s productivity suite doesn’t have a native mail-merge feature you can leverage to do this. But don’t sweat it: With a little help from Google Sheets and a free downloadable script, you can personalize bulk email messages in Gmail in minutes.

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