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Themes - Global Institute for Water Security Socio-hydrology is a new area of research that integrates people and their activities into water science. Our goal is to understand societal attitudes, relationships and values with respect to water security and facilitate active stakeholder engagement in GIWS work. Theme Objectives: Build relationships with stakeholder communities to develop a common understanding of their values and what they identify as threats to water security Understand divergent perspectives on the definition of water security and the major driving forces for future insecurity Assess the social and natural science questions deemed important by stakeholder communities and draw on local knowledge to inform the research Study societal response to water stress and to economic and policy instruments Inform policy options to address water uncertainty and impediments to effective water governance Pilot: A Collaborative Approach to Defining Water Security in the Saskatchewan River Basin

Ph.D. Program « CED 4 The doctoral program in “Model Based Public Planning, Policy Design and Management” is focused on applying System Dynamics modeling to foster a learning-oriented approach in public sector performance management, for the design and implementation of sustainable policies. The program is run in English. By attending the program, students will learn how system dynamics modeling and simulation can support collaborative governance, to manage ‘wicked’ social issues and to pursue sustainable community outcomes. The program has a focus on Dynamic Performance Management.

GEF Introduction Seminar 2015 Evaluation Form: Schedule and Presentations Tuesday January 20, 2015 08:30 Breakfast Served SPREP - Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme The position of Environmental Assessment and Planning Officer (EAPO) addresses the following Key Result Areas: Capacity building, training and awareness-raisingTechnical supportRegional support and coordinationCommunication, partnership development and stakeholder engagementWork plan development, monitoring and reporting Qualifications Essential 1. Minimum qualifications of a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning or other relevant technical field Knowledge / Experience Essential 2.

Urban Sewage Treatment This course will focus on basic technologies for the treatment of urban sewage. Unit processes involved in the treatment chain will be described as well as the physical, chemical and biological processes involved. There will be an emphasis on water quality and the functionality of each unit process within the treatment chain. After the course one should be able to recognise the process units, describe their function and make simple design calculations on urban sewage treatment plants. Introduction to Land Management Have you ever asked yourself what role land plays in front of demographic change, globalization or climate change? Did you ever consider the connectivity between poverty and land access or changing land values? If you want to delve more deeply into these complex and fascinating issues, take part in our MOOC course, “Introduction Land Management.”

PhD Program in Science & Policy : Global Waternet - Water jobs Water jobs PhD Program in Science & Policy 24 Sep 2017 Employer: ETH Job location: Zurich Switzerland Job location Job description Introduction Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice Monday 22 January 2018 - Friday 26 January 2018 Convening Space, Institute of Development Studies Why attend? Participatory Action Research (PAR) engages people in communities as agents of change. Kursübersicht Climate change exists. The first signs of change are clearly evident. Extreme weather conditions around the world are becoming increasingly frequent and the Arctic ice is disappearing. The temperature increase can be felt in our everyday lives. These and other phenomena will intensify and have a more or less drastic effect on our living conditions.

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