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Cass bird: advertising. The Painterly Photographs Of Dean West. Australian-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Dean West is best known for his highly staged, saturated photographs that are as cinematic as they are painterly.

The Painterly Photographs Of Dean West

“To recreate the scene of the girl on the balcony, that was like seven days of driving to find the one space that felt as close to that memory as possible.”Drawing inspiration from a Hockney-esque, hyper-stylised Hollywood aesthetic, West meticulously recreates his photographs from memory, a lengthy process which can take up to a year per image. “To recreate the scene of the girl on the balcony (‘St. Pete Beach, 2016’), that was like seven days of driving to find the one space that felt as close to that memory as possible,” said West in a recent interview. Presented alongside the ‘Painted Photographs’ (2015-2020) series is another earlier series West worked on in collaboration with renowned LEGO® artist, Nathan Sawaya. David McLeod. Kourtney Roy Photography. Stefano Cerio - Visual Artist.


Archi. Art. Portrait. Still life/macro. Rich Stapleton. Projects by Lightning + Kinglyface. Home. Whales & dolphins. More Than Human - Tim Flach. Webber Represents — Greg White — On The Road. Home : Björn Árnason. Journal / Cereal Magazine. Our London guidebook is now available to order.

Journal / Cereal Magazine

The guide features a discerning edit of our favourites places, alongside an extensive photo essay of the city, personal essays from Londoners we admire, a neighbourhood map, as well as a section of additional recommendations: EYEMADE REPRESENTS ISABELLE BONJEAN \ COSMETICS. Isabelle Bonjean was born in 1965 in Paris, where she lives, works and raises her three daughters.


Her photography covers a variety of domains including still life, jewellery, beauty and cosmetics, conceptual photography and interiors. Isabelle's work can be defined as avant-garde, modern and refined. James Wojcik Photography. James Wojcik is an accomplished still life photographer working in editorial and advertising in both online and traditional media.

James Wojcik Photography

Mr. Wojcik graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1981 with a B.F.A. in Photography, is based in New York City and has worked with clients in major image capitals globally. His compelling photos have appeared in media such as Vogue, Vogue Brasil, Italian Vogue Gioiello, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, French Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Teen Vogue, Allure and Time Magazine to illustrate stories ranging from food to beauty, fashion to finance, technology to teenagers. Mr. Jed Root - Photographers - Andreas Sjodin - Portfolio. Ham and Juice - studio de création spécialisé dans la communication. Galerie de RagtimeWillie. Jesse Frohman. Paul Lepreux - Photographer. Julien Pacaud. Andy J. Scott - Photographer & Director - Los Angeles, California. Jodie Herbage Photography - Home. Hans FEURER - Photographer - Official website. Making Pictures. MACIEK KOBIELSKI STUDIO. Diane Sagnier.

Georgia Kokolis Photography. Carissa Gallo. Sagmeister & Walsh - Work. Sagmeister & Walsh - Work Sagmeister & Walsh NewsletterSubscription Navigate Home Work Answers Press About Us News/Blog Store t f B l w s Deitch Book Jewish Museum Identity New York Festivals Trophy Columbia Abstract 2012/13 Function Engineering Jay Z x Barneys Aizone TAKE IT ON SVA Posters Standard Chartered Commercial Columbia Abstract 2011/12 The Happy Show Traffic to Nowhere Casa da Musica Identity Limited Edition Film Packaging Adobe 24 Hours Ashley Bickerton Book.

Sagmeister & Walsh - Work

Felix Brüggemann. Beatrice Heydiri / Karina Bednorz, Fotografen. William Abranowicz. Conniezhou. Cass bird. Home. Nick Meek. Adrian Gaut. Kevin Griffin. ANGELA AND ITHYLE. Andrés Medina. Photography ………………………………… Niebla Del latín Nebûla This is an emotional work, and in a way romantic as well, a way of seeing desolate landscapes populated by the mist.

Andrés Medina

Places located halfway between the city and its periphery, blank spaces with an absolute absence of human presence, but full of memories for me, as an attempt to question my questions. I consider this work as a phase of my emotional state, and the moments I took these pictures were a means of expression. Watch the fanzine video. Este trabajo es una mirada emotiva y por otro lado romántica a unos paisajes desolados por la niebla. Ver vídeo del fanzine Proyecto personal. Jennifer Zwick. Déco/lifestyle. Andrea Galvani. David Sykes. Marija Ivkovic. Nikki Graziano. Lee Price. Little People. Matthew Porter. Katrin Korfmann. Lori Nix. Sylvain Homo. Josef Schulz. Mark Menjivar. Lori Nix. Robert Voit. Effet photo.