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Animals Being Dicks

Animals Being Dicks

Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky Bill Gates is the Sperminator - Posted: 2/24/2012 - Commentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger What do you call a guy who is obsessed with destroying human sperm and depopulating the planet? The Sperminator, of course. Much like the Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies, the Sperminator is a highly-intelligent death machine that seeks to use high technology to destroy humanity's future. Application for a night out - his'n'hers Funny Shit Funny Shit (home) → genderwar → Application for a night out - his'n'hers Application for a night out - his'n'hers → Check out more Funny Shit

Koreus Naughty Bits Note to responsible parental units: Hide ya' kids! Hide ya' wife! Today's post is rated PG! Here's a behind-the-wreckage tidbit for ya: when you send in your submissions, they get labeled according to what you think is wrong with them. Britain is our bitch, says Goldman Sachs Don't make Lloyd Blankfein teach you no goddamn lesson, muthafucka The investment bank said it did not want none of our smart-mouthed bullshit and we better pony up with the green or we be hurting real bad. Looking so fine in its new coat, Goldman Sachs added: “Those muthafuckas at HMRC know who’s da shit. “They don’t be disrespectin’ my balance sheet with all tax and shit. They see me in ma muthafuckin’ Mercedes all pimped and rockin’ and they know who da man is.

textfromdog.tumblr Niou Taiknolog1e Timothy Allen - Photographer & Filmmaker Pembrokeshire, Wales Home is where the harp is I am sitting in a remote mud hut discussing ‘Big Brother’. Next to me an open fire radiates its welcoming orange cast, tinging all but the brilliant whites of the scene outside, trees freshly dusted with an icy coat of late January powder.

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