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TES - Find and sell teaching resources

TES - Find and sell teaching resources

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50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out - Getting Smart by Guest Author - “50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out” by Julie DeNeen first appeared on the informED blog. Maybe you don’t have time to sit down and sift through the latest education blogs for ideas and inspiration. If the thought of trying to carve out more hours in your day leaves you feeling overwhelmed, this list is for you. Podcasts are a great way to get information when you’re driving in your car, making dinner at home, or waiting at the DMV to renew your license. Podcasts don’t force you to find more time in your day; they give you the opportunity to capitalize on all the dead time that already exists in your day by simply downloading the .mp3 or syncing a podcast to your iTunes account on your smartphone.

clil & ict - History Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach. Get it on the web or iPad! London Top 10 Sights - Explore the Highlights Explore the Top 10 Sights London belongs to the most popular destinations for city trips. Among the long list of reasons for that you will find at the top the long history, unique antique and modern artworks, the international reputation and of course the wealth of tourist attractions. 5 Ways to Make Art on the First Day of School The first few days of school can be tough. Students are still being dropped and added to your classes, making it difficult to teach content. Many of your students’ other classes are going over rules, procedures, and syllabi. Usually, when students get to class you can see the boredom coming from their faces. Sure, it’s important to go over rules and procedures, but does it have to be on the very first day of school?

E-CLIL Games Welcome to the UWS E-CLIL Games Engine. The UWS e-CLIL Games Engine has been developed to provide teachers of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with an easy-to-use tool that will allow them to create simple educational games in one or more languages that their students can play online. Games created by teachers are freely available for other teachers to use and adapt to suit their own teaching purposes. Teachers can select the games that they want their students to play from the growing list of games that the platform will support. The UWS e-CLIL Games Engine has two main sites: For Students: Smartphones & Learning possibilities in the EFL class Some data on mobile usage growth 21st century classroom infographic Six hours a day. That’s how much time the average teenager spends online, according to a June 2013 study by McAfee. These are “digital natives,” a generation that has grown up online and connected. source: Forbes,2/28/2014 Mobile devices & Learning purpose

ART - The 1st Language: ART ONE Focus on Composition, Simple Depth, Color Mixing, Color Scheme 4 practice sheets including value scales and 3/D sphere on white and colored paper / colored fruit 3/D value using only Y. R. B. / horizontal depth scape with borders, 100% color mixing, color scheme, 3D value3 small sketches of your final ideasone on one TEACHER APPROVALno smaller than 9x12 white or colored papermust have a planned COLOR SCHEME that communicates a feeling, mood or idea3/D VALUE2/3 of the paper must be covered with color OR less than 1/3 white space or it will be considered incompleteALL -----100% of the color must be mixed color / use no color straight from the pencil Colored Pencil Society of America / Links for contests and Online Exhibition Contest Winners in Colored Pencil Federal Duck Stamp Program

Guide to the OER (Open Educational Resources) for CLIL in primary schools - Clil To use the hyperlinks of this report, you have to unzip the file using the “extract here” command: you have to mantein the same directory structure contained in the zipfile. The Guide to OERs for CLIL in Primary Schools – ZipFile 22 MB If you have not an unzip software installed in your computer, you can download the open source 7-zip software here.

Love Stories for Learners in Simple English (Stories, Glossary, Exercises, Answer Key) Here you can find beautiful stories in simple English for you to read, download and practice. Read interesting stories and improve your English at the same time. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses The following stories are suitable for students at an advanced reading level. Each story comes with the following sections:

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