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Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man (with subtitles) - YouTube

Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man (with subtitles) - YouTube

The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them) | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… You might want to see our book excerpt, Eight Ways to Use Video With English Language Learners I’ve written a guest post for Edutopia titled 5-Minute Film Festival: 8 Videos for ELL Classrooms. Check Out my related New York Times post The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2015 – So Far Movies and television shows can be an effective tool for teaching and learning English (or, for that matter, any academic subject) if used strategically and not as a “babysitting” device. I thought it might be useful to prepare a “The Best…” list resources that teachers might find useful related to using video in the ESL/EFL classroom. Before I list specific movies or shows, I’ll begin by some ideas, and sites, where you can get more recommendations on how to use video in the classroom. I’ve hardly ever shown a video clip for more than ten minutes during one class period. You might also be interested in The Best Movie Scenes To Use For English-Language Development. Here are my picks: Related

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (A Capella Cover) Erasmus + What’s on your mind? | Film English This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Shaun Higton and the theme of Facebook. Students practise vocabulary related to social media, watch a short film, and talk about Facebook. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Learner type:Teens and adults Time: 60 minutes Activity: Vocabulary work, watching a short film, and speaking Topic: Facebook Language: Vocabulary related to social media. Materials: Short film, vocabulary worksheet and discussion questions Downloadable materials: what’s on your mind lesson instructions social media vocabulary social media discussion questions Support Film English Film English remains free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. Step 1 Give the students the social media vocabulary worksheet. Step 2 Step 3 Show the film.

Boys in the street The boys are playing games on their mobile devices - smartphones and a tablet computer. They don't seem to be interested in what is going on around them, even though they must be in a sort of an ancient city. It's probably summer, because the boys and the girls are wearing light clothes: shorts, sandals, flip-flops and T-shirts. In this photo I can see some boys and two girls. There are an empty pizza box and a can of Coke next to the boys, so they must have had their meal after an exhausting walk around the city. The boys are sitting in front of an iron gate, between two columns. This photo must have been taken in a city street, as we can see a front of a building and a part of a pavement. Do you like travelling with friends who are the same age as you? Tell me about the last time you or somebody you know went on a school trip. What do you think the boys are going to do next?

Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups: Body Language There is always space for discussions on body language. These two scenes are perfect to warm the topic up. Besides, they are fun scenes. A. Read the definition for body language Body language copied from Wikipedia: It is a form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions and movements. Humans send and interpret such signals subconsciously. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Answers will vary from culture to culture, but these are the expected answers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. D. 1. 2. 3.

ESL Activities, Using English Songs, Music Activities for TEFL Teachers Fun Games For ESL - ESL Printable, Interactive Fun Games Pronunciation & Intonation: Teach English pronunciation using printable worksheets, IPA Charts, and more>> Speaking Activities: Using these worksheets, you can get a number of communicative activities going Reading Exercises -Printable Text Mazes, Reading Comprehension printable exercises Matching & Collocation Exercises- Printable Matching & Collocation Exercises Lesson Plan Resources for ESL Adults classes. Worksheet Templates: Easily customize activities according to the lesson plan of the day using our free board game templates, writing templates Survival English & Business English: English for travels worksheets, Powerpoint and other lesson plan resources - Students Survival English self-study. Theme or Topic Worksheets : Plan your lesson around a theme with ready made pintables. ESL Writing Exercises/Worksheets : Printable worksheets to teach esl writing Quizzes & Cloze Exercise: Printable quizzes, cloze & gap fill exercises.

984 FREE Movie Worksheets for Your ESL Classroom Let’s face it: Even the most enthusiastic ESL class sometimes goes through dull periods. No matter how much you switch up the activities and topics, there’s only so much English that your students can absorb at any one time. Still, that limit is sometimes a lot higher than your students believe it is - and the genuine exhaustion caused by a challenging topic, is very different from boredom that comes from too much repetition. When your students are just plain bored of board work, that’s when it’s time to break out one of your “emergency” activities - the ones you know will raise your class’s mood. You’ve probably got some go-to activities of your own - but it never hurts to add some new ones to your arsenal. But that’s not the only reason these 1,027 worksheets are handy. How do we know these worksheets work? Ready to find a worksheet for your class? So take a look at what we have to offer.