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Sacred Sex. For further contact with others who are interested in sacred sexuality, you might enjoy subscribing to the usenet newsgroup alt.magick.tantra.

Sacred Sex

It is a low-traffic group where long-time practitioners and newcomers can frankly discuss everything from meditational Hindu Tantra Yoga and Asatru sex worship to karezza and Crowleyian sex-magick. Karezza Techniques. By catherine yronwode The illustration on this page is a Thai penis amulet from the pages of the Lucky W Amulet Archive.

Karezza Techniques

The physical techniques of karezza, as propounded by Alice Bunker Stockham and others in her circle, are designed to teach control of the orgasm response in both men and women, for the purposes of physical pleasure, partnership bonding, better health, and spiritual benefit. What sets karezza apart from traditional religious teachings such of tantra yoga is that karezza method applies equally to both partners in the relationship, whether they are a man and a woman, two men, or two women. Stockham was not the first or the only Westerner to advocate a non-religious form of sacred sex.

Other 19th century variants of "tantra" include John Humphrey Noyes' "Male Continence;" "the Anseiratic Mysteries" of Paschal Beverly Randolph; "Magnetation," a name proposed by Stockham's follower John William Lloyd; A. 3) Orgasm must be under volitional control. Sacred Sex. Altered States. Ἰδιούμαι. Esoterica. Esoteric Endeavors. Spirits Align. Transcendence. Nu et Nut. Love and Passion in Tantric Buddhist Art. Notwithstanding the fact that the Buddha essence is non-polar, Buddhist iconographers use sexual polarity to symbolize the twin concepts of insight and compassion.

All goddesses are symbols of insight and the gods represent compassion. The union of compassion and insight symbolizes the non-polarized state of bodhicitta, or the mind of enlightenment, which is represented visually by showing two deities engaged in sexual union. Tibetans characterize such images as yab-yum, which literally means father-mother; in Sanskrit the expression is yuganaddha (pair united). This sexual metaphor is also used to denote the highest stage of yoga in which there is no polarity, no discrimination, and the truth is indivisible as the vajra itself. It may be added parenthetically that while such images, whether statues or paintings, are today much sought after by collectors and boldly displayed in museums, in Tibet they were always meant to be seen only by the initiated. . . . . . . . . . .

Guhyasamaja in Yab-Yum. The painting portrays the figure of Guhyasamaja Akshobhyavajra in secret union with his consort Sparshavajra or Adhiprajna.

Guhyasamaja in Yab-Yum

Guhyasamaja, associated with the Buddha Akshobhya, is the most ancient and fundamental Tantra of Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism. Padmavajra in his work Guhyasiddhi cites it under the name of Shrisamaja as the most authoritative. In this all the components of the Five Tathagatas, mudra, kula, prajna, their colours and directions, form and meaning were clearly systematized. Akshobhyavajra is dark blue in colour as distinct from the light blue complexion of his consort, with three faces, which are white, dark blue and red, and six arms. The original hands crossed against the breast hold a vajra and ghanta which express phenomenal polarities. Home Page - ISTA. Tantra, Tantrisme. Le Tantrisme Très connu par son nom mais incompris dans son contenu, le tantrisme est une voie mystique hindouiste qui vient du fond des âges.

Tantra, Tantrisme

Si la légende rapporte que le tantrisme fut enseigné par Shiva à son épouse Parvati, la réalité laisse penser que cette voie provient de la rencontre de divers courants taoïstes chinois et d’anciennes pratiques védantiques et chamaniques de l’Inde. Le tantrisme utilise les outils habituels des différents yogas, c'est-à-dire les asanas (postures), mudras (sceau), mantras, visualisations, méditations etc.

Cependant la philosophie et les expérimentations sont différentes de celles du courant védantique. Leçon T1 - Le tantra yoga. De: Yogani Date: Dimanche 25 janvier 2004.

Leçon T1 - Le tantra yoga

Tantric Yoga Technique for Sexual Mastery. Tantra for Women. Home - Tantra for women. 20 Reasons to Make Love Endlessly with Continence. Sexual pleasure is not reduced only to a very pleasant but very short sensation.

20 Reasons to Make Love Endlessly with Continence

It can be more then that and it is possible only through understanding and accomplishing permanently lovemaking with continence. What is continence? Continence implies sexual contact without ejaculation while attaining an endless number of orgasms by both lovers (at the same time or separately). Sexual continence assumes fully conscious control over the sexual functions of the man or woman. Hence, this method to live the erotic act does not finalize through ejaculation for the man or through explosive discharge of the creative specific potential for the woman. Society: Sexuality: Sacred Sexuality. Mettre la sexualité au service de la nature supérieure « Conscience Quantique. Tantra: Gateway to Ecstasy. Tantra et sexualité sacrée. Plusieurs philosophies orientales considèrent la sexualité comme un élément fondamental du développement intégral de l’individu.

Tantra et sexualité sacrée

Son action se ferait sentir sur tous les plans : physique, psychologique, émotif et spirituel. Dans ce contexte, la sexualité est considérée comme sacrée. Les dimensions masculine et féminine représentent alors des forces énergétiques complémentaires, et c'est la fusion de la polarité mâle avec la polarité femelle qui permet d'atteindre l’extase et le « sacré ». Le sacré dont il est question ici est le sentiment de participer à la grande danse de l'existence, d'être en connexion intime et aimante avec tout ce qui vit. Éveil et extase par le tantra En Occident, grâce à l'arrivée des pratiques spirituelles orientales depuis la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle, des centaines de milliers de personnes ont découvert non seulement la méditation et le yoga, mais aussi ces points de vue inattendus sur la sexualité.

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