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English-Zone.Com Gloser og grammatik | 111 variation Her kommer en lille samling af links som alle har med glose- eller grammatiktræning at gøre. På Shepperd software kan du finde en mindre række grammatikspil som kan bruges til at træne grundlæggende ordklasser på engelsk, mest velegnet til starten af 1. g. Men der er også en enkelt øvelse som er velegnet til introduktionen af kommatering på engelsk. Daily Writing Tips blogger rigtig tit nyttige gloselister, som kan bruges til at sætte fokus på sproglig nuancering i engelsk. På siden om 50 coolest onlinetools for word nerds finder du masser af link til programmer og småspil der kan bruges i glosearbejdet. Hvis du gerne vil arbejde med at visualisere gloser eller udtryk kan du måske prøve vizlingo af.

Google Create Dictations Now Dictation also available for your favorite device with HTML5 This activity is a dictation, therefore it consists in writing exactly the text that we are given. It is important, while you are dictating, to give details of the punctuation marks (like comas, full stops, question marks, etc.) so that the correction can be exact and also to avoid any kind of misunderstandings. When we define the dictation, we introduce the title and configure some correction options: Sensitive at capital letters.Sensitive at accents.Sensitive at skips of the line.Number of attempts. Once these parameters are configured, you have to write the sentences of the new dictation correctly. Finally, the written sentences are recorded, sentence by sentence, so that each of them can be repeated if necessary. Do you like "Dictation" activities? Look for all the Dictation activities that other users from the web have created in the Dictations Gallery. Do you want to create Dictation activities?

Film i undervisningen | 111 variation I dag vil jeg lige præsentere et par links til film og filmsites du måske synes du kan bruge i din undervisning. Ja, de fleste hører nok til engelskundervisningen, men der er også dokumentarfilm fra andre sprogområder på Documentary Heaven, og Grockit kan bruges i alle fag der bruger Youtube en gang imellem. Documentary Heaven er stor samling af (ikke så mærkeligt!) dokumentarfilm, og mon ikke der er én om lige netop det emne du er i gang med. Det samme er der på og Documentarytube.Snagfilms er ligeledes spækket med undervisningsfilm. Kalinago English giver her et bud på 10 mundtlige øvelser i forbindelse med brugen af film i undervisningen – helt uden forberedelse. En anden video du måske kan bruge i engelskundervisningen, er denne temmelig sjove video af Ali G (a.k.a. På grockit har du mulighed for at lave spørgsmål og svar direkte i en youtube-video.

Tar Heel Reader | Books for beginning readers of all ages 15 ideer til at aktivere hurtige elever | 111 variation På Facebook-gruppen for engelskundervisere så jeg et spørgsmål der drejede sig om hvordan man aktiverer de elever som bliver hurtigere færdige end andre elever. Altså, hvilke små (kontekstrelevante?) øvelser kan man sætte disse elever til at lave mens de andre elever bliver færdige. Nu var det i engelskgruppen jeg så spørgsmålet, så engelsk er mit udgangspunkt, men nogle af øvelserne må kunne være relevante for andre (sprog)fag også. Og jeg har prøvet at dele forslagene ind i to kategorier: Som pause fra grammatikøvelser, og som pause fra tekstlæsning (fx arbejdsspørgsmål). Det giver ikke helt mening kun at skelne sådan, men det hjalp mig med det kontekstrelevante selvom nogle af ideerne selvfølgelig kan bruges i begge tilfælde hvis ikke øvelsen behøver at ligge direkte i forlængelse af den opgave eleven er blevet færdig med. Her kommer mine 15 forslag. Det er grammatikøvelser, eleven er hurtigt færdig med 4) Skriv fejlsætninger til dine klassekammerater.

Quotations - Documentation is important in an essay. Use quotations from the text you are writing about in your analysis and interpretation. This strengthens your argument and helps persuade the reader. Quotations must be completely accurate and in "quotation marks". They must also be incorporated into your own sentences. If, for the purpose of syntax, you have to change a small detail in the quotation, use [square brackets]. Example: According to "Documentation is important in an essay." The quotations above are accurate They are in "quotation marks" They are incorporated into the sentences [Square brackets] are used when the quotations are changed [Square brackets] are used when something is omitted The quotations are commented upon NB! Example: Port William is described as a small town that is more or less undeveloped: " hardly deserved to be called a road."

Between the World and Me Between the World and Me is a 2015 book written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and published by Spiegel & Grau. It is written as a letter to the author's teenage son about the feelings, symbolism, and realities associated with being Black in the United States. Coates recapitulates American history and explains to his son the "racist violence that has been woven into American culture." Coates draws from an abridged, autobiographical account of his youth in Baltimore, detailing the ways in which institutions like the school, the police, and even "the streets" discipline, endanger, and threaten to disembody Black men and women. The work takes inspiration from James Baldwin's 1963 The Fire Next Time. Novelist Toni Morrison wrote that Coates filled an intellectual gap in succession to James Baldwin. Publication[edit] Coates was inspired to write Between the World and Me following a 2013 meeting with sitting United States President Barack Obama. Summary[edit] Reception[edit] Hardcover, English.

7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine #3. Here's What Scares ISIS Obviously, Dabiq is propaganda. exactly did you think all those refugees are refugeeing from? Earlier this year, 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi's body washed up on shore after his boat from Egypt sank. There was more clear evidence of this in the third issue of Dabiq, which concluded an article full of advice for people looking to join the Islamic State with these warnings: "Keep in mind that the Khilafah is a state whose inhabitants and soldiers are human beings ... not infallible angels. Come on, guys! Another major issue vexing ISIS is the difficulty of getting enough qualified specialists (doctors, mechanics, urban planners) to run their "state." ISIS"Filled with the finest equipment blood money can buy." But while the article functions as propaganda for how great ISIS is at being a modern state, the last paragraph of that article reveals some desperation: "This should be received as a wake-up call for the many Muslim students. ... #2. #1.

A climate change poem for today: A Language of Change by David Sergeant | Environment ‘as late capitalism writhed in its internal decision concerning whetherto destroy Earth’s biosphere or change its rules’– Kim Stanley Robinson We’re sat by the ocean and thiscould be a love poem; but that lullaby murdererrefuses each name I give itand the icebergs seep into our sandwiches,translated by carbon magic. And even this might beto say too much. 'Our melting, shifting, liquid world': celebrities read poems on climate change | Environment I am here, at the scene of a breaking; broken bits, the metaphor of crushed paradise; forested history of burning; a trace element version of heritage. Ex-colliery lands where the mines were part of the lung. Radstock. 1794. Coleridge is crossing a boundary to his lyric field; by counter-spirit. Old Pit is open: boys and men mine its difficult, faulted, folded vein in the dark; their candles opening limited allowance of light. Today’s halo, our luminescence: the sun. Bright flat walls; shadows in corners. Under new roads, coal is unviable; forces of earth press old roadways shut. How much carbon dioxide has breathed through? Carting boys have lived and gone. Whole lives burned their taper in winning coal. I make the metaphor: a word is a lump of coal, locked-in energy of an example. This piece is dense with experience: as it burns, it disappears. Its carbon harness, stripped off and bonded by fire to oxygen and air: two wings of dioxide’s light and buoyant paraphernalia. you see the coalfields of Somerset.