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Babelio - Vos livres en ligne - Connectez vos bibliothèques

Babelio - Vos livres en ligne - Connectez vos bibliothèques

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On-line gallery A portrait of the Infanta Margarita, daughter of Felipe IV (1605-1665), surrounded by her servants or “family” in a hall of Madrid’s Alcázar Palace. This, the most famous of Velázquez’s works, offers a complex composition built with admirable skill in the use of perspective, the depiction of light, and the representation of atmosphere. There have been innumerable interpretations of this subject and later references to it. The most numerous emphasize a defense of the nobility of painting versus craft. Velázquez portrays himself, painting the painting itself, on the left of the canvas, thus affirming the supremacy of the art of painting. The Infanta Margarita (1651-1673), wears white and appears in the center of the composition, surrounded by her ladies in waiting, the “meninas” María Agustina de Sarmiento and Isabel de Velasco, along with two court buffoons, María Bárbola and Nicolasito Pertusato, and a mastiff.

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Cambridge - Faculty of English - Ph.D. The Ph.D is a research degree, examined, usually after three or more years of research, by a dissertation of up to 80,000 words. The criteria for obtaining the degree are that the dissertation represent a 'substantial contribution to knowledge' and that it also represent a realistic amount of work for three years' study. Candidates work closely with their supervisors, who will usually be assigned to them at the start of the course. It is possible to change supervisors with minimal formality, and it is often desirable to do so as the research project develops. The Faculty of English makes every attempt to ensure continuity of supervision so that graduate students are able to complete their programmes under the guidance of the supervisor with whom they begin.

Green Fiji framework THE government made a bold move on June 13 this year when it launched its green growth framework (GGF). It was a step into the untried, untested and largely unknown in policy making. But the objectives were noble, and the intentions profound. One must wait and see what the results will be. The idea of green growth is not new. Thomas Vander Wal Thomas Vander Wal. Thomas Vander Wal is an information architect best known for coining the term "folksonomy".[1] He is also known for initiating the term "infocloud".[2] His work has primarily dealt with the Web and with information design and structure especially in the context of social technology. Personal[edit] Vander Wal attended high school at Lincoln High School in Stockton (California, USA), then went on to get his BA in communication at Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga.

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Yoruba literature Yoruba literature is the spoken and written literature of the Yoruba people, the largest ethno-linguistic group in Nigeria, and in Africa. The Yorùbá language is spoken in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, as well as in dispersed Yoruba communities throughout the world. Writing[edit] Mythology[edit] Resilience 2014: Limits revisited? Planetary boundaries, justice and power - STEPS By Melissa Leach, IDS Director In 1972 Meadows et al’s Limits to Growth made scientific and policy waves, as its ‘World3’ model predicted the end of growth and prosperity as rising, consuming populations ran up against resource limits. In critique, SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research) at the University of Sussex offered alternative models predicting that human ingenuity and innovation would overcome scarcities.