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Earn to die (le jeux de zombi 1 et 2 ) Anthony Atala. Anthony Atala, M.D., is the W.H.

Anthony Atala

Boyce Professor and Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and Chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina.[1] Regenerative medicine is "a practice that aims to refurbish diseased or damaged tissue using the body's own healthy cells. " [1] Biography[edit] Atala was born in Peru in 1958,[2] grew up in Coral Gables, Florida.[1] Atala attended the University of Miami and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology.[2] He went to medical school at the University of Louisville where he also completed his residency in urology.

He was a fellow at the Harvard Medical School affiliated Children's Hospital Boston from 1990-1992 where he trained under world renowned pediatric urologic surgeons Alan Retik and Hardy Hendren. Aside from his groundbreaking research, Atala also tends to clinical and administrative responsibilities. Sciences. Danse. Vidéos fun. Calligraphie. La plus vieille énigme de l'Humanité ( Fayard) Etude: Les premiers artistes de l'Humanité étaient des femmes - Savoirs. Les manuels d'histoire étaient jusqu'ici formels: les magnifiques fresques rupestres que l'on trouve notamment dans les grottes de Lascaux, en France, ont été peintes par des hommes.

Etude: Les premiers artistes de l'Humanité étaient des femmes - Savoirs

Probablement des chasseurs qui racontaient et valorisaient ainsi leurs parties de chasse. Hic: une étude vient de paraître et contredit ce qui était jusqu'ici acquis. Elle démontre en effet que les femmes étaient sans doute les premières artistes de l'Humanité. L’archéologue Dean Snow, de l'Université de Pennsylvanie, est arrivé à la conclusion, dans le journal American Antiquity, que 75% des peintures de bisons, mammouths, chevaux et autres cerfs capturés par des hommes, avaient été réalisées par la gent féminine préhistorique, rapporte le National Geographic.

Longueur et écartement des doigts Pour étayer sa théorie, le chercheur s'est appuyé sur les empreintes des mains que l'on retrouve un peu partout dans les grottes préhistoriques du monde entier. Pour le chercheur, ce n'est pas une surprise. Babelio - Vos livres en ligne - Connectez vos bibliothèques. Maria Callas "Casta diva" - Vidéo Ina. Recherche documentaire. Sciences humaines. Littérature. Arts.

Extract system^2. Techno woman. Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD] Ballet triádico 1970_Parte 3_Negra.m4v. 森の木琴. Daft Punk - Digital Love. 126px-700px-Tumblr_m8prmi1x8o1qzlgkno1_1280. Stampa 3D online e complementi per la stampa 3D. La guida ai software per la stampa 3d - Stampa 3D Italia.

For 3D Printing. Transatlanticism. eVa's_world fantasmatics. "Il était une fois...

eVa's_world fantasmatics

" les contes. 2D snake. 3D woodway. L'histoire (Mashup) eVa in wood of trees of life.

"écologie" de_l'esprit

MAKER. Elective Summer School Courses. Use the inspiring city of Cambridge as a playground of visual stimulation and learn to photograph landscape, portraits of friends, nature and life in action.

Elective Summer School Courses

Use the art of photography to communicate, tell a story or advertise a product. Student taking pictures The digital photography summer school course teaches the fundamentals in a fun, informative and inspirational way. Summer students work with a professional tutor and learn the skills needed to capture, edit and produce quality photographs. Mathematical Puzzles. These puzzles (most of them old classics) from various sources can be used with pupils who finish classwork early.

Mathematical Puzzles

Most of the questions were chosen with enthusiastic, bright early teenagers in mind. Some of the puzzles are also appropriate for class work - an initial worked example on the board will help a lot. There are a few trick questions. Some questions can be quickly answered if you chance upon the right approach, but the 'long' solution isn't too arduous. Several of the questions are best answered by writing a computer program. Flash Giovani - Il portale per i giovani a Bologna. Tutorials – Color Perception. Color can only exist when three components are present: a viewer, an object, and light.

Tutorials – Color Perception

Although pure white light is perceived as colorless, it actually contains all colors in the visible spectrum. When white light hits an object, it selectively blocks some colors and reflects others; only the reflected colors contribute to the viewer's perception of color. The human eye senses this spectrum using a combination of rod and cone cells for vision. Rod cells are better for low-light vision, but can only sense the intensity of light, whereas while cone cells can also discern color, they function best in bright light. Centauri Summer Arts Camp - Digitial Arts Camp programs. Digital Photography camps and Courses, Design Camps. Digital Photography Techniques Session 4, ages 12-18.

Centauri Summer Arts Camp - Digitial Arts Camp programs. Digital Photography camps and Courses, Design Camps.

Instructor - Aaron Alviano In this exciting new digital photography program we will explore six very different kinds of photography over the course of eight days: Nature Photography, Portraiture, Macro Photography, Action Photography, Product Photography and the creative technique of Drawing with Light. We'll discover, as photographers, how to rise to the specific demands of each, learning better camera technique along the way. Afterwards, we'll move to the digital lab and explore new ways to manipulate and edit our work. Model, the possibilities of aperture and shutter speed, use of macro lenses and much more. Please bring along your digital camera and a USB flash drive on which to record your work. Istituto di moda burgo. About Us. Pearltrees: "Nous donnons à voir l'univers des informations qui vous intéressent" International School of Creative Arts (ISCA) - London, UK. We spread enlightened ideas. Photography Adventure.

Six half days Photography Adventure. Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010. On-line gallery. A portrait of the Infanta Margarita, daughter of Felipe IV (1605-1665), surrounded by her servants or “family” in a hall of Madrid’s Alcázar Palace.

On-line gallery

This, the most famous of Velázquez’s works, offers a complex composition built with admirable skill in the use of perspective, the depiction of light, and the representation of atmosphere. There have been innumerable interpretations of this subject and later references to it. The most numerous emphasize a defense of the nobility of painting versus craft. Velázquez portrays himself, painting the painting itself, on the left of the canvas, thus affirming the supremacy of the art of painting. The Infanta Margarita (1651-1673), wears white and appears in the center of the composition, surrounded by her ladies in waiting, the “meninas” María Agustina de Sarmiento and Isabel de Velasco, along with two court buffoons, María Bárbola and Nicolasito Pertusato, and a mastiff. Pearltrees, le réseau qui connecte entre eux vos centres d'intérêts.

Napster, stream music, music app for smartphones, top songs, download MP3s. HOME. Bucksmore. Visual and Performing Arts with English Teenagers for 13-17 year olds Check Availability Bucksmore Choice is a bespoke English summer school for older teenagers, combining English Language tuition with Visual and Performing Arts. Afternoon Electives are chosen in advance by students and are taught by experts. Quand la génération Y prendra le pouvoir.

Jeunesse. En chaine. Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions. Religion. Arctic Fox. By Christopher Barnatt. Pi-space pi-calcul.

Ontonognosie (projet USA )

Personal Nanofactories (PNs) These pages, marked with GREEN headings, are published for comment and criticism.

Personal Nanofactories (PNs)

Central dogma of molecular biology. Information flow in biological systems The central dogma of molecular biology deals with the detailed residue-by-residue transfer of sequential information.

Central dogma of molecular biology

It states that such information cannot be transferred back from protein to either protein or nucleic acid. This has also been described as "DNA makes RNA makes protein.

Pearl travail (sauvegarde)

Liberté et indicible. Le droit et l'être. Humoriste et militant. Reel-2. Reel-3. Bébés et Eglise. Des associations de victimes de vols de nouveau-nés commis en Espagne pendant la dictature franquiste (1939-1975) et dans les années 1980 ont dénoncé dans une lettre à l'Onu "le silence absolu" et l'absence de coopération de l'Eglise catholique. The Era of Memory Engineering Has Arrived. It’s the premise of every third sci-fi thriller.

Man wakes up to his normal seeming life, but of course it isn’t. At first, just the little things are off – the dog won’t eat and the TV keeps looping some strange video – but whatever. A few cuts later, with only his granddad’s rusty brass knuckles and a steely-eyed contempt for authority, our hero reveals a conspiracy that kicks up straight to the top. There were deals. Some blackmailing. Wordle explicatif. 3D Printing Enters the Bronze Age at Shapeways. Just over 5000 years ago man entered the Bronze Age, now you too can have access to the material that mankind used to build the tools that transformed civilization into what it is today.

The 3D printed Bronze at Shapeways is a high-detail metal with a deep red color similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character. As with our 3D printed Brass, this new material will be available at Shapeways as Raw Bronze and Polished Bronze with the exact same design rules as Brass, so items you have designed for one material, will be printable in the other.

The perfect present - a 3D printer. Synthetic creatures could "save nature" says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. Synthetic living creatures would be released into the wild to save endangered species and clean up pollution under this futuristic proposal by designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (+ slideshow + interview). Called Designing for the Sixth Extinction, the project is designed to trigger debate about how artificial organisms could be used to solve environmental problems. "I'm looking at how we could do rewilding using synthetic biology," said Ginsberg. "The idea is that we could preserve or maintain a state of nature using synthetic organisms that are designed to save other species.

" Ginsberg has proposed four new species, including a slug that leaves a trail of alkali to neutralise acidic soil, and a porcupine with sticky rubber spines that would help disperse seeds of threatened plants. There is also an artificial puffball that kills tree-damaging pathogens when it bursts; and a biofilm that grows on leaves and absorbs pollutants and viruses, safely removing them when the leaves fall in autumn. Presspin. The U.S. Army Is Investing In 4D Printing, Expect Craziness Like Self-Altering Camo.

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