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New Zealand Tops Our List Of The Best Countries For Business

New Zealand Tops Our List Of The Best Countries For Business

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Biculturalism - Treaty Zone In New Zealand the term bicultural refers to Māori and non-Māori. The Treaty of Waitangi put in place a partnership between Māori and the British Crown. There are many different interpretations of what biculturalism should look like. An important part of biculturalism is the acknowledgement that Māori are tangata whenua (the people of the land) and have a special relationship with the land. As Treaty partners, Māori should have equal rights, protection and status. Koro … it seems that the Treaty was quickly forgotten about by the Government.

Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant? Cyber security experts say they have identified the world's first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant. Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital Edition The cyber worm, called Stuxnet, has been the object of intense study since its detection in June. 'Miracle' tech turns water into fuel The Korean electronics giant is shifting gears again with its troubled mobile operating system, now aiming for affordability as a key characteristic of Tizen smartphones. In February 2013, a group of heavy-hitting companies led by Samsung held a glitzy evening event in Barcelona -- complete with freshly shucked oysters and made-to-order crepes -- to mark the debut of the Tizen mobile operating system, co-developed by Samsung and Intel. Telecom executives from Japan's NTT Docomo and France's Orange were on hand to show their support, committing to high-end smartphones that would rival Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating systems. Kiyohito Nagata, managing director of strategic marketing for NTT DoCoMo and then-chairman of the Tizen Association, hailed the event as "the basement of the future success of the Tizen OS and ecosystem."

10 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others You learn quite a few things going through SEAL training. You learn how to focus. You learn perseverance. You learn the fleeting nature of pain. Most of all, you learn how to summon the last iota of inspiration to carry you through the day. 8 talks about learning from failure Global Issues Fighting the growing deserts, with livestock: Allan Savory at TED2013 The growing desert Allan Savory has dedicated his life to studying management of grasslands. And if that doesn’t sound exciting, just wait, because it touches on the deepest roots of climate change and the future of the planet. “The most massive, tsunami, perfect storm is bearing down on us,” is the grim beginning to Savory’s talk. […] Environment

Celebrating New Zealand's Waitangi Day - Tourism New Zealand Media The national holiday was first declared in 1974, and since then has grown in significance for all New Zealanders through the Māori renaissance that has fostered better understanding of the Treaty’s ramifications. Official celebrations are held at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands, Northland, but there are also many other events throughout the country. Traditional activities Māori cultural performances, speeches from Māori and Pakeha (European) dignitaries, and a naval salute are all part of the annual activities at Waitangi. The Ngatokimatawhaorua, one of the world’s largest Māori ceremonial waka (war canoe), sits on the grounds at Waitangi.

Stuxnet worm is the 'work of a national government agency' A heatmap showing the number of computers infected by the Stuxnet computer worm. A computer worm which targets industrial and factory systems is almost certainly the work of a national government agency, security experts told the Guardian – but warn that it will be near-impossible to identify the culprit. The "Stuxnet" computer worm, which has been described as one of the "most refined pieces of malware ever discovered", has been most active in Iran, says the security company Symantec – leading some experts to conjecture that the likely target of the virus is the controversial Bushehr nuclear power plant, and that it was created by Israeli hackers.

Fusion energy milestone reported by California scientists “You kind of picture yourself climbing halfway up a mountain, but the top of the mountain is hidden in clouds,” Omar Hurricane, the lead author of the Nature paper, said in a teleconference with journalists. “And then someone calls you on your satellite phone and asks you, ‘How long is it going to take you to climb to the top of the mountain?’ You just don’t know.” Hurricane and other scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, home of the multibillion-dollar National Ignition Facility, took pains to calibrate their claims of success. This was not fusion “ignition,” the NIF’s ultimate ambition. The experiment overall requires much more energy on the front end — all those laser shots —than comes out the back end.

The Power of Being Interested in Others “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie Once in Hong Kong I took a trip to the barber, since my hair was getting a little long. It ended up being one of the most fascinating times I’ve had my hair cut. The No. 1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of Failure - Peter Sims Never once in my life until my mid 30s did anyone ever (to the best of my recollection) call me “creative.” But now, I hear it all the time. So what happened? Well, after a traditional education, business school, and five years working in strategy consulting and venture capital, I went to a cocktail reception at Stanford’s, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, where I met George Kembel, cofounder and executive director of the school. While I cannot remember one thing that we discussed, I do remember laughing for about 40 minutes straight as we riffed on odds and ends. (I’ve since learned that anyone who has a sense of humor is creative.)

What does Waitangi Day mean to you? Last updated 06:00 28/01/2014 ROBERT KITCHIN/Fairfax NZ WAITANGI DAY: The Te Tu Mataora kapa haka performance at Te Manawa in 2013. It's February 6 this Thursday and we'd like to hear what Waitangi Day means to you. What will you be doing to mark it?

Stuxnet Stuxnet is a computer worm[1] that was discovered in June 2010. It was designed to attack industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). PLCs allow the automation of electromechanical processes such as those used to control machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or centrifuges for separating nuclear material.

It is so different in France... Dress code is important but you need to be good too ! Having the "right" dress code means (for me) I know where I am and I know why I am here today... by librio69 Mar 8

Interviewing is more art than science. To be effective, interviewers feel a need to come up with a killer question. To fulfill their task, they need to do their best to understand who you are. They are particularly interested in what unsettles you, as that reveals your character. Enrol someone to ask you a wide range of questions before you interview. The practice will make you feel more confident going in so that, when you get asked a question that you haven't prepared for, you will be more comfortable by rohanlight Mar 8

Thes tips might be a litle off or weird. They definetly are not normal but they just might help you land a job. by kyrstin1995 Mar 7

this tells you that you need to be prepared when you walk in a interview. and its better to know what you are doing and look smart by kingj Mar 7

This is a good article, it says you should always be prepared with questions to ask. Its always better to be over prepared than under. by emanietta Mar 7

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In addition to Forbes's profile: Bandel Carano has invested in companies with an emphasis on wireless and rich-media communications (2Wire, Airspan, Avici, CommVerge, CoreTek, Endwave, FiberTower, General Bandwidth, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, MobiTV, NeoPhotonics, Netopia, PictureTel, Plastic Logic, Polycom, Presidio, PulsePoint, Qtera, Sentient Networks, SmartDrive Systems, Tegic, Trapeze, and Wellfleet); advanced software systems (Entropic, firstRain, Illustra/Informix, Sybase, Tele Atlas and Visto); advanced semiconductors (Actel, Airgo, CommQuest, Kenet, Level 5, NemeriX, Newport Media, nLight, Qpixel, Resonext, SMIC, Solarflare, Stretch, Synaptics and Virata); design automation (Centric Software, Interconnectix, Parametric, Synopsys and Tensilica); and Ccean energy technologies (Aurora BioFuels, Boston-Power, eSolar, GreenVolts, NanoH2O, PML, ReliOn, and Sundrop Fuels). Prior to Oak he joined Morgan Stanleys Venture Capital Group in 1983. by stateoftel Dec 14