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What's your software development company worth? What is an innovation services firm worth?

What's your software development company worth?

I had to answer this question when we started broadening the ownership of my company beyond its co-founders. The traditional answer to the question of what a service firm is worth is, “not much”. All the assets walk out the door at the end of each day. Why Mobile Strategies Are Stalling at Many Enterprises. If your business hasn't heard about the mobile revolution by now, well, you might want to crawl out of your cave and enjoy the sunlight with everyone else.

Why Mobile Strategies Are Stalling at Many Enterprises

Mobility is what the business consultants call "transformative" technology that affects nearly every company in every industry. To be fair, the problem isn't that enterprises aren't aware of the impact of mobile technology. The problem is that many companies aren't doing mobility right. Only two out of five companies have made good progress in their mobility efforts, according to a recent Accenture survey of nearly 1,500 C-level executives.

The rest, not so much. "It's taking companies more time to get to that level," says Terri Rinella, managing director at Accenture Mobility. On the bright side, companies know the value of having a mobile strategy. Unfortunately, a mobile strategy may be full of holes that stymie mobility benefits. So You Have A Business Idea. Now What? Json SurfrApp is the founder of

So You Have A Business Idea. Now What?

His new book, Creativity For Sale, is an in-depth look at how to turn passion into profit. You have an idea, now what? If you’re anything like me you have ideas all the time. Maybe your ideas come to you in the shower, while driving somewhere, while reading a book, or during some other activity. For many of us, it’s not coming up with an idea that’s the hard part, it’s what the heck to do next. How To Split Equity Among Founders. How much equity should I grant to a crucial programmer? I’m starting a Web service with two partners.

How much equity should I grant to a crucial programmer?

I am Partner A and bring x to the table. Partner B brings y to the table. (The nature of x and y aren’t important for purposes of this question.) Partner C is our tech person and programmer. He’s an invaluable resource — years in the industry, past CTO of a successful internet company, etc. We’re going to launch this business out of our own pockets, i..e, there’ll be no compensation for anyone until sales start coming in. How Much Equity a Technical Cofounder Should Get - Nathan Hurst's Blog.

Through Hirelite , cofounders often ask me how much equity a technical cofounder should get.

How Much Equity a Technical Cofounder Should Get - Nathan Hurst's Blog

The graphic below balances the risks cofounders take with their relative contributions to help answer this question. All assumptions and clarifications are noted after the graphic. Should You Offer A Freelance Developer Equity? - Find web developers and mobile developers. At startups, there are generally two forms of compensation (unless you get creative): cash and equity.

Should You Offer A Freelance Developer Equity? - Find web developers and mobile developers

The purpose of cash is to, well, pay someone for their services outright. The purpose of equity is to pay someone for their services by incentivizing them to forgo cash with a chance to profit more with the future success of the company. 6 Steps to get an iPhone Developer to Work for Equity. Website Development Agreement. Website Development Agreement Build your website and protect your business along the way Today's businesses need to develop and maintain an active web presence in order to succeed.

Website Development Agreement

Companies that hire experts to build their sites also need a well-drafted contract between them and the developer. LegalZoom's Website Developer Contract form provides a good starting point for drafting just such a contract. A LegalZoom Website Development Agreement gives you: Essential Documentation: Prevent future misunderstandings and acrimony with written documentation that spells out each party's responsibilities. Build Your Management Team. If the time has come to admit you can't do it all, this guide can help you figure out just who you need on your executive team, where to find them and how to hire them. In the early days of running your own business, it's natural to try to do as much as possible yourself. It's the most cost-effective, comfortable, sensible way to do things in the beginning. What Successful Leaders' To-Do Lists Look Like. If you’re a list-maker, behold the to-do list and productivity secrets of these business superstars.

What Successful Leaders' To-Do Lists Look Like

Jim Koch Founder, Boston Beer Company, Boston, Mass. My day moves fast, and is often dictated by priority items from various internal teams. Each morning I keep myself on track by writing down three to five of my must-do items for the day on a Post-It note. (I used to use a small notepad but when I spilled beer on it, I wiped out a bunch of pages. If I wipe out one Post-it, it’s easy to grab another one.) These are important, but not necessarily urgent items. At the beginning of the week, I make sure I don’t have more than five e-mails in my inbox even if it means getting it done Sunday night.

It helps me think, and increase my productivity when I stop and take short breaks during the day. Barbara Corcoran Founder, Barbara Corcoran, Inc. and "Shark Tank" investor I organize my list in sections, mostly because of time constraints. Next is the review section, which is quick things. Intellectual Property. What Every Founder Needs to Know About Equity.