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Field Trips

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The Fabulous Field Trip Guide: Planning – Teacher Reboot Camp. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller In 1996, I joined an internship to design educational activities and exhibits to open the Witte Museum’s Science Treehouse.

The Fabulous Field Trip Guide: Planning – Teacher Reboot Camp

The internship taught me valuable lessons in organizing engaging field trips, summer camps, and camp-ins with student learning and safety at the forefront. Each field trip included hands-on learning with an expert. The children worked with a famous meteorologist, engineers, storytellers, archaeologists, historians, and other subject matter experts to engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and history activities in the field. Many of our learners had experience working with professionals in diverse fields for the first time. Enjoyed these ideas? Tips Resources Check out #EnviroEd’s chat archive, What Makes a Good Field Trip.Check out #PTChat’s chat archive, Leveraging Museums to Engage Families.Check out #SSchat’s chat archive, Museum Resources. Bookmarks. Planning Fabulous Field Trips. Let's Go on a Field Trip! (Physically & Virtually) 18 Great Resources and Apps to Make Field Trips More Engaging for Language Learners.

This summer you can take your language learners on field trips to museums, national parks, historical sites, and world wonders.

18 Great Resources and Apps to Make Field Trips More Engaging for Language Learners

Whichever place you decide to travel with your learners make sure to engage them with meaningful activities. If you have a map of the site, then assign different pairs an area to become an expert about and teach their peers. Learners can do this through a slide presentation, video, creating a digital poster or creating a model of the exhibit. Make sure to get parent permission for your field trips and bring a safety kit in case students have allergic reactions or accidents. If outside, make sure students are prepared for the weather. To learn more about integrating technology to support English language learners, attend our free Friday webinars. Recommended Apps, Tools, & Resources. Combine Learning and Fun at Art Museums. By Wenda O'Reilly, Ph.D.

Combine Learning and Fun at Art Museums

“Mommy, I’m tired. When are we going?” Digital and Virtual Museums. What kinds of digital musems are available online?

Digital and Virtual Museums

What online museums can I explore with my students? How can I integrate virtual museums trips into my classroom? Have you always wanted to explore the history museums at the Smithsonian in Washington DC or travel through Europe visiting art museums? You may not be able to afford a real trip, but how about a virtual trip to these museums? Use the excalendar to find out about upcoming events at museums around the world. Specific Museum Websites American History from Smithsonian Explore topics such as The American Presidency.

American Museum of Natural History Kids This museum has many online stories and reading opportunities such as How Lou Got the Flu, Endangered! America's Story Lots of readings and activities on American History Canada Science and Technology Museum Explore exhibits, lessons, activities, and games. VR. Virtual Tours. Guests Virtual & F2F. Howcast - The best how-to videos on the web. Field Trip. PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software. Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Museum of Natural Histo... How Virtual Reality is Being Used in Museums. While a trip to the museum might have sounded like a bore many years ago, today’s museums are interactive environments that encourage engaging with the material and bring history to life.

How Virtual Reality is Being Used in Museums

Many museums are even becoming destination locations for singles and families on vacation. One medium that museums are using to create more dynamic, interesting exhibits and displays is virtual reality. Dreams of Dalí: 360º VR Experience Entering Art Read also: Step into a painting with Woofbert VR An exciting new way that virtual reality is being used in museums is through the experience of entering actual art. In a partnership between Disney and the Salvador Dali Museum, patrons are now able to “walk through” a painting in a way that Dali probably never considered when he created his surrealist art.

Virtual Reality And The Future Of Museum Tours: Using Oculus Rift To Dream With Disney And Dalí : TECH : Tech Times. Besides gaming, virtual reality has plenty of other uses.

Virtual Reality And The Future Of Museum Tours: Using Oculus Rift To Dream With Disney And Dalí : TECH : Tech Times

This latest involves a partnership between Disney and the Dalí Museum where visitors can actually go on an adventure inside one of Salvador Dalí's works of art. ( Leonard Lin | Flickr ) What's it like to be inside a painting? Thanks to the magic of virtual reality, we can actually experience art. So far, a lot of the press coverage around virtual reality has revolved around video games. But the core experience of virtual reality has many more applications than just gaming. The wonder of virtual reality is that we can be in two places at once.

Over 300 Virtual Tours around the World - Virtual Reality. 360 Alaska - Stunning Panoramas with Sound option Belize by Naturalight View Scenic Places Around Cape Cod, Massachusetts Panoramic tour of the Dolphin Institute Virtual Egyptian Theban Tomb Mapping Project Huntington Library Gardens in San Marino, CA.

Over 300 Virtual Tours around the World - Virtual Reality

Virtual Tour of London With 200 Panoramic Images St. Tour The Martin Rich Photography Studio Tour the Mount St. Virtual Museums. Ten Awesome Field Trip Ideas - Christian Homeschooling Resources. As any homeschooling family knows, much of our children’s learning actually takes place outside of the home.

Ten Awesome Field Trip Ideas - Christian Homeschooling Resources

Field trips can be an exciting, if not essential, component of your family’s curriculum. They spark an interest in children of all ages and can be valuable resources to enhance lessons being taught in the home. Following is a list of ten free or low-cost field trips that can boost learning and in some cases help nourish your child’s soul: 1. Pizzeria/Bakery Major Educational Themes: Nutrition, Science. 50 Fun Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers. If you're homeschooling your children, you know that letting them get out of the house and pursue learning opportunities in the larger world is an important part of their learning process.

50 Fun Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

After all, all the things that they learn don't mean much unless they can apply them to the real world. Renaissance Virtual Museum on Pinterest.