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2016 Wrap-Up: Graphic Recorders Reflect on Human Nature and Communication. I was recently asked a great question by !

2016 Wrap-Up: Graphic Recorders Reflect on Human Nature and Communication

Kona: “When you think of all the conversations where you are present as a graphic recording witness, do you have any current large scale thoughts about human nature, communication, or wants and desires?” As graphic recorders and graphic facilitators, we’re privileged to work in fascinating sessions, but it’s often behind closed doors. So, I asked a dozen of my visual practitioner colleagues for their insights: What did you notice about human nature or communication in 2016? We agree that we’re headed into a VUCA world – characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Credit: Innah Wulandari, Flickr “I recently worked with a struggling board intent on setting new cultural norms to be more effective. This group needed to have honest conversations. Social Emergence – Societies as Complex Systems. Social Emergence – Societies as Complex Systems Can we understand important social issues by studying individual personalities, decisions, and behaviors?

Social Emergence – Societies as Complex Systems

Or are societies somehow more than the people in them? Sociologists have long believed that the study of individual decisions and behaviors cannot fully explain the complex social phenomena that emerge when people interact in organizations, institutions, and societies. In contrast, most psychologists and economists tend to treat social phenomena as if they were reducible to the actions of individuals, whose independent choices can simply be added together to explain complex social processes.

Social Emergence takes a new approach to these long-standing questions. Read About Giorgio Bertini. River's Way: The Process Science of the Dreambody - Arnold Mindell. Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., a graduate of MIT and the C.

River's Way: The Process Science of the Dreambody - Arnold Mindell

G. Jung Institute, Switzerland, is the author of over 20 books. Honeycomb.jpg (JPEG Image, 3600 × 2250 pixels) - Scaled (28%)


Play. Share Economy. Defining and Developing Personal and Brand Leadership. This month two of us - Andrew Winston and Chris Laszlo - begin 2012 with an inquiry into how personal and brand leadership is evolving to serve both thriving businesses and a flourishing world.

Defining and Developing Personal and Brand Leadership

The question of what leadership really looks like is vital; it’s getting clearer that tomorrow’s winners will require the skills for both creating profits and nourishing human and natural systems. A December 14, 2011 opinion piece in the Wall Street Journalby Al Gore and David Blood notes that “businesses cannot be asked to do the job of governments, but companies and investors will ultimately mobilize most of the capital needed to overcome the unprecedented challenges we now face.” A long line of thought leaders from Peter Drucker to Michael Porter tell us business is moving in this direction; and a growing number of corporations are leading the way, from IBM and GE in the U.S. to Unilever, Puma, Munich RE and Santander abroad. So what is changing in the task of leadership? Figure 1. Google Image Result for. 6 Strategies Every Feminist Needs for Effective, Change-Making Dialogue. We all know that dialogue is necessary in helping us, as feminists, think through and unmask complicated systems of privilege and oppression.

6 Strategies Every Feminist Needs for Effective, Change-Making Dialogue

Indeed, it is largely through solid dialogue that we can challenge ourselves and others to think differently about the world. That’s when ideas change – which is vital for creating a more just society and fighting against oppression. If it wasn’t for intentional dialogue about street harassment, for example, cis men wouldn’t know how much we need them to be better allies to women and gender nonconforming people – or how to do it. Only there’s a major problem: We don’t always know how to practice effective dialogue. An Animated Introduction to Michel Foucault, "Philosopher of Power". Do you still need a working knowledge of the ideas of Michel Foucault to hold your own on the cocktail party circuit?

An Animated Introduction to Michel Foucault, "Philosopher of Power"

Probably not, but the ideas themselves, should you bring them up there, remain as fascinating as ever. But how, apart from entering (or re-entering) grad school, to get started learning about them? Just look above: Alain de Botton’s School of Life has produced a handy eight-minute primer on the life and thought of the controversial “20th-century French philosopher and historian who spent his career forensically criticizing the power of the modern bourgeois capitalist state.” Perhaps that sounds like a parody of the activity of a French philosopher, but if you watch, you’ll find highlighted elements of Foucault’s grand intellectual project still relevant to us today.

“His goal was nothing less than to figure out how power worked,” as de Botton puts it, “and then to change it in the direction of a Marxist-anarchist utopia.” The Blind Spot: Uncovering the Grammar of the Social Field  This post is a bit longer than usual.

The Blind Spot: Uncovering the Grammar of the Social Field 

But if you are interested in the invisible dimension of leading profound social change -- and in a blend of action science and consciousness to illuminate that blind spot -- it may be worth the read. My father is a farmer. As one of the pioneers of bio-dynamic farming in Germany, he devotes all his attention to cultivating the quality of the soil in his fields.


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