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Project FeederWatch

Project FeederWatch
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Feeder relief for Arizona’s fire-stricken hummingbirds – Round Robin Lucifer Hummingbirds are among 11 species regularly seen in Southeast Arizona Extreme drought led to widespread fires in June and July, burning entire slopes in some cases. A flare-up in the Huachuca Mountains on June 14 was visible from 22 miles away. Broad-billed Hummingbirds are coming to feeders in much higher numbers than usual. CAYAYA BRDING Birding Guatemala, birdwatching tours in Guatemala, information and assistance for independent travelers risingtidescience - Ecology Syllabus Introduction to Ecology 2012-2013Rising Tide Charter Public SchoolMr. Griffiths, Grade 9 Science (508) 747- Miller Levine Biology (2010) What is the purpose of this course? The purpose of this course is to help students develop an understanding of the interactions of organisms with each other and the environment, improve scientific literacy skills, and gain an appreciation for the natural world and local community. Waterfall near Mongaup Dam, Glen Spey, New YorkWhat do you think lives here?

Bird Investigations Attracting Wildlife Feeding Wildlife Wildlife feeding can be expensive. Compare prices at your local nursery, feed mill, and specialty store. Seed is often cheaper if you purchase it in larger quantities. Feeding Menu Click on the plus (+) sign to expand each category. Winter Feeding Sunflower Seeds: There is no such thing as a simple sunflower seed: you'll have to make a choice between black oil, striped, hulled seeds, and chips. Summer Feeding Add the following offerings to your bird seed during the summer to attract new species that prefer these foods. Note: Insect infestations in bird seed can be a nuisance during the warmer months. Sugar Water: Hummingbirds are the best known of the sugar water consumers. Habitat Habitat is the total environment in which living things exist -- the home, the natural abode. You can plant your yard to be suitable wildlife habitat. Trees are valuable to wildlife as sources of food for certain periods during the year. Many native Ohio shrubs are useful for attracting birds.

Living Bird - The Secret Lives of Crows Crows. They're often portrayed in literature and movies as harbingers of doom (who can forget the Black Menace in the movie Bill and Coo?) or as crafty pests (the heckling crow flock in Dumbo). We like them because they are curious and cheeky; we dislike them because they're loud and annoying. In our minds, we all think we can characterize and pigeonhole crows as we assign them a lot of humanlike attributes. "We basically don't know anything about these birds," says McGowan from his office at Cornell's Vertebrate Collections, where he serves as curator of the ornithology and mammalogy collections. Although the American Crow is one of the best-known and most common birds in North America, only a handful of researchers are studying the species. "They"re hard to keep track of," he says. So McGowan decided to study the basic nesting biology of American Crows. McGowan became interested in crows while he was still in Florida, but when he moved to Ithaca he knew he had hit crow heaven. - Birding Around Your Yard and Around the World iNaturalist Project & Curriculum | protecthabitat Outline On this page you will find the project summary and curriculum documents including student surveys, project outlines, assessments, webquests, field observation assignments, grading rubrics, and other related assignments. Also, there is an iNaturalist PowerPoint for educators to train their students in using iNaturalist. You may copy, distribute and alter these documents and slide show with attribution to “Julie L. Wittmann”. This information is organized into three main parts which flows with chronological order of the actual project: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. iNaturalist As A Creative Tool for Student Engagement As a teacher, I discovered that incorporating iNaturalist into my curriculum engages a variety of learners while providing exciting service learning. Curriculum Insight: Project Scope and Orientation Educators are welcome to use my iNaturalist curriculum with accreditation per the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA. Project Timeline Online Project Set Up For Teachers