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Empower Teachers with the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast - GTT001 - Google Teacher Tribe Podcast. The premiere episode!

Empower Teachers with the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast - GTT001 - Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

Meet your hosts Matt Miller and Kasey Bell as they introduce the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast to the world! In this episode, you will learn what to expect in this new podcast as well as learn about your hosts Matt Miller and Kasey Bell and their journey through the Google Teacher Academy, which was a really great experience for both of them. We also have some Google news and updates to share. The Google Innovator Academy (Formerly the Google Teacher Academy) Here is the information about the Innovator Academy, and how you can become a Google Certified Innovator. The House of EdTech Podcast Listen to the amazing podcast from our Producer, Chris Nesi, The House of #EdTech Podcast. Submit Your Questions to the Podcast. Use JoeZoo to Save Time Grading in Google Docs. Add-ons to Google Documents, Forms, and Sheets can help you streamline processes and free you up to do other things like spending more time meeting with your students one-on-one.

Use JoeZoo to Save Time Grading in Google Docs

One Google Docs Add-on that can streamline your grading process is JoeZoo Express. JoeZoo Express is a Google Documents Add-on that can save you a ton of time when you are grading or editing your students’ writing in Google Documents. The way that JoeZoo Express does that is by providing you with the ability to store canned comments to insert directly in your students’ work. Not only that, JoeZoo Express includes an option for linking to tutorials that can help your students improve their writing. Watch my short video embedded below to see how JoeZoo Express make your grading process much more efficient. Søkemotorer som finner Open Educational Resources (OER) Improved Voice Commands and More New Google Apps Features Released This Week. A few months ago Google adding voice typing as a native feature in Google Docs.

Improved Voice Commands and More New Google Apps Features Released This Week

This week they improved the voice typing feature by adding a slew of new commands. You can now use voice commands to do things like add and edit tables, select and highlight text, and format text. A complete list of voice commands can be found here. The Google Sheets Android app received an update this week. The next time you update the app you will be able to view images that are included in your spreadsheets. The Google Slides Android app was updated this week. Applications for Education Of these three updates, the improved voice typing is the most significant one for students and teachers. Matematikkvansker – utfordringer og tiltak. I Utdanning nr. 5 2013 hevdes det at 30–40 prosent av elevene på 10. trinn får karakteren 1 eller 2 i matematikk.

Matematikkvansker – utfordringer og tiltak

Disse elevene slutter med stor sannsynlighet på videregående i løpet av det første skoleåret. Dersom dette er riktig, utgjør det store utfordringer. Etter å ha jobbet i skolen noen år, og etter det, mesteparten av min yrkeskarriere i Statped, erfarer jeg at interessen for matematikkvansker har økt betraktelig i skole og PPT. Før har det vært mye fokus på dysleksi og språkvansker, men i dag er skole og PPT blitt mer opptatt av matematikkvansker. 11 Apps and Sites for Learning to Code. YouTube - It's Not Just Cats & Khan Academy. 5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Why Formative Assessment Makes Better Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Here's what happened in my classroom. "We've got this, it's easy," they said. I looked at the other students and asked, "Do you have this? " They nodded their heads furiously up and down in a "yes. " My teacher instincts said that everyone knew it, but I decided to experiment.

I was floored. Online Collaboration Tools by Robin Good. 10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers. This afternoon I was asked if I could put together a list of my favorite Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons.

10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers

In the past I had put together lists of Sheets scripts, but most of those lists are outdated as Add-ons have mostly replaced scripts. Here's my updated list of my favorite Google Docs, Sheets and Forms Add-ons. Google Docs Add-ons: The Tag Cloud Generator Add-on will create a word cloud in the right-hand margin of any of your Google Documents that contain more than one hundred words. One of the most useful Add-ons for Google Documents is the EasyBib Bibliography Creator. The EasyBib Bibliography Creator makes it easy to properly cite resources and format a bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Knowing the right keyboard shortcuts to type the accents and characters is one of the challenges that students face when learning and trying to type in a new language.

The-100-most-useful-websites-the-internet. Back in September 2014, it was estimated that there are now over one billion websites on the internet, with that number increasing every second.


With so many sites out there, it can be extremely difficult to locate a resource that will actually fulfil your needs and help you with your projects or inquires. Fortunately, the list below features over 100 websites you can use for almost any creative project, intellectual research or simply for fun! TallTweets lets you write tweets longer than 140 characters, and allows you to upload video to multiple sites at once, including Youtube. helps to summarise large pieces of text by creating a word cloud of the most common words, and Wolframalpha will answer almost anything immediately so you don’t have to rummage through Google.

Check out the list below and let us know about any great resource websites that you use. Featured photo credit: Wireframing and Designing Website Layout via Create a Word Cloud Within Your Google Documents. Speech to Text in Google Documents. Last week I published a list of ten good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons.

Speech to Text in Google Documents

This week through a Tweet by Jen Deyenberg I learned of another good one to add to the list. Speech Recognition is a free Google Docs Add-on that will allow to you speak to create a document. Get the Add-on by selecting "Get Add-ons" from the Add-ons drop-down menu in a Google Document. After selecting the Speech Recognition Add-on enable the permissions then select "start. " Once you've selected "start" a new menu will appear on the right side of your screen. 10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers. THE REAL TRICK: TURNING A TEST INTO A GAME. At the beginning of February, Svetlana Kandybovich from ELT-CATION asked me if I would design a board game template in PowerPoint for her.


I had some free time and I was happy to help because Svetlana has always been so supportive of this page. However, I did ask if she would be willing to write a guest post about using the board game on tekhnologic. Luckily for me, Svetlana agreed. Free Technology for Teachers. How to Create Flashcards from a Google Spreadsheet.