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Educational Technology

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4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day. So if this year’s National Poetry Month inspires you to give daily poetry a go in your classroom, maybe even just for the month, consider these four reasons why starting class with a poem each day will rock your world.

4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day

Just for good measure, I’ve included a few poem suggestions as well. 4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem 1. Poems are short: Time is a teacher’s most valuable currency, and though it sounds like a cliché, there is never enough. In fact, a teacher’s first reaction to the idea of beginning each day’s class with a poem might even be, “Where will I find the time?” But remember, poems are short. After we read a short poem twice, I invite the students to engage in what I call microanalysis through an interpretive sentence frame. Other times, I lead a lesson on word choice with a poem that is less than 15 lines long, like Carl Sandburg’s “Fog” or Anne Porter’s “Wild Geese Alighting on a Lake.” 2. Each year, I incorporate “Shock Week” into our poetry routine. 3. 4. 7 smart ways to use technology in classrooms. Istock Elementary school teacher Kayla Delzer’s students tweet, post on Instagram and watch YouTube in class.

7 smart ways to use technology in classrooms

Here’s why she thinks all kids should do the same. Many schools and teachers have an uneasy relationship with technology: they decry its power to distract young people but see it as a necessary evil to be tolerated, or at least strictly limited. Fargo, North Dakota, third-grade teacher Kayla Delzer believes that technology can truly revolutionize education — but only if educators make wise choices about what is used and how it’s used (TEDxFargo Talk: Reimagining Classroom Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders).

Top 10 Tools For The Digital Classroom. There is certainly no shortage of tech-based tools to use in the classroom. In this article we’ll examine some of the best, focusing specifically on those that are designed for encouraging, enhancing, and managing learning. 1. Socrative. 3 Minute Teaching TOOL-torials. Be sure to share these great resources with your friends and colleagues! Access all of these videos in this YouTube Playlist How to Add “Time Tags” to Youtube Vids (so Viewers can Jump to Tagged Sections)It’s Super Easy to Create These Simple ‘Bookmarks’ so Viewers Can Pop to Different Section of Your EdPuzzle 3 Minute TOOL-torial Add Questions to Videos, Monitor Progress, etc.

EdPuzzle is an awesome free tool that makes it a breeze to embed questions in YouTube and Vimeo videos. When students log in and watch the videos on EdPuzzle, you can then see their progress. Create Top Notch Graphics With Ease, for Little or no Cost with Canva (fun for Students too!) Share Videos With no Distractions or Inappropriate Content, Fast & Easy with SafeShareA quick overview of the SafeShare.TV application that makes it easy to safely share YouTube and Vimeo videos without the distractions of ads and other extraneous content, or inappropriate content! 27 Tech Tools Teachers Can Use to Inspire Classroom Creativity. Students who grow up with a love of learning are more likely to stay engaged in STEAM subjects and other lessons as they grow older. They won’t take what they learn at face value, and will instead seek out ways to expand their knowledge and ask questions about what they learn.

Teachers are always looking for ways to pique student interest, from engaging experiments to unique learning methods. 9 Technology Tools To Engage Students In The Classroom - 10 Technology Tools To Engage Students In The Classroom contributed by Sara McGuire, Technology distracts students, right? Keeps them from focusing? Technology Tools Used in the Classroom. Technology has a powerful impact on our world.

Technology Tools Used in the Classroom

The online market is quickly expanding, with many available opportunities for its users. One of the newest, best features coming into sight is the digital classroom. 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018. 10 Examples of Modern Classroom Technology. The technology industry has progressed exponentially over the last few decades and has been adding tools to help teachers reach their students.

10 Examples of Modern Classroom Technology

Greater accessibility has made technology a viable option for teachers to include in their education plans. In fact, a survey conducted by PBS Learning Media found that 74 percent of teachers across the United States wanted tech in their classrooms. 15 Examples Of New Technology In Education. 8 Examples Of New Technology In Education by TeachThought Staff What latest gadgets and gizmos are going to change your classroom?

15 Examples Of New Technology In Education

It’s hard to know exactly what will catch on and what won’t, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. 25 Top Technology Apps for Teachers. Kylie Co-Founder Technology in the classroom is so commonplace at this point that writing a list about technology in the classroom actually seems cliché.

25 Top Technology Apps for Teachers

In fact, just starting a piece about technology in the classroom by talking about technology in the classroom is probably cliché. Of course this doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about it either. For better or for worse, most classrooms at every level are using multiple forms of technology to handle the jobs of content distribution, content management, attendance management and of course, teaching. 75 Digital Tools and Apps Teachers Can Use to Support Formative Assessment in the Classroom.

There is no shortage of formative assessment strategies, techniques, and tools available to teachers who use formative instructional practice in their classrooms. Here is an extensive list of 75 digital tools, apps, and platforms that can help you and your students use formative assessment to elicit evidence of learning. We didn’t just add any old tool to this list.

Here are the criteria we used for those that made the cut: 25 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom. Although many technology-based teaching methods and resources effectively engage students and build their skills, many educators encounter difficulties when using technology in the classroom. Maybe a specific platform is too hard to introduce. Or maybe it won’t run on your devices. Despite the challenges, you likely want to enjoy the benefits that education technology can deliver. 8 Engaging Ways to use Technology in the Classroom to Create Lessons That Aren’t Boring. Are you tired of delivering the same old lectures on the same subjects year after year? Are you using the same lesson materials over and over and wishing you could make learning in your classroom more interactive?

While lectures and lessons can be informative and even “edutaining” when delivered with passion and good materials by knowledgeable experts, sadly many traditional lectures and lessons are boring, and even worse often ineffective. The good news is that the Web is loaded with great free tools that can enable teachers to bring a sense of fun and engagement to their lessons.

Of course, you do need devices with Internet access to give these tools a try.