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TethaByte. Wiperf V2 Documentation - Wiperf V2 Documentation. Wiperf is a utility that can be installed on a WLAN Pi or a Raspberry Pi to act as a network probe that runs a series of network performance tests.

Wiperf V2 Documentation - Wiperf V2 Documentation

It is primarily intended to provide an indication of the end-user experience on a wireless network, but may also be used as an ethernet-connected probe. The probe can run the following tests to give an indication of the performance of the network environment into which it has been deployed: Wireless connection health check (if wireless connected)Speedtest (Ookla)iperf3 (TCP & UDP tests)ICMP pingHTTPDNSDHCP Tests may be performed over the wireless or ethernet interface of the probe unit.

The results must then be sent back to a Splunk or InfluxDB server (which we'll call the "data server") to provide a reporting capability. Wiperf has been primarily designed to be a tactical tool for engineers to deploy on to a wireless network where issues are being experienced and longer term monitoring may be required. – Network engineering tool in your pocket. Intuitibits – Intuitive Apps for Everyone.


WLANPI. Adrian Granados's Website. AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester - Wireless Signal Tester. AirCheck G2 performs the following five essential Wi-Fi tests and provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment, as well as identifies common problems — for any level of expertise: – 802.11 Utilization – Reports channels in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the highest airtime utilization. – Non-802.11 Utilization – Reports channels with the highest non-802.11 airtime utilization, indicative of interference sources and high noise levels. – Co-Channel Interference – Reports channels with the most APs on the same channel that exceed the minimum signal level threshold. – Adjacent Channel Interference – Reports interference on a channel caused by APs that are operating on other channels that overlap with that channel. – Network Quality – Verifies coverage, interference, security, and ability to connect to specified networks, along with the availability of critical network services such as DHCP and connectivity to specified network targets.

AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester - Wireless Signal Tester

NVIDIA Jetson Nano + Intel Wifi and Bluetooth - JetsonHacks. Adding an Intel Wifi card to the Jetson Nano can be a little scary first time through.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano + Intel Wifi and Bluetooth - JetsonHacks

Fortunately, it’s easy to do! Looky here: Note: The connectors on the antennas are IPEX MHF4 not U.FL as stated in the video. I hope there isn’t too much confusion. Background The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit does not include a wifi module. WiFi Card One of the Wifi cards which has been validated against the Jetson Nano is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 W/Bt (Intel 8265NGW) which supports the now expected 802.11ac Wifi Dual Band delivering up to 867 Mbps with a host of other nice features. The DFS Project – WiFi Signal. Nuts About Nets – Wireless Diagnostics & Troubleshooting. CT523b-256-2ac2-2ac LANforge WiFIRE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 4x4 4 radio WiFi Traffic Generator Supporting 256 Virtual STA Interfaces. The CT523b-256-2ac2-2ac has two free slots to add additional /ac or /n radios.

CT523b-256-2ac2-2ac LANforge WiFIRE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 4x4 4 radio WiFi Traffic Generator Supporting 256 Virtual STA Interfaces

Existing STA licenses may be used or additional STA licenses may be purchased (please contact sales for licensing options). The CT523b-256-2ac2-2ac wireless traffic generator is an excellent choice for testing Access Points and other WiFi networks. The CT523b-256-2ac2-2ac uses a modified Wireless driver for WiFi NICs based on the Qualcomm/Atheros chipset.

The ath10k (a/b/g/n/ac) chipset NICs can support up to 64 stations per radio. Each of the Virtual Stations has its own IP address, IP port space, MAC address and routing table. Tom Carpenter’s Wi-FiStatGUI Tool. COMPARED. Solutions. AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester - Outil de test de la puissance et des interférences du Signal Wi-Fi. Debookee - Network traffic analyzer for all your devices on Mac OS X. Chanalyzer. Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5NEW!


Pain Relief for Wi-Fi Headaches Now with 802.11ac support! Wi-Fi has revolutionized the way we work.


DNS/DHCP nightmare with my network - Spiceworks - Page 2. JohnLF wrote:Wow lots of good advice here guys, thanks a lot.

DNS/DHCP nightmare with my network - Spiceworks - Page 2

I am heading towards one of the DCs being at fault. There is no pattern to the issue, the at-fault machines can be on any of the physical switches and getting an IP address from any of the DHCP servers. To cap it all, I have even seen the issue today on a couple of PCs where I assigned static IP addresses. Other PCs continue to work absolutely fine (my own included which is DHCP-assigned) I ran DCDIAG and one of the servers reported it wasn't authorised to replicate as it was a workstation not a server, even though replication appeared to be running fine and no other issues where being reported on it.

No errors on any of the switches either btw.  A DC can replicate fine and still be broken. it just means it is a broken server with correctly functioning replication. you definitely need to demote the DC you think may be bad. Eye P.A.: Visual Packet Analysis. Go into detail with the Packets Tab In Eye P.A.’s Packets Tab, you’ll find a table that breaks down the packet traffic in your capture as it happened.

Eye P.A.: Visual Packet Analysis

Being able to see the RSSI, Data Rate, and other specific packet-level details provides even more insight into the cause of a WLAN’s problems. Just like with the treepies, the packets table will update to reflect whatever filters and timespan you’ve set. You can also customize the columns to only show what you’re interested in. iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile. A cloud-connected mobile app that makes it radically simpler to survey, design, validate and share your Wi-Fi network projects. iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile is part of the iBwave Wi-Fi product suite, focused on helping you design and deliver great Wi-Fi networks in less time.

iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile

With seamless cloud connectivity between the mobile app and the desktop solution, you can access your Wi-Fi projects from anywhere, anytime. Take iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile to complete your site survey and a preliminary design on-site – and then send it to the cloud and finishing working on it at your desk with iBwave Wi-Fi and its advanced 3D modelling capabilities. Note: iBwave Wi-Fi desktop will be launching in March.

Stay tuned to hear more! Assess the network’s performance with active and passive surveys. See the network’s throughput with an active survey. Wireless Tools « Wireless Training Solutions. Capacity-Planner — Revolution Wi-Fi. Wireshark 802.11 Display Filter Field Reference. OSX : inSSIDer. Scan the Wi-Fi networks around you and track their signal strength over time. inSSIDer scans all the Wi-Fi networks within the reach of your computer’s wireless card, tracks their signal strength over time, and determines their security settings.

OSX : inSSIDer

Track open or secure wireless networks. Determine the best channel for your own wireless network. DOWNLOAD Use the Networks Table to view all nearby access points and their details. See Received Signal Strength, Security, Channel, Hardware Vendor, Max Rate, Network Type, and MAC Address for each access point. Use the Time Graph to view the strength of nearby access points. Click on any network listed in the table and the associated time graph line below will become bold, helping you identify a single network amongst many.

WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard – HakShop. Command the WiFi landscape and direct attacks from a live recon dashboard, passively monitoring all devices in the vicinity.

WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard – HakShop

Limit the audit to specified clients and access points within the scope of engagement and ensure zero collateral damage. Acquire clients with a comprehensive suite of WiFi man-in-the-middle tools specializing in targeted asset collection. Record and analyze logs, generate emailed reports at set intervals, and identify vulnerable devices in your organization. The WiFi Pineapple® NANO and TETRA are the 6th generation auditing platforms from Hak5. Thoughtfully developed for mobile and persistent deployments, they build on over 8 years of WiFi penetration testing expertise. Open Source Captive Portal Access Controller and RADIUS Software. Based on JRadius and Java Swing, the JRadiusSimulator is an open-source stand-alone application designed to test RADIUS application and interconnections by simulating RADIUS traffic.

The application uses the JRadius Client API and the generated JRadius Attributes Dictionary to make building and running RADIUS simulations easy. What it does JRadiusSimulator allows you to: 30 must know. WizShark - Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Made Easy. CloudShark brings your CAPTURE FILES to the cloud. WLAN Book. Wi-Fi Diagnostics & Troubleshooting » Nuts About Nets. Iperf. French forum for Iperf What is Iperf? While tools to measure network performance. Iperf was orginally developed by NLANR/DAST as a modern alternative for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance. Iperf is a tool to measure maximum TCP bandwidth, allowing the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf reports bandwidth, delay jitter, datagram loss. Iperf features TCP Measure bandwidth Report MSS/MTU size and observed read sizes. AirMagnet Archived Webinars. Archived Webinars Surveys shouldn't just be for pre-deployment any longer.

This webinar covers how to use AirMagnet's SurveyPro to make sure your Wireless LAN design meets or exceeds the initial design parameters. You wouldn't turn over a cable install without validating your cable plant - so don't turn over a Wireless LAN without first 'proving' it meets your design goals. We'll cover what some industry standard goals are for a variety of WLAN types - and how you can measure, validate, and report these for your Wireless networks. Presented by Keith Parsons - who's taught thousands of people to maximize the use of the AirMagnet SurveyPro software. »Download.

WiGLE - WIFI Database. OSX :EaKiu. Wireless Technologies. Théorie radio et calculs de liens. Théorie radio et calculs de liens pour Wireless LAN (WLAN) English versionEn español (by Active Matrix in Argentina)Versione italiana (by Diego in Italy) Puissance La puissance est exprimée soit en Watts ou alors dans l'unité relative en décibels par rapport au milliwatt (dBm).