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Controller-less, Cloud-enabled, Wi-Fi and branch networks

Controller-less, Cloud-enabled, Wi-Fi and branch networks
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RadioLabs - Radio, Wireless and Beyond - Cradlepoint 3G/4G Network Solutions | Cradlepoint Cloud computing au service de la pédagogie Le cloud computing au service de la pédagogie François POULHES, Chargé des TICE & de l’Ingénierie Éducative au CDDP de l’Aveyron propose un dossier complet Le cloud computing au service de la pédagogie Le site Web : qui explore l’utilisation de Dropbox (offre d’appel gratuite de 2 Go de stockage en ligne) Google Drive (5 Go de stockage en ligne) Framasoft documents : Le gros avantage des outils clouds Frama, c’est que contrairement à ceux de Google, ils ne sont raccordés ni à un service de stockage des données sur un serveur (les serveurs Google en l’occurrence) ni à une inscription, ni à l’ouverture d’un compte de messagerie . Leur usage est ouvert librement en ligne pour le bonheur de tous. Le site Web : Vous trouverez des dossiers : Dropbox au service de la pédagogie 1. Google Drive au service de la pédagogie 1. Des utilisations en classe sur le Blog du Prof Geek

Wireless Microcontrollers | Products | Modules | JN5148 Modules The JN5148-001-Myy family is a range of ultra low-power, high-performance surface-mount modules targeted at low-power wireless networking applications, enabling users to realise products with minimum time-to-market and at the lowest cost. The modules remove the need for expensive and lengthy development of custom RF board designs and test suites. They use our JN5148 wireless microcontroller to provide a comprehensive solution with large memory, high CPU and radio performance and all RF components are included. Three module variants are available: JN5148-001-M00 with an integrated antenna, JN5148-001-M03 with an antenna connector and JN5148-001-M04 with an antenna connector, power amplifier and LNA for extended range. Features: Module Features: Microcontroller Benefits Applications Robust and secure low-power wireless applications IEEE802.15.4 networks including JenNet, JenNet-IP and ZigBee PRO Home and commercial building automation Utilities metering (e.g. Industrial Temp (-40°C to +85°C)

Top 10 predicted digital trends for 2014 2014 is just around the corner and no doubt it’s going to be another huge year for social media, gadgets and tech. Here are our top 10 predicted digital trends for 2014… 1) Image centric social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, will dominate. 2) Google+ will also experience huge growth as it becomes further intertwined with other Google services, as well as playing an essential part in search engine rankings with Google Authorship. 3) There’ll be a massive battle for top spot with instant messaging and VOIP apps – What’sApp, FB Messenger, Viber and Google Voice/Hangouts. What’sApp will stagnate unless it introduces calling options, which Viber and Hangouts already have (and FB is working on). 4) Snapchat will likely dominate the 18-25 demographic in terms of social media/messaging apps. 5) There’ll be a continued focus on user security and privacy, leading to heavier encryption and verification efforts. 8) We’ll see a rise of the use of videos for online content.

Product Development: Internet of Things: Internet of Everything About Lascar Electronics AVIDSmartSensors Small Intelligent Wireless Sensors AVIDSmartSensors Wireless Sensors Install in Seconds Our small battery operated 900Mhz wireless sensors are the perfect addition to AVIDdirector® for Remote Monitoring and Control operations. These wireless sensors are small, self contained, industrial sensors that can be used virtually anywhere to monitor various processes or applications. Most sensors come in either a small coin cell size or an industrial version that is powered from AA Lithium batteries. You can combine multiple sensors to provide an instant sensor network that can handle any remote sensor requirement from monitoring oil and gas tank levels to monitoring the temperature of precious cargo. The coin size wireless sensors are ~1.775 in x 1.04 in x 0.785" in diameter, and the industrial sensors are ~3.7 in x 2.32 in x 1.38" in diameter. We provide users with an instant connected device network complete with remote sensors that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Technical Specification

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) | Remote monitoring systems ACKSYS Communications & Systems