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Controller-less, Cloud-enabled, Wi-Fi and branch networks

Controller-less, Cloud-enabled, Wi-Fi and branch networks

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Wireless Microcontrollers The JN5148-001-Myy family is a range of ultra low-power, high-performance surface-mount modules targeted at low-power wireless networking applications, enabling users to realise products with minimum time-to-market and at the lowest cost. The modules remove the need for expensive and lengthy development of custom RF board designs and test suites. They use our JN5148 wireless microcontroller to provide a comprehensive solution with large memory, high CPU and radio performance and all RF components are included.

HP HP FlexFabric 5700 Switch Series The HP Flex Fabric 5700 Switch Series is a family of cost-effective, high-density, ultra-low-latency, Light Layer-3, top-of-rack (ToR) switches, ideally suited for deployment at the server access layer in large enterprise data centers. Product details Building Your Own Super Computer Building Your Own Super - Building a Linux Cluster ( 4 ) Linux clusters are generally more common, robust, efficient and cost effective than Windows clusters. We will now look at the steps involved in building up a Linux cluster.

AVIDSmartSensors Small Intelligent Wireless Sensors AVIDSmartSensors Wireless Sensors Install in Seconds Our small battery operated 900Mhz wireless sensors are the perfect addition to AVIDdirector® for Remote Monitoring and Control operations. These wireless sensors are small, self contained, industrial sensors that can be used virtually anywhere to monitor various processes or applications. Most sensors come in either a small coin cell size or an industrial version that is powered from AA Lithium batteries. You can combine multiple sensors to provide an instant sensor network that can handle any remote sensor requirement from monitoring oil and gas tank levels to monitoring the temperature of precious cargo.

AVAYA Keep your network always on and running optimally. Be confident your data communications work efficiently and reliably. Wireless Sensor Product Index - Phase IV Engineering Inc. RFID Battery-Free (Passive) Sensors WSN Battery-Powered (Active) Sensors Contact Us FORTINET Fortinet’s Secure WLAN is a comprehensive, flexible end-to-end wireless LAN security solution that incorporates wireless and wired access, security, authentication, switching and management to help you adjust to the new demands for speed and security being put on your enterprise network. You have the flexibility to choose between thick and thin access points (APs), managed by the integrated wireless controller in FortiGate network security platform, delivering comprehensive, proven threat management and policy enforcement. Fortinet's unique approach allows you to integrate security for your wired and wireless networks quickly and easily. You can manage all policies from a 'single pane of glass' management console, improving protection while simplifying your network. Fortinet’s wireless security solution consists of three components:

Wireless Transmitters Battery-powered Wireless Transmitters 25+ years of operation on a single batteryNo wires to installNo battery replacement during typical lifetimeFlexibility and fast installation of wirelessLongevity and predictability of wiringAs small as 4” x 2” x 1” The WSN-1100 (2.4GHz) and WSN-1200 (900MHZ) series wireless transmitters provide unmatched performance in terms of battery-life, which results in non-stop operation and reduced maintenance cost. ADTRAN Traditional enterprise wireless networks were designed before the explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices and are now straining under the demand to support more devices, more access points, wider mobility, and greater bandwidth. Wireless connectivity in the enterprise has moved from the access of convenience to the access of choice. A more scalable, cost-effective solution has emerged that leverages the power of virtualization to solve the scale challenges of the enterprise wireless network. Introducing ADTRAN Bluesocket virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) that brings the power of network virtualization to Wi-Fi. vWLAN offers the industry’s first cloud-based, virtualized management and control solution for wireless LANs, eliminating physical, hardware-based controllers from the network, removing scale limitations, and enabling management and control of thousands of Access Points (APs) and users located anywhere in the world.

s Active wifi RFID solutions for tracking people and assets “The Chelopech Mine is committed to the safety of its workers and is using AeroScout to support these efforts. In addition, we are improving efficiency and productivity through asset tracking and management.” Dundee Precious Metals “At Viracon we’re constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently; so we are proud of our Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award and the results we’ve achieved with the AeroScout Asset Tracking solution.” Viracon “AeroScout’s RTLS solution, which is based on its industry-leading Active RFID tags, has proven to be the ideal solution for our needs.”