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Wi-Fi and wired network access for branch office and headquarters

Wi-Fi and wired network access for branch office and headquarters

Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple Cloud computing au service de la pédagogie Le cloud computing au service de la pédagogie François POULHES, Chargé des TICE & de l’Ingénierie Éducative au CDDP de l’Aveyron propose un dossier complet Le cloud computing au service de la pédagogie Le site Web : qui explore l’utilisation de Dropbox (offre d’appel gratuite de 2 Go de stockage en ligne) Google Drive (5 Go de stockage en ligne) Framasoft documents : Le gros avantage des outils clouds Frama, c’est que contrairement à ceux de Google, ils ne sont raccordés ni à un service de stockage des données sur un serveur (les serveurs Google en l’occurrence) ni à une inscription, ni à l’ouverture d’un compte de messagerie . Que permettent ces 6 offres (comme bien d’autres) de cloud computing (informatique dans les nuages) : la notion de partage (de fichiers) et l’écriture à plusieurs mains tout comme des situations d’apprentissage qui permettent de passer de la coopération à la collaboration. Vous trouverez des dossiers :

Building Your Own Super Computer Building Your Own Super - Building a Linux Cluster ( 4 ) Linux clusters are generally more common, robust, efficient and cost effective than Windows clusters. We will now look at the steps involved in building up a Linux cluster. For more information go here . Step 1 Install a Linux distribution (I am using Red Hat 7.1 and working with two Linux boxes) on each computer in your cluster. Usually, one node is designated as the master node (where you'll control the cluster, write and run programs, etc.) with all the other nodes used as computational slaves. Our cluster is private, so theoretically we could assign any valid IP address to our nodes as long as each has a unique value. If you already have Linux installed on each node in your cluster, then you don't have to make changes to your IP addresses or hostnames unless you want to. Finally, create identical user on each node. Step 2 We now need to configure rsh on each node in our cluster. Master DevArticle Slave DevArticle

Top 10 predicted digital trends for 2014 2014 is just around the corner and no doubt it’s going to be another huge year for social media, gadgets and tech. Here are our top 10 predicted digital trends for 2014… 1) Image centric social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, will dominate. 2) Google+ will also experience huge growth as it becomes further intertwined with other Google services, as well as playing an essential part in search engine rankings with Google Authorship. 3) There’ll be a massive battle for top spot with instant messaging and VOIP apps – What’sApp, FB Messenger, Viber and Google Voice/Hangouts. 4) Snapchat will likely dominate the 18-25 demographic in terms of social media/messaging apps. 5) There’ll be a continued focus on user security and privacy, leading to heavier encryption and verification efforts. 6) As we’re increasingly accessing the web via smart phone and tablet devices, there’ll be a bigger push towards mobile friendly content. 9) There’ll be more dependence on cloud services.