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Bar Code labels, Identification Labels, Asset Tags, Property Tags, Bar Code Tags. RFID Readers. Reliable Data Radio Modems & Custom Engineering - Ad Hoc Electronics. Rugged RFID Metal Tags from Xerafy. Welcome to Ruckus Wireless, Inc. Access/One Networks Edge Wireless Systems. Essensium - Location Awareness and Position Tracking Systems. Leantegra. UWB Ranging Evaluation and Development Kit. Features Precise wireless distance measurementCommunication Range up to 50m*Ranging precision typically 30cm*Unaffected by light conditions, weather or vibrationCOM (USB) for measurement and configuration compliant with IEEE 802.15.4a UWB PHYUWB PHY Data Rate 110/850/6800 kbpsWide ecosystem of extension modules such as Wi-Fi, sensors, LCDJTAG programmer/debugger includedSource code in C includes Two Way Ranging project for Code Composer Studio * Distance measurement accuracy and range depends on power level, antennas, proximity objects, radio channel number and other details.

UWB Ranging Evaluation and Development Kit

The accuracy might be further improved by crystal & antenna delay calibration process and data filtering. Package Content 1x UWB Tag (preloaded firmware)1x UWB Anchor (preloaded firmware)1x Li-ion USB Battery 2200mAh2x USB Micro cablesAccess to source code Getting Started Connect UWB Anchor to micro USB port.There are two ports available, the USB port farther from Ethernet connector must be used. Source Code Project. ProSoft Technology Inc — Communication Solutions, Industrial Wireless, Gateways, Modbus, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP. Wireless Sensor Product Index - Phase IV Engineering Inc. RFID Battery-Free (Passive) Sensors WSN Battery-Powered (Active) Sensors Contact Us Talk to an Expert.

Wireless Sensor Product Index - Phase IV Engineering Inc.

Redpine Signals, Inc. Ultra Low power Wi-Fi® Modules & Chipsets. The Leader in Industrial Wireless IoT and M2M Solutions - FreeWave Technologies. Welcome to Ruckus Wireless, Inc. On-demand Data Visibility Solutions. ACKSYS Communications & Systems. S.r.l. - Inside moltosenso wsn technology. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) CEL MeshConnect, Empowering Wireless Connectivity, Wireless Modules. Witech - Wireless Technology. NetComm Wireless. AVIDSmartSensors Small Intelligent Wireless Sensors. AVIDSmartSensors Wireless Sensors Install in Seconds Our small battery operated 900Mhz wireless sensors are the perfect addition to AVIDdirector® for Remote Monitoring and Control operations.

AVIDSmartSensors Small Intelligent Wireless Sensors

These wireless sensors are small, self contained, industrial sensors that can be used virtually anywhere to monitor various processes or applications. Most sensors come in either a small coin cell size or an industrial version that is powered from AA Lithium batteries. You can combine multiple sensors to provide an instant sensor network that can handle any remote sensor requirement from monitoring oil and gas tank levels to monitoring the temperature of precious cargo. The coin size wireless sensors are ~1.775 in x 1.04 in x 0.785" in diameter, and the industrial sensors are ~3.7 in x 2.32 in x 1.38" in diameter. We provide users with an instant connected device network complete with remote sensors that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Technical Specification. Experts in RFID & RTLS Solutions - Logi Tag. Real-time Locating for Healthcare.

About Lascar Electronics. Ekahau - RFID-over-Wi-Fi Tracking Systems, RTLS and WLAN Site Survey. Real Time Location System - RTLS - Hospital Tracking. Controller-less, Cloud-enabled, Wi-Fi and branch networks. RadioLabs - Radio, Wireless and Beyond - Wireless Synchronized Clocks. Wireless Microcontrollers. The JN5148-001-Myy family is a range of ultra low-power, high-performance surface-mount modules targeted at low-power wireless networking applications, enabling users to realise products with minimum time-to-market and at the lowest cost.

Wireless Microcontrollers

The modules remove the need for expensive and lengthy development of custom RF board designs and test suites. They use our JN5148 wireless microcontroller to provide a comprehensive solution with large memory, high CPU and radio performance and all RF components are included. All that is required to develop and manufacture wireless control or sensing products is to connect a power supply and peripherals such as switches, actuators and sensors, considerably simplifying product development. Product Development: Internet of Things: Internet of Everything.

Welcome to Magnum Energy Solutions: Magnum Energy Solutions. Embedded Wi-Fi modules to OEMs and system integrators. Intrinsically safe wireless devices. ACKSYS.COM. Controlant. Controlant. Protrac iD - RFID Tracking Solutions. Environmental monitoring and control solutions. SeeMoto - Business Process Automation. GmbH, Aachen - Home. Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Sensing - Humidity, WiFi Sensor & Monitor, Remote Data Logger, Room Temperature Sensor - SensoScientific, Inc. TST – M2M solutions – Smart City – IoT. Econais. Tracking Innovation - Home. Obvius - energy metering, submetering and monitoring solutions. Bluetooth Low Energy LE wireless 2.4GHz embedded medical data radio modem modules,and LAN Access Point repeaters. Home - RFID C1G2 UHF Tag Solutions - Demanding Industrial Applications - Contactless Tickets. Farsens. Building Automation and Energy Management Solutions. SENSeOR - wireless passive SAW sensors. Lantronix Device Networking: Remote Access Products for Remote IT Management.

UNO ESL 200 Full Automatic Updated Electronic Shelf System. Electronic Shelf Labels. Wireless monitoring - Adaptive Wireless SolutionsAdaptive Wireless. Synapse Wireless - Proven Solutions for the Internet of Everything. TST – M2M solutions – Smart City – IoT. NetComm Wireless. Inventek Systems. Thin Film Battery, Solid State Batteries. Wireless Transmitters. Battery-powered Wireless Transmitters 25+ years of operation on a single batteryNo wires to installNo battery replacement during typical lifetimeFlexibility and fast installation of wirelessLongevity and predictability of wiringAs small as 4” x 2” x 1” The WSN-1100 (2.4GHz) and WSN-1200 (900MHZ) series wireless transmitters provide unmatched performance in terms of battery-life, which results in non-stop operation and reduced maintenance cost.

Wireless Transmitters

Once activated, these devices will reliably transmit data at fixed intervals for 25+ years with a pre-installed battery or 15 years with replaceable batteries. Configuration and deployment is fast and simple enabling usage for permanent or portable applications. Precise Indoor Location and RTLS. S Active wifi RFID solutions for tracking people and assets. “The Chelopech Mine is committed to the safety of its workers and is using AeroScout to support these efforts.

s Active wifi RFID solutions for tracking people and assets

In addition, we are improving efficiency and productivity through asset tracking and management.” Dundee Precious Metals “At Viracon we’re constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently; so we are proud of our Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award and the results we’ve achieved with the AeroScout Asset Tracking solution.” Viracon “AeroScout’s RTLS solution, which is based on its industry-leading Active RFID tags, has proven to be the ideal solution for our needs.” Wireless Power Solutions. Amega Scientific Corporation - Centralized Monitoring Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Laboratory Monitoring. Wireless temperature monitoring systems. Most Advanced Pharmaceutical Monitoring System and Only Complete Solution — PharmaWatch from AmericanPharma. Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Sensing - Humidity, WiFi Sensor & Monitor, Remote Data Logger, Room Temperature Sensor - SensoScientific, Inc. Intelligence When and Where You Need It in The Internet of Things.

The aerospace and defense industry has benefited from the vision of the Internet of Things for decades.

Intelligence When and Where You Need It in The Internet of Things

Often referred to as the connected battlefield or network-centric warfare, information sharing and collaboration with a wide variety of ground, sea, air, and space assets greatly enhances the quality of battlefield information and situational awareness. Intelligence is being built into these assets at a record pace, enabling autonomous activity rather than simple remote control. As a result, the reliability, security, and safety of the systems controlling these devices are paramount. Sophisticated surveillance and intelligence-gathering payloads for these assets often come from different manufacturers, so cooperation among manufacturers and the use of standards such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) are important for interoperability.

Enabling the Internet of Things - Building Connected Products and Experiences. Wireless measuring platform. dLAN® Powerline adapters. Internet and Wi-Fi in any room. - devolo AG. Multicap: Your Partner for a Wireless future. Warwick Wireless. GmbH, Aachen - Home. Microstrain Little Sensors. Big Ideas. Monitor and Find Everything in Your Home or Office from the Internet - Wireless Sensor Tags. Wireless Temperature Monitoring. Wireless Temperature Monitoring System by E-Control Systems.

Home. RTLS Solution Leaders - Real Time Location Systems. Wireless Measurement - Welcome to Wireless Measurement. Cold Chain Temperature and humidity monitoring - Telegesis. Wireless Measurement Ltd.

Cold Chain Temperature and humidity monitoring - Telegesis

ZigBee temperature sensors make up a family of four products offering a range of functionality between them and covering all the requirements of end users operating in the cold chain industry. The sensors either measure temperature only or they can perform the dual function of monitoring both temperature and humidity. Both sensor versions can offer an LCD option to allow for visual checking as well as radio reporting of temperature and humidity levels. The sensors come with a line of sight range of 100m and there is also a parallel range of power amplified sensors with a line of sight range of 700m. Networks of sensors can obviously be further augmented using their core ZigBee mesh networking technology.Wireless Measurement Ltd has further rounded out the offering with USB, Ethernet, Compact Flash, RS232 and GSM/GPRS receivers with which to complete a fully comprehensive monitoring solution.

Data monitoring and storage capability is excellent. Customer Profile. Field proven, robust process instrumentation with excellent measurement accuracy and stability performance. Outdoor Long Range Wireless Access Point Bridge Router, Outdoor PoE Switch, Outdoor PoE Injector, Remote Reboot, Outdoor Power over Ethernet Management, Wired, Wireless & IP Video Surveillance Systems. Temperature Monitoring Systems for Critical Applications. Lean Management Services - Aeroscout. Low Power networking solutions for automation and Smart Grid applications. Green Power. With the enhanced ZigBee 2012 specification, the ZigBee PRO feature set gains an new optional feature: Green Power. The ZigBee PRO Green Power feature allows battery-less devices to securely join ZigBee PRO networks. It is the most eco-friendly way to power ZigBee products such as sensors, switches, dimmers and many other devices.

These devices can now be powered just by using widely available, but often missed sources of energy like motion, light, vibration, to name a few. The energy used to flip a typical light switch via common energy harvesting techniques, is powerful enough to generate and send commands through a ZigBee PRO 2012 network. %283%29%28RS%29%28Oct-7%29.pdf. Our Members. The ZigBee Alliance has attracted some of the most innovative and well-known organizations in the world.

Our Members

Together they are collaborating to improve the way we live and work by developing smart and easy-to-use ZigBee standards that help you gain more control over your world. As a result of our diverse and growing membership, the Alliance has become a large and thriving ecosystem of organizations providing everything product manufacturers need to create ZigBee products: radio semiconductor chips, design houses, software companies, support tools and testing. You can use our member search tool to locate and contact members directly based on a variety of categories including business, markets and geography. The members participating in this program are ready to help you.

The Alliance has three levels of membership: Promoter, Participant and Adopter. Overview. SAYME Wireless Sensor Network - wireless sensor network smart solutions.